Exacta betting costs

exacta betting costs

To calculate the cost of an Exacta Bet, multiply the number of horses used on top, or the win position, of the exacta with the number of horses used in the. Horse Betting: What is an Exacta? ; Exacta Box. $1 exacta box of 3 horses = 6 combinations = $6. $1 exacta box of 4 horses = 12 combinations = $12 ; Exacta Wheel. Exacta Box Bet Combinations And Costs ; 2 Horses, 2, $2 ; 3 Horses, 6, $6 ; 4 Horses, 12, $12 ; 5 Horses, 20, $20 ; 6 Horses, 30, $ CRAPS HARDWAY BETTING STRATEGY

Final order does not matter. Your exacta box bet wins if any of your horses finish in the top 2 in any order. The exacta box costs more than a straight exacta because you must pay for each possible finishing combination. Tip Racebooks will calculate exacta box cost for you. See also this calculator. Horses will be listed on the left.

Select 3 or more horses to finish first and second. This indicates the bet is an Exacta Box. Notes: Sportsbook will calculate box cost automatically. Quinella An exacta box and quinella payout after the same race result. Two horses must finish first and second in any order. The mechanics of each bet differ. Quinella The quinella is one bet on 2 horses. Exacta Box The 2 horse exacta box is 2 different bets on A and B. Horses finish A-B.

Horses finish B-A. This happens when a favorite is paired with a longshot. Boxing combinations is not only simple but increases your odds at having a winning ticket. With this wager any 3 of these horses must finish 1st and 2nd. With this wager any 4 of these horse must finish 1st and 2nd. Tip: not many people will bet an exacta this way but in certain races it will increase your odds significantly. Example in a race with more than 8 horses, more money is bet into the pools.

Believe it or not you can make a considerable amount of return on this type of wager. With this type of wager the 1 must win. The 2, 3,or 4 must finish second. The 1 must win, and any other horse in the race must finish 2nd. With this type of wager the 2, 3, or 4 must win, the 1 must finish 2nd.

Tip: Any serious bettor bets back up tickets. If the main ticket does not win it is possible the back up ticket will cover some if not the entire initial loss.

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The wager is not terribly expensive, even with a handful of horses, and the payouts can be quite significant. By contrast, picking the exact finishing order of two horses in a straight exacta, trifecta, or even superfecta is exceedingly difficult even for skilled handicappers. An exacta box bet is a great starting point to play with more advanced wagers without breaking the bankroll or dealing with overly complicated bets.

The main thing new bettors should keep in mind when using box exactas is that adding too many horses can make the cost exceed the payout even if one of the combinations does hit. It is not a pleasant experience to win a bet and still lose money with it.

Keying An Exacta Box Bet Adding a key horse to an exacta box allows the bettor to emphasize their confidence in a particular horse while picking two or more horses to cover the second-place finish.

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What is an Exacta Bet and Exacta Box in horse betting?

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