Over under betting

over under betting

The Over/Under is a set of odds in which you bet on whether the combined score will add up to more or less than the projected total number set by oddsmakers. View Against the Spread, Over/Under and Moneyline picks from + experts for NFL Week 8. See which side the 'Expert Consensus' is betting along with live. First things first, let's sort out exactly what NFL over/under bets are. Also referred to as “totals,” this wagering type sets a value on how. ADSS FOREXWORLD

That means if you bet the over and the final score is , you would win the bet. If you bet the under and the final score was , you would lose the bet. In this particular game, you would make the same amount of money betting on the over or the under. That usually means that more people are betting on one number so the bookmaker is spreading the risk by giving you a better number for the less popular bet.

But, you can bet on the over at or the under at That means you would make slightly more money betting on the over, likely because more bettors are jumping on the Under for this particular game. Moneyline odds, also known as American odds, are numbers that are at least three digits long, that have a plus or minus symbol in front of them.

So, the Moneyline odds here are , but what if you want to convert them to Decimal odds? You convert the moneyline odds by removing the minus symbol from the moneyline number, divide by that number, then add one. So, here we would be dividing by to make 0. Firstly, it goes without saying that the over-unders in NBA games are significantly higher than college basketball. A lower scoring sport like football will sometimes have more variance on the payout between the over and under.

While the over-under numbers for a college basketball game will generally both be close to , it is not unusual to see a college game having an over at and an under at for the same number, meaning substantially more people are betting the under. What does push mean? A push is when your bet ties. If a game pushes, you will be refunded all of your money. Betting on the weather does not necessarily mean simply betting on the under, because there is snow on the field.

Certain teams and quarterbacks have had excellent history playing in foul weather games. But, while the Titans were lost in the snow, unable to complete a pass, Tom Brady thrived in the snow and the Patriots delivered one of the greatest beatings in NFL history, winning , single handedly covering the over by three touchdowns. No team has ever scored half a point or goal! On the rare occasions when the total scored equals exactly the betting total set by the betting site, this is known as a "push".

But there are proposition bets that relate to a total within that game. Sports gambling sites are aware that a bettor might subconsciously want to watch an exciting, high-scoring game and back the over figure accordingly. You should also consider the teams involved and their defensive and offensive records. And every bettor should be aware of game pace, the speed at which teams create scoring opportunities. This is particularly important when weighing up an NBA match.

Your healthy under wager could suddenly be turned around in, for example, a high-scoring NBA game and you could lose from a winning position. If, for example, a team has a record of scoring a particularly high number of times, it will obviously affect the betting total put up by the sportsbook; similarly, if one side has a very strong defense, you could be in for a low scoring event. Game Pace The total score in any game can be affected by the regularity with which teams create scoring opportunities.

This is known as game pace; if a team plays at a high tempo and has numerous chances to rack up a score, it may tempt you towards betting on the over. Line Movement Live betting is a great way to stay closely involved with a sports game. If you spot the trend and bet quickly enough, you could score a good in-play win. These will include the recent form of each side involved, the previous meetings between the teams, their offensive and defensive records, and their game pace.

If the two sides involved are evenly matched, overtime has to be factored in too. In this unique system, the extent of your win - or loss - is governed by the margin of victory. We also have articles on moneyline bets in New York as well as parlays and point spread betting - check them out to get the benefit of our insight into these different methods of wagering on sports. A betting operator sets a total for the number of times it believes a particular event will happen during a game - the most common is the combined score of both teams.

You have to decide whether the actual total will be over or under that number, and bet accordingly. Occasionally, the total predicted by a betting operator matches exactly the number of points scored during a game. Such an occurrence is known as a "push" - all bets are declared void and stakes are returned to bettors. Yes, they often do - and it is worth checking if that is the case with the sports gambling operator where you plan to place your wager. This is less of an issue if the event in question looks certain to be one-sided, but the scores in a match that goes into overtime can make a big difference to the final total - and any wagers on it.

Is it better to bet the over or the under? There is no hard and fast rule here. Many people favor the under because of the perception that sports fans subconsciously want a high-scoring, entertaining clash and bet accordingly. However, operators take this into account.

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