Etheral knives pathfinder

etheral knives pathfinder

This build is Simple, Spin to win and Poison everything! The most important interaction is, of course, every time you crit, you cast spells that poison! [] Poison Hexblast Pathfinder - a very unusual build that utilizes Hexblast Herald Stacking Ethereal Knives Guardian - one of the best builds during. Ethereal Knives is an Active Skill Gem item in Path of Exile. Fires an arc of knives in front of the caster which deals physical damage. LEVEL II DIRECT ACCESS TRADING FOREX

On top of that, we are regularly updating the builds according to the newest patches and content updates. Furthermore, all the builds listed below can be grouped into several main Build Archetypes that we have described in the following article: Types of Builds in Path of Exile: all major archetypes explained. All builds have been also evaluated in terms of their estimated budget, single-target Boss DPS, AoE, and clear speed, as well as, defenses.

We hope you can find our Guides informative and they will help you get through the most complex part of the game. We are always open to suggestions and feedback so you can leave it in the comment section below this article, as well as, each specific Guide on our website. I recommend just picking up a non-linked Belly for extra Life and resistances for leveling as it provides much needed boost to your Life pool.

They are currently very cheap for just around chaos. It is very Mana intensive, so you will have to run a Mana Flask for leveling until you get Mana leech later on. You will of course want to socket Ethereal Knives in one of your Lifesprigs.

As you level, you can grab and socket Added Fire and Added Lighting support gems to your Ethereal Knives until you get access to the main support gems for the setup. For assistance on single target, you can grab a Flame Totem and socket that in your other Lifesprig with Added Cold and Added Lightning support gems. Instead of Flame Totem, you can grab a Blade Vortex at level 12 and socket it with the same supports as your Ethereal Knives.

Around level 12, you will also be able to socket the Ring of Blades jewel above the Ranger start, getting you the degree Ethereal Knives Nova! If you choose to use Blade Vortex, I recommend the same links. You can also take advantage of Herald of Ash and Herald of Ice for some more damage whilst leveling. At level 24 you will want to drop Herald of Ash for Hatred.

Once you can equip The Gull at level 38, I recommend that you now socket your Ethereal Knives in this setup, now using the main progression of support gems: Ethereal Knives - Controlled Destruction - Pierce - Spell Echo. This setup should work for clearing zones and basic monsters all the way until your final gear setup.

From here, you will just want to follow the unique item and passive tree progression I have listed out, making sure to use proper Life and Utility flasks as well as looking out for decent Life and Hybrid based gear. Once you reach level 69, this is when you will want to repec following the provided tree and start equipping your Energy Shield gear as well as using the Discipline Aura.

As a side note: leveling CI builds can be tough. You have to make sure to have proper Life and Utility Flasks, as well as getting as much Life in the tree and on gear to make it through! You will definitely die if you are new to this leveling strategy, but fear not! It gets so much nicer in the endgame, so stick through it! Well it is quite straightforward and a lot of fun!

Once we have all of our auras on, we simply roll keys and shield charge into packs of monsters for fortify and cast Ethereal Knives. For the most part, you will be killing packs of monsters in 1 Spell Echo cast, freezing and shattering them. This also adds a lot of defense to our build since we are keeping monsters from attacking us by freezing them. Now you will want to be repeating this, rolling your flasks and shield charging to packs to keep fortify, and as a Pathfinder, we will always have flask charges.

Now, whenever your Vaal Haste comes up, simply activate it to get more speed!

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[POE 3.19] Ignite Ethereal Knives Elementalist - Minotaur kill

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