Ethereum classic callisto

ethereum classic callisto

There is a Callisto (CLO) airdrop planned for Ethereum Classic (ETC) holders. A snapshot will occur at block Six years after the DAO Hack, an exclusive view on the birth of Ethereum Classic ($ETC) and Callisto Network ($CLO) through the eyes of. Python library for analyzing data from the e-Callisto International Network of Solar Radio Spectrometers Classic Ethereum Wallet Web and Android Version. WCS 1 0 FOREX TRADING

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Hacks like DAO, which lost millions of funds due to a bug in smart contract, emphasizes the importance of auditing code before deploying a smart contract. So, when source code needs a pair of eyes, it always costs money. Auditing experts will be hired and paid with CLO for vetting the both Callisto and Ethereum Classic based smart contracts. A treasury will be created for maintaining the funds which will be used to pay the auditors. The Initial Stages At the starting point, the focus will be on creating a stable ecosystem for smart contract auditing and creating a treasury.

Later a treasury smart contract will be deployed to manage the funds effectively. Planned Hard fork A fork is scheduled for the Calisto blockchain on 11 November And this allows implementing a cold staking protocol. The early stage stakes will receive lucrative returns compared to the latecomers. Last Stage In the ultimate stage, there is another hard fork planed on 5 May A governance system will be made available through this upgrade. After that upgrade, the cold stakers will have the opportunity to submit proposals and can vote on other proposals.

Proposals backed by the Cold Stakers will receive funding. The Development The Calisto blockchain project is open source. And anybody can volunteer to contribute. Initially, a development team will be set up and is responsible for implementing the core features. As the platform gains traction and improves, going forward, the development team will be completely dissolved, and the network becomes fully self-sustainable.

The treasury smart contract would be deployed by the time when the development process becomes entirely decentralized. Everyone who holds CLO in the Callisto network is eligible to become a cold staker. And can withdraw their staking amount along with the rewards any time after the completion of one month. Block time — 15 seconds approximately.

Block reward — CLO. Let me walk you through my logic with that noted: ETC blocks are added to the blockchain very quickly 1 every As of writing this on mid-day PST February 19, , the current block is The rough math is: The problem with that guess is that blocks can be added faster or slower in practice, so I can only give a very rough estimate at this point.

You can see the current block at gastracker. What exchanges will Callisto trade on? The site says they have reached out to Yobit. So hopefully these exchanges and more! When is the airdrop? No way to offer an exact timing for that. Will keep you updated. What is a fork? A fork is when developers copy and paste the code of a coin and start a new chain.

Sometimes this is done because there is a lack of consensus, like with Bitcoin Cash. Sometimes developers just want to create a useful and alternative product or alternative version of the existing product, like with Callisto. What is an airdrop? With Ethereum, smart contracts can distribute tokens.

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