Dota betting guide

dota betting guide

E-sports betting is in a rising popularity curve, which now means that it is possible to bet on the outcome of a match in a considerable number of games. If you're interested in betting on Dota 2 online this is the page for you! Our detailed Dota 2 betting guide has all the answers you need. Tips for Dota 2 International Betting · 1. Take Your Time · 2. Don't Trust Insider Tips · 3. Don't Invest Too Much. CRYPTOCURRENCY COURSES UNIVERSITY

Every single hero has three attributes which govern their speed, magic points and health points, respectively: Agility, Intelligence and Strength. With such a large roster and varying factors, professional players and the best performing teams think long and hard before their final choices. Lanes funnel players into three distinct encounters, and each are fortified with defensive structures that keep enemies at bay and act as side objectives to destroy for additional experience points.

How is a Dota 2 match won? As with all competitive video games and any sport, there are a number of complex factors which come into play and determine the winning team of a match. Careful management of character growth throughout the match is a big one. The individual skill of each player is also obvious but always true. Players who correctly balance the need between farming killing creeps and destroying towers to earn gold to buy helpful items and defending their base will almost always turn out on top then those hoping to drag out a match and focus on one particular attack or defense strategy.

How popular is Dota 2 as an esport? It was one of the first multiplayer online battle arena MOBA games to become popular with the wider public. The lead designer of the mod was subsequently commissioned by Valve to create a standalone game based on the mod. The resultant game has proved enduringly popular, and is regarded by many video gamers as the grandfather of the MOBA genre, even though it was not the first game of that type.

As the game has become popular as an esport, so has the popularity of Dota 2 betting grown. You can now bet on Dota 2 at many online bookies. How Can I Bet on Dota 2? So if you want to place a Dota 2 bet for money, what types of bet can you place? If you are already familiar with mainstream sports betting then you should already have some good fundamentals in place for when you start your Dota 2 betting adventure.

If you already bet on soccer, for example, many of the types of bet that you can place on Dota 2 will look pretty familiar to you. Pre-match betting As with betting on sports like soccer or rugby union, you can place pre-match bets on the result of Dota 2 matches. This is the simplest form of betting on Dota 2. All you need to be able to do is to predict which team you think will win the game.

There are also usually markets for other events that occur in the game, such as which team will win the first map or what the correct map score will be. Accumulators can provide good value A good way of boosting the odds when you are placing bets on the outcome of individual esports matches is to use accumulators, sometimes referred to as parlays. This is where you combine several individual bets on one coupon. The odds from each bet are multiplied together and when one bet wins on the coupon, the winnings are used as a stake for the next bet.

This can lead to opportunities to pick up some really big wins. Of one selection on the coupon loses, though, the whole coupon loses, so you need to pick your bets carefully. It is a good method to use when betting on favourites in the early rounds of tournaments, as favourites often tend to win these early stage encounters. Outright markets Outright markets are where you bet on which team you think will win a tournament. This is often the trickiest type of bet to place as your knowledge of the teams and the event in which they are playing needs to be excellent.

In-Play betting In-play betting, sometimes known as live betting, is where you place bets on events that might happen while a match is actually in progress. You can bet on markets like which team will win the next map or what the score will be at certain stages of the match. This is a very fast-moving and quite demanding type of betting that requires a quick mind and plenty of good Dota 2 knowledge.

It is also essential that you are watching a live stream of the match on which you are betting. Without a live stream to watch, this type of betting can be impossible to enjoy. It also requires excellent knowledge of the teams and players who are involved in the match, as you need to be able to make decisions very rapidly. Where can I Bet on Dota 2? There are a number of bookmakers who are offering punters the chance to do some Dota 2 betting nowadays.

You can find a good range of Dota 2 markets at mainstream bookies like Bet and Betway. Betway are so committed to esports that they actually sponsor an esports team — Ninjas in Pyjamas. You can also find bookies that specialise in esports, such as GG. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a good bookie for Dota 2 betting.

But how can you find the best bookie for you? Next, you can find a handy checklist of things to check for when you are looking for the best possible bookie for Dota 2 betting. How to Find a Good Bookie for Dota 2 Betting Here is a handy checklist of features to check of an online bookmaker that is offering you the chance to do some Dota 2 betting.

Just because an operator offers some Dota 2 betting markets does not mean that you should automatically sign up for an account. Here are five things that you should also check before you commit to signing up for an account at an online bookie where you can do some Dota 2 betting for real money. Make sure that the operator has a legitimate licence.

Check out the value of the welcome bonus.

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