Australian federal election 2022 betting

australian federal election 2022 betting

Federal Election Winner; Wed 21 May 48th parliament, party that provides PM · Labor. · Coalition. · Any Other Party. is the favourite to become the next prime minister of Australia as the Labor Party remains well ahead in the pre-election betting markets. View the latest odds, live markets and bet online on Australian Federal Politics. Get access to a wide range of markets and enjoy online sports betting on. BITCOIN CASH LIVE PRICE

Despite the majority of money going towards the Opposition, the Coalition have received more bets with 56 per cent of punters backing the incumbent government and 44 per cent betting on a Labor victory. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is behind in the pre-election betting markets despite the majority of bets going towards a Coalition victory. Across the states and territories, Labor remains the favourite to win more seats than the Coalition with leads in all jurisdictions except Western Australia and Queensland.

To form a majority government parties require 76 seats with Labor favourite to win in 78 seats across the country while the Coalition is shorter priced in only 67 seats. In the Australian Capital Territory Labor are favourites in all three seats and in New South Wales the Coalition is shorter priced in 20 seats while Labor is firming to win 26 with one independent the favourite.

Labor is the favourite in both Northern Territory seats, in Tasmania the Opposition is favoured in four seats while an independent holds one, in South Australia Labor is shorter priced in six seats the Coalition is in three while the Centre Alliance is in one seat. Victoria has the greatest spread of favourites with the Coalition holding 14, Labor 23 and the Greens and an Independent favoured in one seat each. But how good a predictor of election results are betting markets? Believe it or not, betting agencies are in the business of making money, not predicting outcomes.

Their win quotes will be weighted by dollars held for various outcomes. That Labor ended up such a short-priced favourite just days before the election, would have reflected the greater holding in the win pool for a Labor victory. And before placing a bet, the punter should weigh up whether that reflects value or not. If not, he should have walked away.

Labor probably opened favourite for a number of reasons. That the election result was so unexpectedly close with Labor almost snatching victory. That there was perceived instability within the Coalition with Tony Abbott lurking in the background of a Turnbull government.

And that Labor finally had a stable team with a fistful of policies to take to the election. Then from that point, things began to get even worse for the Coalition. There was the Barnaby Joyce resignation over a relationship with a former staffer. Followed by the Wentworth by-election loss, and then the announced exodus of senior Liberal figures, not seeking re-election. Things unravelled fast, and many deemed the Coalition unelectable.

Meanwhile, Labor sat back quietly observing the self-destruction. Consequently, the big bets began to roll in for a Labor win, and its odds tightened with the bookies. Such a trend can often become self-fulfilling, as the prospect of a Labor win attracted more punters chasing seemingly easy money but requiring bigger wagers at short odds for a half decent payout. But as the dollar quotes became steadily more lopsided, did the true probabilities shift in tandem?

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They can tell you how the nation is thinking and feeling and even intending to vote which is as good an indicator as you can get. Keep Your Political Bias Out Of It — Whichever way you lean politically, keep it out of any election wagers you are planning on making.

Put all of your personal beliefs to one side and focus instead on the real news and data outlined in the points above. These are far more likely to deliver returns than bets based personal feelings ever will. In short, bet on what you know. Trends And Cycles — Despite the obvious differences, politics and sport are well known to operate in cycles.

Therefore, the best way to take on the bookies is to pay attention to political trends. Remember, voters often get fed up with a governing political party after a while and fancy a change so if a party has been in power for some time now, expect there to be some push back among the public. Different Political Betting Markets There is more than one way to bet on an election result. What follows is a series of bet types that Australian punters can expect to find when are politically betting online.

Moneyline A moneyline wager is a simple straight forward bet on a specific outcome of an event. Most election moneyline bets will be on a politician to win the election, but these bets can also be made on the candidate to lose or, if possible, draw. Futures Like ante post betting in sport, these are bets made well in advance of the event taking place. In fact these can often be made years ahead of time. As we said, random. In political betting this can refer to either the number of electoral votes that a party wins or the percentage of votes they will collect in an upcoming referendum.

Spread Betting Politics spread betting is to bet on the spread or prediction of outcomes that might happen during an election campaign. With spread betting in politics, bettors wager on numbers within ranges based on voter turn out or seats gained and lost. Best Political Betting Odds If you are tied of politicians being the only guys making money out of politics then betting on politics is your chance to doing something about it.

Of course, the better the odds are, the better your returns will be which means a bigger return on investment for you. Well, not exactly. If the Coalition wants to extend its federal election winning streak to four terms, then it would be smart to shift the political conversation to money and the economy at large.

But back to the subject of the economy, which is usually top of mind for voters — no matter what the country. The economy is down. The forced lockdowns have alienated large swaths of the population. And more than anything else, the lives of many Australians is drastically different today than it was in pre-pandemic.

This has to be considered when making a election betting pick. However, the Labor party can surely clamor for change and have voters eating from the palm of their hands. With belief in their hearts, the voters elect the Labor party to its first federal election victory since Gambling on global politics has exploded in popularity in the last half-decade or so thanks, Donald Trump.

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