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Followers, 63 Following, 35 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Dash Dance Academy (@dashacademy_). Beat Blade is an exciting music runner game that offers stunning neon levels and hit songs. Simply using one thumb to control the character. Doing so rapidly makes the character sort of look like they're dancing, hence the name. Dash Dancing is a clear sign that you're playing against. BETTING CHIPS POKER MURAH

Brawl [ edit ] In Brawl, dash-dancing is more difficult to perform, as every character now has a short initial dash animation, and the window for reverse dashes ceases before the animation completes, making it difficult to consistently perform. In addition, many throws have increased knockback, which, coupled with Brawl's hitstun cancelling , makes tech -chasing more difficult. Random tripping can also interrupt dash-dancing whenever the dash input is performed, leaving the player vulnerable should it occur; as random tripping can occur whenever the control stick is tapped to the left or right on the ground, dash-dancing increases the number of opportunities for a random trip.

As a result of these changes, dash-dancing is considerably less useful than it was in Melee and therefore sees little use in competitive play. The technique, however, does see some use in Sonic 's metagame , as it heavily relies on mindgames and punishment to garner KOs. Brawl introduced a new method of dash-dancing, called extended dash-dancing. However, this variant also sees little use in competitive Brawl, as it increases the number of opportunities for tripping. However, no changes have been made to the general length of initial dash animations or the reverse dash window; thus, dash-dances are still difficult to perform as in Brawl, and coupled with throws that are stronger than in Brawl, the technique again sees very little use in competitive play.

Extended dash-dancing[ edit ] To compensate for dash-dancing's continued ineffectiveness, a number of competitive players perform a similar technique known as extended dash-dancing, which returns from Brawl.

This maneuver combines fox-trotting and dash-dancing: the player inputs a dash and returns the control stick to a neutral position, and then inputs another dash in the same direction and quickly flicks the control stick in the opposite direction, which causes the character to change directions without going into their turn-around animation. The timing for this varies depending on each character's fox-trot window. In terms of appearance, extended dash-dancing is slower than dash-dancing in Melee; this makes it less versatile while being more difficult to perform due to more frequent inputs and tighter timings, but it is still a useful technique that improves many characters' mobility.

If one is adept with the inputs, mixing up between the two techniques is possible, potentially confusing opponents and pressuring them to approach or dodge. In Brawl and SSB4, a dash can be cancelled with a new dash on frame If a character's dash animation is shorter than 16 frames, they must return the control stick to neutral in order to avoid entering their run animation before they can dash again, so characters with longer dash animation have an easier time extended dash-dancing.

Extended dash-dancing has varying degrees of usefulness on each character: Characters such as Captain Falcon , Little Mac , Lucina , Marth , Roy , Wii Fit Trainer , and Donkey Kong can use extended dash-dancing easily as their dash animations last 16 or more frames. Characters like Shulk and Wii Fit Trainer benefit from using extended dash-dancing over alternating foxtrots because their foxtrots cannot be interrupted quickly. Characters such as Bayonetta , Corrin , Diddy Kong , Fox , Falco , Luigi , Mario , Sheik , and Zero Suit Samus gain little benefit from extended dash-dancing without frame-perfect inputs because they can simply fox-trot in alternating directions for similar results without any extra effort, due to the lenient interruptibility window after their initial dash.

After the 16th frame, character conditions return to normal and you can dash attack to your heart's content. A couple of characters have also had their moves tweaked to be a little less oppressive. They'll last for a certain amount of time before despawning, even after bouncing off a wall. Ludosity apparently forgot to include a despawn time in the initial release, which was why you could have a log bouncing around your screen for an entire match. Michaelangelo also received several tweaks to his neutral air attack, changing its angle and decreasing the stun amount to prevent a cheesy stunlock that would eventually result in an easy out.

Michaelangelo was banned from a recent tournament precisely for this reason, so it's good to see Mikey back on the menu. There's a ton of other changes in the PC patch, so read the patch notes carefully. Expect the console versions of All-Star Brawl to receive a similar update shortly.

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