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Louis remembered his elderly friend from the bar back at his hotel in French Guiana, the survivor of the Devil's Island penal system. Louis pictured the old man sipping his neat bourbons. The chap had the same eyes. These were not Carl Rand's eyes, his father's eyes. Here was a different man. Everything was running with a clockwork precision. Louis would have it no other way. Louis bent down at the waist and stared into the sergeant's face.

Louis followed him with his eyes. At the tree, two small steel drums were being rolled out of the trunk's tunnel. After the valley had been secured, men with axes and awls had hiked up inside the tree, set deep taps into the trunk, and drained large quantities of the priceless sap.

As the men pushed the drums into the field, Louis studied another team laboring around the base of the giant Yagga tree. His eyes narrowed. Louis had a hard time maintaining eye contact with the man, but he refused to look away.

In Nathan's face, he saw a shadow of the man's father: the sandy hair, the planes of the cheek, the shape of his nose. But this was not Carl Rand. And to Louis's surprise, this disappointed him. The satisfaction he had expected to feel at having Carl's son kneeling at his feet was hollow. Louis removed a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his brow. I swore as a gentleman that I wouldn't kill you or your friends. And I will honor my word:' Raising an arm, Louis pointed back to the small group of men gathered around the giant tree.

They were his own demolitions team. Against the white bark of the trunk, the Rangers' remaining nine minibombs appeared like flat black eyes peering toward them. Thanks to the U. The blockchain shows that a transaction was attempted, but it did not provide enough gas and all contract operations were reverted. All excess gas not used by the transaction execution is reimbursed to the sender as Ether.

Because gas cost estimates are only approximate, many users overpay in gas to guarantee that their transaction is accepted. This is okay because any excess gas is refunded to you. However, the Ethereum clients launched at Frontier had a default gasPrice of 0. As miners optimize for their revenue, if most transactions are being submitted with a gasPrice of 0.

Example transaction cost With permission, I am borrowing this example and analogy from the awesome MyEtherWallet team. Please visit their well-written guide on gas here. They also have an excellent utilities page that allows you to convert amounts of ether into subunits. Therefore, the total TX fee will be 0. Block gas limits are the maximum amount of gas allowed in a block to determine how many transactions can fit into a block. If the block gas limit is , then the first four transactions can fit in the block.

Miners decide which transactions to include in a block. The block gas limit is currently 4,, gas at the time of writing according to ethstats. Who decides what the block gas limit is? Miners on the network decide what the block gas limit is. Separate from the adjustable protocol block gas limit is a default mining strategy of a minimum block gas limit of 4,, for most clients. Miners can choose to change this, but many of them do not and leave the default. How is the block gas limit changed?

Miners on Ethereum use a mining program, such as ethminer , which connects to a geth or Parity Ethereum client node. Recently there have been many comments about the Ethereum network slowing down, becoming clogged, or becoming unusable. A denial of service DoS incident on the Ethereum network happens when there are consistently full blocks and many pending transactions on the network.

Recall that miners can choose to include transactions based on the transaction fee attached. If there are hundreds of thousands of transaction in queue or as it is technically termed, the transaction pool it can cause unusual transaction delays of hours. DDoS incidents can be malicious or non-malicious.

Malicious DoS Last fall Ethereum was attacked by a person or group in what was called a transaction spam attack. The attack is described in this blog post : The attacker performed a DoS attack by repeatedly calling certain operation codes opcodes in their smart contracts that are computationally difficult for clients to process, but very cheap to add to the network.

During the attack miners were asked to lower the block gas limit to 1. There have been other instances where there has been requests for the miners to lower the block gas limit during attacks on the network. Non-Malicious DoS Non-malicious DoS incidents are simply when the network has so many pending transactions that it takes an unusually long time to process a transaction.

Recently the popularity and proliferation of token distribution events or initial coin offerings ICOs or token sales have caused the network to become backed up with transactions. The folks at Infura wrote a blog about the technical details. Why is the block gas limit not changing even when blocks are full? Primary Reason: Miners are not using the adaptive gas limit feature.

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