Is cryptocurrency dead

is cryptocurrency dead

"Bitcoin is not dead, it's just boring at the moment, so traders are already looking for alternatives," said Martin Leinweber, digital asset. Crypto obviously isn't dead quite yet. But the folks Coinbase featured in its commercial, who've been tweeting about crypto's coming demise. An expert has claimed bitcoin is officially dead as the crypto approaches its ninth consecutive month of plunging values. Staff writers. BTC MARKETS LEVEL 2

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However, the steep fall in crypto assets in has left many people wondering if crypto is dead. Will crypto recover and go back up? Article continues below advertisement The bloodbath isn't limited to cryptos alone and there has been a broad-based sell-off in risk assets. Tech stocks, especially the loss-making growth companies, have been under pressure. The Nasdaq is down almost 16 percent from its peaks and is deep into the correction territory. Why is crypto going down?

Over the last few years, the rally in risk assets like cryptos was driven by the abundant availability of cheap money. Now, with U. It's set to end the monthly bond-buying soon and a March rate hike looks like a real possibility. Article continues below advertisement Crypto bulls have long argued that the massive money printing by the central banks was a reason they're losing faith in the so-called fiat currencies. However, the same money printing provided the cheap money to drive cryptos higher.

Article continues below advertisement Now, with the Fed moving towards a more normalized monetary policy, cryptos are feeling the heat. Voyager has since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has since stopped transactions. Report one of the largest crypto lending platforms. Unlike a traditional U. Reports of retail investors losing thousands seemingly overnight highlight the reality of unsecured funds. If you're earning a very high yield, you are taking on a very high risk. Otherwise, the yield wouldn't exist.

Additionally, both the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC are also attempting to define how crypto should be classified, and whether the asset should be considered a commodity or security. Is Ethereum a utility? Is a stablecoin a currency?

Currently, the Federal Reserve is researching the possibility of establishing its own digital currency, called central bank digital currency, or CBDC. However, the question remains: Is crypto still an asset for retail investors? Unsurprisingly, despite its tanking, industry leaders still believe so.

So crypto is a very volatile asset with big ups and big downs. We happen to be going through a big down period. If you think of Apple, it nearly went bankrupt, right? So, does this mean running out to buy coins now that the price is at a low? Likely not.

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Is Crypto Dead? My realistic WARNING.

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