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michaels szafranski forex broker

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Figure 1 with 3 supplements see all Download asset Open asset Immunoglobulin sequencing from turquoise-killifish total RNA samples. Each sample undergoes reverse transcription with template switching to attach a 5' adaptor sequence and unique molecular identifier UMI , followed by multiple rounds of PCR amplification and addition of Illumina sequencing adaptors. Libraries are then pooled, undergo size selection, and are sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq sequencing machine. Aging in whole-body killifish repertoires To investigate the effect of age on the structure and diversity of killifish antibody repertoires, we performed whole-body immunoglobulin sequencing on 32 adult male turquoise killifish from the short-lived GRZ strain Hu and Brunet, at four different ages from early adulthood to late life Figure 2A and Supplementary file 2a-d.

A Experimental design. Adult male GRZ-strain turquoise killifish were sacrificed at 39, 56, 73, and days post-hatching, flash-frozen and homogenized. B Clonal alpha-diversity spectra. C VJ alpha-diversity spectra, all clones. F VJ alpha-diversity ratios for old vs. Color indicates the older age group being compared to young 39 days fish. G Normalized VJ beta-diversity spectra, indicating between-individual variability in repertoire composition for each age group and diversity order.

I Principal coordinate analysis PCoA of pairwise RDI distances for each age group, visualizing the progressively greater dispersion seen at later ages. The diversity of a population is a measure of the number a. For B-cell repertoires, diversity can be calculated over the different clonal lineages detected in a sample, or over different variable-region gene segment combinations.

To quantify immune-repertoire diversity in killifish heavy-chain repertoires, we computed Hill diversity spectra Appendix 1—note 1 , which provide a holistic overview of the diversity structure of a population in this case, a repertoire Miho et al. At low diversity orders, species of different sizes are weighted more equally in the diversity calculation, while at higher orders, less-abundant species are progressively downweighted relative to more-abundant groups Appendix 1—note 1. Separate spectra were computed for the clonal and VJ repertoires of each individual, and these individual spectra were used to compute averaged alpha-diversity spectra for each age group and repertoire type.

For each diversity order, we tested for a significant age effect on repertoire diversity using a permutation test on the Kruskal-Wallis H statistic Materials and methods. In contrast, lower-order clonal diversity exhibited no significant change with age, suggesting that the overall composition of the whole-body repertoire remains relatively unchanged.

As such, these results indicate that the composition of small clones in the killifish antibody repertoire is much less sensitive to the effects of aging than that of large, expanded clones. In contrast with the rapid age-related declines observed in high-order clonal diversity, the VJ diversity of the killifish repertoire exhibited no significant age-related change at any diversity order Figure 2C.

To test this hypothesis, we filtered the repertoire dataset to separate sequences from small and large clones and computed VJ diversity repertoires for each subset Figure 2D—E. While both small and large clones in isolation showed a significant age effect on VJ diversity, the relative reduction in VJ alpha diversity with age was dramatically stronger for large clones, an effect observed across all diversity orders Figure 2F.

In addition to the average within-individual diversity of a population alpha diversity , the between-individual variation in composition beta diversity can provide important insights into repertoire development and evolution. Previous studies of human peripheral blood repertoires have suggested a decrease in alpha diversity but an increase in beta diversity with age Gibson et al. In our dataset, VJ beta-diversity spectra Appendix 1 indicated a large age-related increase in beta diversity across a wide range of diversity orders Figure 2G , indicating a similar pattern of progressive individualization in repertoire composition with age.

Concordantly, older killifish also exhibited significantly greater pairwise RDI distances Bolen et al. As in humans, therefore, younger killifish exhibit antibody repertoires that are significantly more similar to one another, which then become increasingly distinct and individualized as the cohort increases in age. Each of these contributes diversity to the overall generative process, increasing the variety of sequences that can be generated. Excluding nonfunctional sequences, the human generative process has an estimated Shannon entropy of roughly 70 bits, corresponding to a first-order Hill diversity of roughly possible unique sequences Elhanati et al.

However, little is known about how this generative diversity varies across species, or how it changes during aging. To gain insight into these generative processes in the turquoise killifish, we used IGoR Marcou et al. As the parameters of the generative model are typically very similar across conspecific individuals Figure 3—figure supplements 1 — 2 , especially in an inbred line, pooling data like this is a useful way to infer more robust generative models using IGoR Marcou , personal communication.

To model the generative process in its baseline state, we first inferred a model of the killifish generative repertoire from the four 8-week-old adult male individuals used in the pilot study Figure 1—figure supplement 1. Using this model, we estimated a total raw entropy for the killifish generative repertoire of roughly 33 bits Figure 3A. Of these 33 bits, roughly 8 arise from variability in VDJ segment choice, 12 from variability in the number and composition of junctional N-insertions, and 11 from P-insertions and deletions.

Accounting for convergent production of identical sequences via different recombination events, and for events that give rise to nonfunctional nucleotide sequences e. Figure 3 with 5 supplements see all Download asset Open asset The killifish generative repertoire. A Entropy composition of the generative process from four 8-week-old GRZ-strain adult male turquoise killifish.

B Probability distributions of junctional N-insertions in the same dataset. C P-insertions and deletion distributions inferred from the same dataset, with P-insertions modeled as negative deletions. Before initial selection in the primary lymphoid organs, therefore, the killifish generative process has an estimated Shannon entropy of roughly 23 bits Figure 3A , corresponding to a first-order Hill diversity of roughly possible unique sequences.

While, as in humans, only a small fraction of potential diversity will actually be generated in any single individual, this nevertheless represents a highly complex and sophisticated system capable of generating highly individualized IGH repertoires. While impressive, the potential generative diversity of the killifish repertoire is nevertheless vastly lower than in humans, with a difference in productive generative entropy of almost 50 bits Elhanati et al.

While all components of the generative process exhibit lower entropies in killifish than in humans, by far the greatest difference lies in the junctional N-insertions, which contribute almost 40 bits more to the generative entropy of the human repertoire than that of killifish.

The difference in the productive generative entropy between killifish and human arises from the distributions of N-insertions inferred from killifish and human data: in humans, these distributions peak at around 5 nt per junction and often yield insertions of 10—20 nt Elhanati et al. Since N-insertions are the dominant source of sequence diversity in human repertoires, the large reduction in N-insertions in killifish relative to humans unsurprisingly results in a much lower overall generative diversity for the killifish adaptive immune system.

The relative lack of change in the small-clone antibody repertoire in older turquoise killifish Figure 2B—F suggested to us that the diversity of the generative process in the primary lymphoid organs might remain relatively intact throughout the killifish lifespan.

To test this hypothesis, we trained separate IGoR models for each individual in the fish aging cohort Figure 2A , Figure 3—figure supplements 3 — 4 and tested for an effect of age on the generative diversity inferred for each individual. As expected, no age effect was found in either total generative diversity Figure 3D or the contributions of different diversification processes Figure 3—figure supplement 5.

It therefore appears that, while some aspects of the killifish antibody repertoire certainly decline with age, the entropy of the generative process is not among them. Effect of age and microbiota transfer on killifish intestinal repertoires The populations of B-lymphocytes associated with mucosal epithelia play a crucial role in defending the body from pathogenic threats Magadan et al. Despite the importance of these distinctive B-cell compartments, relatively little is known about the structure of their antibody repertoires Magadan et al.

As the site of the greatest microbiota diversity, the intestine is of particular relevance as an important and distinctive immune environment. Previous work on the killifish gut microbiota Smith et al. Transfer of intestinal content from young to middle-aged fish has also been shown to extend lifespan Smith et al. Given these findings, and the intimate relationship between intestinal lymphocytes and gut bacteria Belkaid and Hand, , we investigated the effect of aging and microbiota transfer on the immune repertoires of gut-resident B-cell populations.

Using intestinal total RNA isolated by Smith et al. Contrary to our expectations, neither the alpha nor beta diversity of the killifish intestinal repertoire were significantly affected by microbiota transfer, with no significant difference in clonal diversity, VJ diversity, or RDI distance measures Figure 4—figure supplements 1 — 3.

In sharp contrast to the whole-body data, however, there was a strong and significant decline in both clonal and VJ alpha diversity with age across all diversity orders Figure 4B—C , Figure 4—figure supplements 2 — 3 , even without partitioning by clone size. This age-related decline in alpha diversity was consistently far more dramatic than that observed in the whole-body samples at any diversity order.

The B-cells of the killifish intestine, therefore, exhibit a much stronger age-dependent decline in repertoire diversity than is seen in the killifish body overall. Figure 4 with 4 supplements see all Download asset Open asset Aging in killifish intestinal repertoires. A Clonal alpha-diversity spectra. B VJ alpha-diversity spectra, all clones. D Normalized VJ beta-diversity spectra, indicating between-individual variability in repertoire composition for each age group and diversity order.

One potential explanation for the stronger age-related drop in alpha diversity of intestinal samples is as a consequence of the constant strong antigen exposure experienced by intestinal B-cells, as a result of their interaction with the gut microbiota. This exposure could drive high levels of antigen-dependent clonal expansion, resulting in a greater loss in repertoire diversity Caruso et al.

Another explanation, not mutually exclusive with the first, is that the gut has different clone-size distribution relative to the whole body. Since the population of large clones appears to be more prone to reductions in diversity with age than that of small clones Figure 2 , the stronger overall age-related diversity loss found in the gut repertoire could be a consequence of this greater relative prevalence of large clones. Rarefaction analysis of clonal counts in whole-body and intestinal repertoires showed that the latter indeed contained far fewer small clones, resulting in a much higher proportion of large clones Figure 5A.

If this difference in clonal composition, rather than some functional difference between intestinal and other B-cells, is primarily responsible for the apparent difference in aging phenotypes between whole-body and intestinal repertoires, we would expect to find a faster rate of clonal diversity loss during aging in intestinal repertoires at low diversity orders which are dominated by small clones in whole-body samples , but not at high orders which are dominated by large clones in both sample types.

Figure 5 with 1 supplement see all Download asset Open asset Relative clonal composition and aging phenotypes of whole-body and intestinal repertoires. But if you know how investments work and don't need a lot of hand-holding, you could probably save a lot of money in advisory fees by choosing a commission-free stock broker or low-cost robo-advisor instead. The average investor looking to set up a regular taxable brokerage account or a college savings account will often find more value elsewhere.

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While you have access to high-quality advice, the high fees will be charged as long as your account is open. The investment of time to learn to manage your own funds is worthwhile. And you can find an advisor who suits your interests.

Personalized service: Most platforms in the financial services industry offer very limited customer service. With Edward Jones, your advisor is a reliable, professional contact to help you manage your investments.

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Incentive stock options and non-statutory stock options planning. The city takes its name from the Uda River, a tributary of the Selenga, which is the primary river flowing into Baikal from the east. The appearance of Russian settlements in the area known as Trans-Baikal or, more broadly, Dauriia began in the middle of the 17th century, when Cossacks and other explorers sought new trading routes to China, as well as valuable furs such as sable.

Within this vast territory, rivers were of vital importance as a means of transportation. Therefore, a small fort was established in the s at the confluence of the Uda and Selenga Rivers. Originally called Udinskoe, the settlement became an administrative center of the Transbaikal region and a major point on the lucrative trade route from Irkutsk to the Mongolian border.

By the s the town—renamed Verkhneudinsk "Upper Udinsk" —had two annual trade fairs, in late winter and midsummer. Like other provincial centers during the reign of Catherine the Great, Verkhneudinsk was provided with an ordered city plan, approved in Although the plan was modified in , many of its features remain to this day, as do important mercantile buildings such as the Merchants Court and the Trading Rows, both completed in the first half of the 19th century in a neoclassical style.

In the 19th century, a few churches, as well as major administrative and commercial buildings, were built of brick, particularly along Bolshaya Street. But most of merchant Verkhneudinsk consisted of log houses, with or without plank siding and often decorated with carved window surrounds. Fortunately, a number of these sturdy houses remain in the central districts of the city. Other examples of the region's wooden architecture are displayed in the fascinating Trans-Baikal Ethnographic Museum on the outskirts of Ulan-Ude.

The construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, which reached Verkhneudinsk in , provided a major economic stimulus for local growth. In addition to its churches, the town also had a synagogue, reflective of a small but vibrant Jewish community. During the cataclysmic events of the Russian Civil War, Verkhneudinsk briefly served in as capital of the short-lived Far Eastern Republic.

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