Gta san andreas horse betting glitch in the matrix

gta san andreas horse betting glitch in the matrix

Simply save the game, make your way to your gambling activity of choice and bet as much money as possible. If you lose, reload from the pause. Get first place in all races at the 4 racing locations across San Andreas To get money easily simply go to a horse betting place and put all your money. Easter Eggs found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Software. When entering one of the Inside Track Betting shops, go to one of the ITB machines. WHY IS BITCOIN MORE THAN LITECOIN

Nevertheless, there are a few key money-earning methods that offer good returns. Wait around to find the NPC-like look familiar. A dealer would be the one who could be a dealer if another NPC approached him for something. Kill the dealer and pay them the cash they drop. Do not forget that the dealer is armed and will fight back even with a pistol.

Be careful not to lose the money you just earned. Horse betting is another good method. Save beforehand and bet in the worst interest to win. Once you lose your save, again and try again till you get huge. In terms of high dividends with the least amount of effort, this is perhaps the best.

When jacking an ambulance, a police car, a taxi, etc. Or a card combination that causes you to heal from taking poison damage. Most notable in Magician mode, where you start with all the cards. This will allow you to get access to several items early, and access to the entrance gateway between Castle A and B, although you can't use the gate until you meet Death in the Clock Tower gateway.

At that point, however, you can warp to the entrance and get the lure key much easier, allowing for early access to the Castle A versions of the treasury, in addition to experience point-rich sections of Castle B. Even in the original NES Castlevania game, it was possible to jump into enemies and use the collision kickback to throw you over obstacles or onto platforms that you shouldn't be able to reach, allowing you to skip entire rooms' worth of platforming.

This type of sequence breaking is still present in later games in the series, though not to the same extent as they're more about exploration. An example in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that may possibly have been intended: Once you get the Soul Of Wolf in the Outer Wall, you can use it to get across the crumbling platforms in the Clock Tower and and then traverse it normally, albeit in reverse, to get to what would normally be the final area of the castle.

The timing is VERY strict, however, and likely takes multiple tries. You still, however, need to explore the rest of the castle to actually fight the boss, as the stairs are out. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair has a couple of these. Levels have an intended order that you'll rarely see followed perfectly.

Raised platforms can be reached by drop kicking off of other people, enemies, or a Yorick skull which can let you get absurdly high with proper timing. The DLC mission that takes place in the original 8-bit castle can also be skipped pretty much entirely with a glitch. Devil May Cry 4 : As shown in this video , it's possible to take advantage of aerial combos and inertia to skip some parts of the level, such as Echidna's Advancing Wall of Doom section in Mission 7, or the spinning blades in the Security Corridor of Mission Dante can also clip through the Underground Laboratory's ceiling at the beginning of Mission 16, skipping the lower areas, and heading straight through the Fortuna Castle's entrance.

But once you have already unlocked that ability from your previous playthroughs , you can simply Angel Dash your way towards the exit after the first battle, allowing you to end the level in a span of a few minutes. Enter the Matrix : One level has you evading an army of Smith clones around a city. However the entire level can be bypassed simply by heading right at the start of the level instead of left, as the game tells you. Can save you from a great deal of heartache. In the office building level you have to navigate the outside of the building on the construction frame.

When you reach a specific part the game spawns an Agent Smith dropping down in front of you and breaks the platform you're standing on. But if you are in the middle of a wall-run your character continues the wall run, watches Smith break the platform before reaching the next platform. Doing so allows you to skip the rest of that part of the level, since no Agent Smiths spawn.

In the same level, if you simply charge the first Agent that drops down in front of you and do a specific but short, only 3 moves string of moves, you'll force the Agent into a knockback animation that sends him falling into a pit he has no way out of. You can then take a leisurely stroll through the rest of the level. Not exactly a gameplay tactic, but sequence breaking is the general idea behind "the back-doors of the Matrix.

Hollow Knight : While the game starts off with a loose, if still mostly linear progression, it becomes fairly non-linear once the player has acquired the mothwing cloak and mantis claw, which are the basic mobility tools used in almost every area.

There are also a number of exploits or glitches that can be used to skip through areas, which were discovered but left in the game for advanced players to use in their speedrun attempts. It's intended for the player to have the Desolate Dive ability from the Soul Sanctum before going to Crystal Peak, but purchasing the Lumafly Lantern for a pricey Geo allows players to access it without ever visiting the Soul Sanctum.

By extension, this also provides an early path to obtaining the Dream Nail, since it can be acquired at any point after entering the Resting Grounds. There's another way to get into Resting Grounds in this case, the lower area which has an unlocked elevator down to the City of Tears very early on which involves death abuse rather than Money Grinding. Normally, the way right from Salubra's home is blocked off by a Gravity Barrier , but you can surmount it without late-game abilities by dying nearby and then pogoing off your Shade.

A similar death abuse trick permits entering the Palace Grounds without having the Double Jump ability. There's an intentional skip to reach the Watcher's Tower early. Ordinarily, it's restricted until players have the Monarch Wings to Double Jump with, but with a careful pogo-jump off a breakable statue, you can clear the gap anyway.

The Disconnected Side Area of Fog Canyon that houses the Teacher's Archives nominally requires either the Shade Cloak or Isma's Tear to access, but a knowledgeable player can reach a hidden alternate entrance from the lower left corner of the Forgotten Crossroads with a Crystal Heart Dash off the wall just above the acid.

A similar but more difficult set of maneuvers can be performed to reach the Queen's Gardens and by extension the True Final Boss without the Tear. In Little Big Adventure , the main character is required to break into a museum, while it is closed, through a sewer entrance, which can only be opened from inside the museum. In order to do that, the player must first retrieve a key card which allows them to enter the museum from a side entrance.

Attempting to enter the museum from the front entrance will result in the character being arrested. However, a fast enough player can avoid the guard and reach the sewer entrance before being arrested, thus being able to break into the museum without ever obtaining the key card.

This will cause the script to break - the red key card, which is needed again much later in the game, will become unobtainable - thus rendering the game unwinnable. And in the sequel, it's possible to take the ferry which you shouldn't be able to do until it stops raining.

You can end up doing things in a very convoluted order, and people end up in two places at once. The sequel also contains a relatively minor sequence break when you're in the Zeelich Undergas; mainly because it's a flaw in the linear storytelling that makes an entire island unintentionally optional.

After obtaining the Mosquibee's key fragment, you're told by a nearby Mosquibee to go to the Island of the Volcano so that you can learn the location of their captured queen from a couple Mosquibees in hiding there. The thing is, if you know where the queen is imprisoned already, you do not need to go to Volcano Island to learn the location.

You can literally just skip having to go to Volcano Island altogether and just head straight for the building the queen is jailed in. Ori and the Blind Forest has many sequence breaks to be exploited by speedrunners. Oddly, you still get the cutscene of Gumo stealing the Water Vein from the Ginso Tree despite you already having it. Even better, with some fancy Bash maneuvers, you can get up the shaft to Sorrow Pass without the aid of wind currents, bypassing the Misty Woods and Forlorn Ruins completely.

The winds in Sorrow Pass itself will still be active despite you having never visited the Ruins, but you'll miss out on the Wall Crawl skill learned in the Woods, making some jumping puzzles more difficult. Performing a certain arbitrary code execution in the menus at the summit of Sorrow Pass allows you to skip to the final Escape Sequence. Even better, in the Definitive Edition, a combination of glitches can be exploited to perform a "wrong warp" from the Ginso Tree all the way to the ending cutscenes.

In Ori and the Will of the Wisps , Shriek normally guards the path to Weeping Ridge until the five Wisps are reunited, but warping to the nearby Spirit Well just as she is about to strike, followed by Burrow Dashing out of the sand at the proper angle and Triple Jumping allows you to get back up to the cover objects you used to hide from her earlier and access the Ridge and Launch ability early. In either of these cases, though, traveling too far in and triggering certain scripted events before you're supposed to can result in an Unwinnable situation.

Sequence breaking is not only possible, but encouraged. There are many hidden techniques that enable you to reach places that you wouldn't otherwise be able to without certain items. For instance, it's possible to wall jump without the wall jump item. There are many achievements available for doing things out of order, and the entire game can be completed without picking up a single item, including your primary melee weapon!

Sid Meier's Pirates! In Star Control 2, you can explore the galaxy, meeting new aliens, doing quests for them, and collect important artifacts from them , which you need to defeat the Big Bads. Or you can wait until the Kohr-Ah start killing everyone and just loot the deserted homeworlds. This was probably intentional.

Another, much more difficult sequence break: you are supposed to ally with the Earth Starbase first thing in the game. The creators' way of enforcing this was to spawn a Slylandro Probe every day you spend in Hyperspace before you do. If you're good enough, though, you can pick up Fwiffo, use him to kill Probes, fly over to the Pkunk for their gift of ships, and spend the rest of the game relying on gifted ships and milking the Pkunk's resurrection for crew, all while your flagship has the speed and maneuerability of a one-legged cow.

You can play all the way up to freeing the Chmmr, at which point the game crashes because it automatically brings you to the Starbase. The Ur-Quan Masters rerelease fixes the crash at this point, allowing you to win the game this way. To elaborate on how hard this is: Not only are you limited to the slowest possible speed with no ship upgrades meaning it is impossible to outrun anything, so you have to fight every single probe and enemy, and that if your only planetary lander gets destroyed you're screwed up big time , you also have no ability to escape a fight.

This has further side effects, such as forcing you to find about the Deep Children from someone other than the Mycon, since they will attack you in an inescapable and unwinnable fight every time you visit. Tails Adventure can be finished without the Wrench. But then you won't be able to backtrack through the final stage, unless you have the Teleport item.

In Touhou Luna Nights , it is possible to abuse Projectile Platforms by using enemy cannonballs during Bullet Time or even your own knives after obtaining the Grip Knife upgrade to push yourself through the floor in certain areas. You can also use the recoil from your Slide Attack when hitting multiple enemies to go through some walls. This allows you to get around certain doors whose keys normally require you to defeat a boss to obtain or are simply on the other side of the door and, if you know where it is, even access an out-of-bounds loading zone that takes you directly to the credits!

However the Devs forgot that Coffin Monster Elephan has a weak projectile and can be purchased as early as beating the second dungeon. Provided you can survive Dream Avenue's brutally overlevelled enemies which are overlevelled even when you're supposed to be there , you'll come out with a metric buttload of EXP and powerful weaponry and tear effortlessly through the next few dungeons.

Dust: An Elysian Tail , an indie Metroidvania Action RPG , doesn't let the player progress through the plot ahead of time , but certain treasures that would normally require abilities from later areas to be reached can be collected much earlier than intended by design. In particular, the Aerial Dust Storm ability from the first area, if used on airborne enemies, can let Dust propel towards some very high platforms long before obtaining Double Jump or Boost Jump.

Certain melee combos also allow Dust to stay in the air for a few moments after a jump, which can be used to bypass some of the Double Jump-requiring puzzles that have no enemies nearby. While Kingdom Hearts doesn't require you to go the worlds in the order recommended by the game, it's actually a little less linear than it would appear.

When you get the Gummi ship, you can start the events at the Coliseum or go to Wonderland and do the events there, and the game recommends that you go to Wonderland first judging by its one star battle level. But then the third world shows up, and it's Deep Jungle, so naturally the game recommends that you complete it after the Coliseum.

But fans of the game will tell you that it's actually easier to do Deep Jungle before the initial events at the Coliseum, despite Deep Jungle being labeled as a higher battle level. After that you are only really required to beat Agrabah and Neverland before Hollow Bastion, where the game sort of railroads you until the end.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep , however, most likely is the only game in which you aren't specifically told to play the episodes in any order, but if you play them in a specific order, you won't be asking yourself " The series director even recommends the Terra-Ventus-Aqua order, to get a better understanding of the story, because Ventus's campaign refers to stuff that happened before in Terra's, Aqua's campaign refers to stuff that happened before in Ventus and Terra's campaigns, and the final chapter is played as Aqua.

Kingdom Hearts II features the return of an early sequence break - despite being harder on Proud mode, at least , it's recommended by fans that you go straight to Beast's castle after the first Twilight Town because you gain Cure - whereas you don't in the Land of Dragons which is recommended as the next world. Overlord has a minor example, in that the entire middle three areas of the game can be taken out of sequence.

Difficulty curve and powerup distribution show the player is intended to complete half of Evernight getting the green minions , half of Heaven's Peak getting the blue minions and access to mid-game equipment , complete Evernight, complete Heaven's Peak, then move on to the Dwarven Lands.

However, the game's Broken Bridges require the right minion type to beat - and only the right minion type. Thus, a player can complete up to a quarter of the way through Heaven's peak thus getting the blue minions , then go through the rest of Evernight and the Dwarven Lands on skill alone before making Heaven's Peak an absolute cakewalk with the late-game spells and equipment the player can find. You need to really be leveled up to defeat Piana-Pius , who guards the object needed to defeat the Goddamned Bats in the second half of the dungeon.

There's also the shadow creatures, which you need the Rainbow Fragment to defeat, although they can be avoided except on Nightmare , where the boss generates them. From there you can continue on or travel from Gaia's Navel to Pandora. Doing the latter can lead to a slightly different sequence of events where the girl joins your party later than she normally does. However , you must return to the One True Sequence before you defeat Spikey Tiger, or Undine's cave will never become unsealed and you will have to restart your game.

Adventure Games Gone Home can be completed in under two minutes with prior knowledge or blind luck, and probably under ten by a very thorough player: the key to the final room is hidden behind a fake wall in the home's parlor, almost directly opposite the front door which prompts players to open it when looked at. The ease with which players could inadvertently beat the game and skip the entire story led to a parody game.

In Rhem 2, when you first find the artifact, it is locked in place with a special pattern lock. Entering the wrong pattern dumps you in a cell, where a mysterious woman takes your swipe card. However, since the pattern doesn't change, if you enter the pattern correctly the first time, the artifact will be released, and you can actually leave with the artifact, which is not supposed to be possible. The goal is only to get a photo of the artifact, which is what your employer claims, even if you have the artifact itself.

In some ports of Maniac Mansion , the default code to Dr. Fred's lab is until Fred resets it by playing Meteor Mess. In the game sequel to Below the Root , there were hostile NPCs on the map who would "kidnap" the character and send them to their organization's prison house. As you lost no time getting kidnapped, the houses were relatively easy to break out of with the right tool the Nekom house contained the best escape tool in the game , and the houses were close to strategic locations in the game, getting "captured" could be an effective form of rapid transit.

Beat 'em Ups In the final battle of the arcade version of Double Dragon , Willy sits on top of a wall and sends Mooks after you, only attacking when they're all defeated. However, if you lure Abobo to the wall and let him suplex you, you'll end up on top of the wall and can launch a preemptive attack on Willy — he can't attack until he falls off the wall. Defeating him while he still has mooks makes them run away. Have some proof. Edutainment In the Apple ][ and Commodore 64 game Snooper Troops , the clues never change, so it is possible to collect all of the appropriate clues, start a fresh game, and accuse the correct suspect as quickly as you can type in the clue numbers.

Allowing for loading times, this should take about one minute. Cluefinders : The first half of Cluefinders 4th Grade required a Fetch Quest : twelve cairoglyphs in exchange for translating a clue on a scroll. The scroll contained five clues in rhymed couplets; the first four would always be the same and lead you to the statue adjacent to the antique shop where the scroll is being translated.

The fifth clue would tell you how to open the secret chamber behind the statue, and it would be different each time. But once you realize the patterns the final clue tends to take, you can skip all of Cairo's fetch quests, mess around with the statue and solve the secret chamber puzzle early. In another Cluefinders game, two parts of completing the first half requires you to find letters in words using math equations to determine how many times you should press a mural to reveal a secret chamber.

However, once you realize the letters are all in a row or column, you can easily aim for those spots and uncover them. If you're very fast and lucky, you can hit a flaming trashcan downstairs and use it to melt the ice in the basement of the Medical Pavilion before it stops burning.

The ice in Fountain Fisheries can be solved by telekinesising along a corpse with exploding buck, and then looting it after your weapons are confiscated. In both games, any door with a combination lock can be unlocked at any time if you remember the code. This doesn't cut down on exploring as much as you'd think; you can't get the Lot from Fontaine's apartment until you've visited Suchong's to find out what it's for, and the Fishbowl Diner is already on the way to Pauper's Drop.

But the code to pass to the second half of Siren Alley in BioShock 2 , which is also the easiest of all to remember, lets you bypass the Pink Pearl completely, including the boss fight with Daniel Wales. It is revealed by Word of God this is why the Teleportation Plasmid was removed from the game. The player is able to skip nearly the entirety of Blood 's E3M3 by simply saving up jump boots from the previous map and using them to climb a ledge near the beginning of the map.

In Borderlands 2 you can, with some creativity, kill certain bosses before their introductory cutscene happens, as this video will show , but the game may take offense to your shenanigans if you do. One of the easier ways to beat the Modern Warfare 2 spec ops level "Wetwork" is through a speed run where you throw flashbangs to disorient the enemy while you sprint past. When you reach the end, in the room where you need to breach the final room, the game will have reached its limit of enemies and so won't spawn any.

As soon as you blow the door open, you win. It's often possible to Rocket Jump over walls and triggers, leaving you with little to fight. In City of the Gods in Second Encounter, the player can even ram into one of the walls and fly to the exit of the level through interlevelic medium.

Many of these glitches are very often used in multiplayer and it's not considered very entertaining by others. One notable speedrunner Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore proved that you could use the rocket launcher to propel yourself onto the exit switch, meaning you could complete the level with 0 kills. In the original games, the player is unable to jump normally, and maps were designed with this in mind.

Source ports that add jumping therefore allow you to skip large parts of multiple maps in the case of the above Dead Simple, the entire map; same with Ballistyx, a TNT: Evilution map that's otherwise very long and challenging just by jumping.

Similarly, any source port that adds vertical mouselook makes it possible to defeat the final boss in a matter of seconds, as the only thing making it difficult was the inability to aim vertically. Some maps require you to find all three colored keys in sequence to open up the path to the exit, but in some of these cases, the obstacles you need the keys for are set up in such a way that you can walk past one of them without its key.

MAP The Citadelnote where there are three colored bars, one for each key, blocking the exit, but the red bar in the center is twice as wide as the other two, meaning you only need the red key and one of the other two to pass through and MAP Nirvananote where the exit teleport is barred by two sets of key-locked walls; rather than one solid wall, though, they're broken up into two sections, with the outer blue one having enough space between them the player can simply slip past without grabbing the key are the biggest offenders.

Famously, the original Doom engine doesn't deal elegantly with heights and switch surfaces. In several levels, particularly mods, this can be abused by hitting switches way before you're meant to. Various levels of Duke Nukem 3D can be defeated earlier than intended by exploiting glitches that allow you to, among other things, warp into rooms that overlap one another, crawl through spaces that are normally too small for anyone but a shrunken player to walk through, and pass through certain barriers.

Even without using those, however, "Hotel Hell" episode 3, level 8 can be completed just by throwing a Pipe Bomb through the crack at the beginning and setting it off, opening immediate access to the exit. See this site for more information. Also, generally the only levels designed with the jetpack in mind were the levels which contain a jetpack, not the levels after them. Though this isn't too bad, since there's only a few places in the game where you do get it unless you use cheat codes , the jetpack in the hidden level from episode one can be used to skip the first half of the final level because it relies on a sequence of earthquake setpieces which each lower the terrain around the next trigger to somewhere you could reach on foot and moreover on a lot of ledges overlooking the same area, so reaching any place you want is trivial.

This may have been intentional, though , since it does require you to find and beat a secret penultimate level. Also, many buttons can be pressed from the wrong side of a wall, and in many cases the mere act of jumping on top of an enemy can get one the boost needed to surpass the bulk of a level. Halo has a lot of this careful though, sequence breaking in the wrong place can render a mission Unwinnable : Halo: Combat Evolved has a major sequence break in the "Assault on the Control Room" level.

In a stage about halfway through the level, one can get a Banshee fighter by knocking it off of a ledge with the rocket launcher. If you then fight through the following levels past the exit of the underground complex, you can then use the Banshee to fly up to the center column, where a new Banshee can be gotten to replace the usually now-damaged first one even if you don't need it, you want to go get it to keep from being attacked by it as you pass and trigger that opponent.

From there, you can fly over the following map sections to the one where you would normally have to proceed on foot underground; if you instead fly up to the overhead bridges, you can then enter at a much later part of the game, and because the triggers for the opponents have been bypassed, the following scenes will now be empty and you can simply proceed to the end on yet another Banshee that appears as you enter the last group of maps.

This trick is also used to find the "Siege of Madrigal" Easter Egg music. More Combat Evolved sequence breaks: It's possible to jump off the bridge in the latter part of "Assault on the Control Room" and onto the large buttress that runs up the front of the Forerunner shrine that houses the control room, allowing you to skip a decent chunk of the level. You can either walk down the bridge to where the mortar tanks and ghosts are, or walk up it and slide down the side to land yourself in front of the door to the control room.

From the self-same "Assault on the Control Room" bridge, you can also destroy the Covenant mortar-tanks below you, before you're forced to face them, from relative safety it's very hard for them to get an angle on you: the bridge is in the way. You can eventually kill those mortar tanks by just shooting them repeatedly with small-arms, like the plasma pistols and rifles dropped by all the Covenant you just killed.

Really, most of the on-line community for CE had at least some interest in and experience with sequence breaking and pulling off stunts and pushing the game to its limits in general. It's likely that most experienced players spent at least some time on this, and it was probably one of the major sources of replay value in the game. In Halo 2 , Bungie cracked down on sequence breaking with instant-kill Invisible Walls , but there were many routes left open for sequence breakers: "Outskirts": The sniper alley and much of the courtyard battle could be bypassed by jumping from a little pile of rubble in an easily missed corner to a ledge, and from there to the roof-tops.

Even better is that some players are good enough to hijack one of the Banshees and go flying over the level, in which you can find a giant soccer ball and a Scarab Gun. There are also two spots in the mission where you can shortcut over hills that seem to be unclimbable , this allows you to skip the "Nothing But Jackal" sniper canyon.

You can even squeeze the warthog through the tunnel into the sniper courtyard. Although it's better to switch to Sgt. Stacker's Gauss Hog there. This makes the final battle much easier, even on the highest difficulty. The same banshee trick is also possible by flying a banshee into a specific point on the building from the outside, which triggers the cutscene before the final boss and allows you to skip a few enemies before the final boss, and puts the banshee in the hallway before the boss after the cutscene is over.

Halo 3: ODST has skips in almost every single mission, though some are much harder than the others: "Tayari Plaza": You don't have to fight the pair of hunters that appear at the end; you can simply run past them through the very door that they spawn from.

In fact, you can simply run past every single encounter in this mission, though it requires a lot of practice on Legendary to pick off dangerous enemies or disrupt packs of enemies with well placed grenades. There is a reason this is often considered the single easiest mission in the entire franchise to complete on LASO. It is also possible to push a scorpion tank into the final firefight area by using a second tank. You do not have to destroy the scarab at the end either, as you can just as well run past it.

Then the player can ride the second warthog out of bounds and carefully hit each and every one of the triggers, essentially bypassing the entire highway section and all of the vehicular combat involved. In Halo: Reach , the last quarter of the third mission, "Nightfall", can be skipped using some clever vehicle placement.

By taking the nearby forklift, and parking it with its driver side against the door that requires Jun's code to open, the "exiting vehicle" animation will carry the player right through the door; since no enemies will have spawned, it is a leisurely stroll to the level exit. The original Deus Ex was made with this in mind, to the point that the developers put in deliberate examples : The very first mission Liberty Island can be skipped by picking up the gas grenade on the pile of containers just north of the entrance to the pier, lobbing it at the front door of UNATCO and running past the soldier who opens the door to investigate.

Even better, the game acknowledges the player's ingenuity via a remark from the guard manning the retinal scanner. Alternatively, you can use the "LAM stairway" trick to climb up the side of the statue, or the double-grenade jumping trick to propel yourself all the way to the top in seconds. It's possible to skip the Castle Clinton mission by either sneaking past the terrorists or deliberately blowing up the explosives in the subway station and boarding the train.

The encounter and subsequent boss battle with Anna Navarre in the Battery Park subway station and UNATCO can be skipped by killing the character in question at the Airfield, at a point where players will likely assume said character has Story-Driven Invulnerability. The entire MJ12 lab underneath UNATCO can be skipped if the player already knows the code to the exit, despite the fact that Daedalus won't tell it to you until you meet Paul or retrieve the datavault from his corpse.

The entire Hong Kong section can be skipped if the player knows the codes to the Versalife building including the lab housing the Universal Constructor. Likewise, the entire Maggie Chow quest that she sends you on can be skipped by breaking into her apartment, knowing where the Dragon's Tooth Sword is and stealing it immediately. There was an attempt to avert sequence breaking the code leading to Tracer Tong's lab can't be hacked, and there is no code for it, until Max Chen is notified of Chow's deceit , but this can easily be circumvented by the aforementioned Versalife bypass.

At the beginning of the Vandenberg level, you can skip the entire first third of the mission by walking to the roof's edge and tossing a scramble grenade at the heavy security robot walking towards the front door, which causes it to take out the other three security bots and all of the commandos in the area.

At the Missile Silo, you can skip the entire mission by utilizing an exploit. Run around the perimeter and face downwards at the hatch leading down into the silo, have a Light Anti-Tank Weapon and point it downwards at a specific angle, then fire. This kills Howard Strong, the final enemy in the area, and skips the process of arming and redirecting the missile entirely.

An unintentional example occurs at the end of the game. It's possible to get the New Dark Age ending early by going to Sector 3 in Area 51 and into the antimatter reactor which is normally required to get a code for access to the Aquinas Hub. Due to the way a switch cover was implemented, it's possible to crouch down in front of a console and click a switch that opens the antimatter valve shut-offs. Doing this causes the ending sequence to kick in without doing all the later steps for Helios.

Half-Life first game : Near the beginning of the chapter "Power Up" it's possible to create a makeshift ladder out of trip mines to climb the barrier blocking the railway, essentially skipping most of the chapter. This does, though, force you to play through the following chapter "On a Rail" without the railway car. It's also possible to, with extreme difficulty, grab the scientist at the beginning of "We've Got Hostiles" so that he opens the security control room and then the blast door, therefore bypassing the entire level and allowing the player to proceed on to "Blast Pit".

Half-Life 2 : In the chapter "Water Hazard", you can bypass the Hunter-Chopper chase by Gate 5 by climbing on your airboat and then onto the walkway. However, it's hard to do and you miss the revolver. It's also possible to skip an entire floodgate complex by climbing a tower outside and blowing up the explosive barrel that smashes the gate open without even going inside, but this is also hard to do because you don't have any particularly-accurate weapons at that point.

Near the end of the chapter "Highway 17", you can skip the whole section on the bridge underside by stacking objects to climb over the force fields in your way. You'll have to leave the Scout Car behind, but it's not strictly required at any point from then on. Once you reach Lighthouse Point at the end of Highway 17, there's a large scale battle you're supposed to go through before continuing on via a secret door opened by an NPC.

While the door will never open before that point, you can bypass the entire sequence; never park your jeep and don't talk to the rebel calling you over which starts the countdown to the fight , gather as many physics props as you can find, then collect them behind some buildings against a wall.

You can then make an impromptu stairwell to climb up and over the wall, and drop down to a section of the cliffside path that leads to the next level. Half-Life 2: Lost Coast: A particularly bad sequence break if you use a physics bug to propel yourself half up the side of the cliff, then come right back down. The NPC at the bottom assumes that because you have been to the top of the cliff, you've gone and done all the plot points up there.

So the game ends, 46 seconds in. A bug with the gravity gun allows you to levitate by holding a flat piece of, well, anything under you. This allows you to skip large portions of the game simply by climbing over walls you're supposed to walk around. In Episode Two, in the area where you get the car, you're supposed to work your way down through an area filled with headcrab zombies and back up the valley wall on the other side to get to the car.

If you jump from the right spot with full health, though, it's actually possible to bypass most of the level simply by jumping down to one of the roofs below you, leaving you with just a small portion of radioactive gunk to pass over to get to the other side. When the Freelance Astronauts tried it out on the airboat levels, they discovered that it had bizarre and very exploitable effects on the physics.

The result became known as the Kickboat Saga. Due to the cooperative nature of the Sven Co-op mod, many games that are meant to be played alone can be broken due to tactics like jumping on top of each other to bypass a gate. Marathon Infinity allows you to skip four levels of the game, including the hardest level, "Acme Station", by a well-placed grenade jump in the level "Electric Sheep One".

This was almost certainly intentional on the part of the developers, because it takes you to "Electric Sheep Two", while the same location in "Electric Sheep Two" actually takes you to the level "Whatever You Please". There is a door in the first two "Electric Sheep" levels through which, theoretically, a player might be able to glitch oneself out of bounds using grenades.

Should a player succeed in this glitching, they would reach "Electric Sheep Three". The same location in "Electric Sheep Three", which is the main exit of that level, takes you to the level "Eat the Path". Although the technique to accomplishment has been demonstrated in the Game Mod Marathon Eternal, it has not yet been pulled off in Infinity.

Speaking of which, there was a door in four levels of Eternal that would, before the 1. The earliest of these levels was "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream", meaning that players would only have to play nine levels, of which only six had any combat, in order to reach the end. This sequence break no longer accomplishes anything in 1. Less dramatic sequence breaks are possible throughout the original trilogy and in several game mods. Speed runs are naturally rife with them, but even standard runs frequently employ them.

Some may even be intended by the developers. Postal 2 has several of these. When the library is set on fire, the fastest way out is blocked by a wall of flames which is instant death to touch. However, if you set yourself on fire with gasoline which is only damage over time , the game reads you as already taking fire damage and the wall of flames becomes harmless, giving you a speedy exit.

Likewise, in the junkyard, the guard dogs throw you high in the air when you take a hit At one point, the Postal Dude is kidnapped by rednecks and put into a gimp outfit part of a Pulp Fiction parody. There's a cutscene where he realizes this and adds "Pick up laundry" to his errand list. During the escape from the redneck cabin, a very well-timed crouching jump allows the player to skip the "I'm the gimp! If you're not paying much attention after getting to the Bar and you might not, it's a major hub , you can completely miss the prompt to head to the bandit-loaded Dark Valley and wind up going to Rostok instead west, instead of southeast.

This means you'll wind up fighting a large group of mercenaries that, while far more heavily armed and armored than you probably will be at the time, can't hit the broad side of a barn, and taking part in the game's only Escort Mission. Following that chain of missions to its conclusion will end with you loaded with cash from hocking artifacts, carrying mid-level NATO weaponry that punches far above its weight class, and possibly wearing an Ecologist suit that you got for free, which isn't great against bullets but can put off most environmental hazards, which are common in that area.

Heading to the Dark Valley after this and butchering an abandoned warehouse full of bandits who mainly wear leather jackets and carry low-end weaponry can be incredibly satisfying considering how difficult the game has been up to that point.

After slogging through countless gunfights, you finally get to have a one-sided battle in your favor. A similar effect can be accomplished by going north to the army warehouses, where 3 freedom members, also carrying mid-level NATO weaponry, are gunned down the instant you enter the area. Also in this area the player can accompany the freedom faction against the monolith faction, potentially gaining even more powerful weapons. If the player continues north they can get to the early parts of the Red Forest and get late game weapons and armor that make a huge portion of the game exceptionally one-sided.

The Bar can be accessed before the player completes the objective to let them go through by killing the guards. The player can do this without angering the duty faction by using a noiseless pistol, which is found on a bandit that attacks you the instant enter the preceding area. This means that the player can get late game equipment before even starting the main story. An unexpected consequence of this is that some characters in the bar area will move around strangely when you first get there.

Most notably, a duty member named Barin, who has a unique Game-Breaker weapon, will often wander straight into a pack of wild dogs just outside the bar , leaving his weapon for the player. There are several times during the game where the military acts as a Beef Gate , and the player is supposed to avoid them by going another way.

However, if the player has a powerful enough weapon most likely acquired by one of the above methods , then they can most likely take down the entire military force. This can result in an Unintentionally Unwinnable scenario, as the player can get past the point where they can attain a crucial item, or having an irreplaceable NPC simply fail to appear. Pretty much the entire tutorial section of System Shock 2 , a good minutes of gameplay, can be skipped simply by knowing the passcode to the Engineering Bay beforehand.

By carefully placing a wrench on the floor in System Shock 2, you can keep an area from sealing. This does not only make a lot of dialogue make no sense, it also allows you to bypass a mission that resolves around finding a recharge station since the one behind the doors is supposedly in hard vacuum.

This confuses the game a bit. In Turok 2, you get both the level 2 and level 3 keys in the first level. This means you can play levels 3 and 5 before 2 and 4, a more challenging path, and get the Firestorm Cannon and Missile Launcher earlier. There are fast runs of Wolfenstein 3-D on YouTube that feature breaks by persuading guards to open locked doors, then shooting them dead in the doorway so it can't close again. One level in Episode 4 actually relies on this; if you don't wedge the door, you have to go through a fiddly maze of half a dozen secret walls to find the key.

It's possible to skip an entire branch of the story in Marathon Infinity with some well-timed jumps in one of the "Electric Sheep" levels. If the player attracts the yellow jump-suited guards in the corridor between the room with the terminal behind the glass doors and the exhaust bay, returns to the room and hides in the back, it's possible that the guards will open the glass doors and Bond can use the guidance data, recover the launch protocol, and finish the mission in any place within the level even in the exhaust bay , as the level has no defined exit.

It's not quite clear if this is a glitch or not, given that no level has a defined exit. This trick is very popular among speed run players. In Superhot , the final level expects your character to shoot their physical body in the head, and enforces this by not allowing the gun to be fired unless you are aiming at the head.

However, you can exploit the game's "time only moves when you move" gimmick and the fact that the physical body's head tracks your mouse movement by firing a bullet, then spinning in place while standing still, causing the body's head to move out of the bullet's path while the bullet isn't moving because you're not. In this way you can run the gun out of ammo and make it impossible to shoot yourself, which breaks the story completely and requires the game to be reset.

Interactive Fiction In Suspect by Infocom , if you go immediately to the garage, you can catch the murderer in the act of disposing of evidence and win the game immediately. The game is played in "real time", so it's a case of Developer's Foresight. In an old Apple ][ game called The Alpine Encounter, you had to find an urn with spy information in it within two days in a ski resort.

The game has an incredibly elaborate sequence of how the urn is passed from enemy agent to enemy agent that remains the same each game; the trick being when you can intercept a drop-off. If you don't go anywhere until am you can simply type "wait 2 hours" on the first day, and stay at the front desk entrance, you can steal the first spy's luggage containing the urn and call the Inspector someone you shouldn't have met yet and give the urn to him. This should take about 30 seconds. In A Change in the Weather , you can skip the entire game.

The game begins with the player character at a picnic, out of earshot of his friends, being moody. He wanders off to be alone, and then a sudden rainstorm occurs and he has to go through a series of events to avoid catching pnuemonia. Having done that, the game is then won by returning to the starting area and going back to the picnic and his friends. It was soon discovered that the same ending can be achieved by simply going back to the picnic at the start. When this was brought up, Plotkin delivered the immortal response: "Yes, it's intentional.

However, the players may avoid the turtles and trigger the majority of the battles without endangering the turtles. Upon escorting the turtles, the group will stop at the battle locations and warn of incoming attackers even though they have already been defeated. This method is often used to achieve the Master's reward of keeping all the hatchlings alive.

The original Prophecies campaign had many routes to skip chunks of the main quest, not least of which was the Lornar's Pass run. This allows the player to reach Droknar's Forge and craft maximum level armor while skipping half of the story missions. In the Nolani Academy mission, after passing through the Great Wall the player is supposed to follow Rurik. The easier option is to immediately go the opposite direction from Rurik and head straight to the boss. This requires fighting only two or three groups of Charr, whereas following Rurik requires fighting most of their army and a number of other mob packs.

The final section of Ice Caves of Sorrow is an Escape Sequence where the player's party must stay ahead of a massive number of Mursaat while fighting through White Mantle and Stone Summit forces. Players prefer to trigger the Mursaat's patrol and then retreat down a side path, letting the Mursaat pass them and bulldoze the Stone Summit while dying to siege weapons.

Players need only kill the mobs left over. Backdooring in League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients. Or you could just pick a hero with high damage and some sort of global teleport and get started on the enemy's base towers. In Dota, this is difficult but not impossible, due to "Backdoor Protection" regeneration when no minions are around. In League, you simply cannot attack towers if the towers before them are still standing.

Neither game prevents the player from picking a character like Furion or Sivir and completely ignoring teamfights and just pushing random lanes until the enemy has no buildings left. Is there a rule that says you have to fight in front of a tower and not behind it? Cue Axe in Dota and the proxy Singed strategy in League.

Both characters can kill entire creep waves quickly even at level 1, enabling them to sit behind the enemy tower killing their minions so waves of friendly minions attack the tower until it breaks. Axe has the benefit of being almost impossible to dislodge by enemy melee laners when creeps are around due to his retaliatory spin attack ; while proxy Singed benefits from the reduced bounty for players on a death streak, fully expecting to die a bazillion times but giving the enemy player a pittance of gold and then just running back and doing it again.

Roshan is a very powerful creep that gives a very high amount of gold to the entire team that kills him, a large amount of exp and the Aegis of the Imortal, which is basically a second life. It's very uncommon for this to happen before most heroes are level 10 at the least. That is unless you bring both Skeleton King and Ursa Warrior in, with the right items they can take down roshan at the start of the game.

This gives them both 2 levels, their entire team gold and a very powerful advantage of a 2nd life. Heck, you can have the entire team determined to level 1 Roshan. In World of Warcraft , the storyline assumes you have completed every quest and instance up to that point. For example, the Wrath of the Lich King expansion's story is based off the assumption that you completed every prior instance once, and in the suggested order For them to do otherwise would make little to no sense, as your character is famous for their exploits, but it can be a bit jarring.

A player can do 0 quests and instances on the way to level 80, and suddenly be surprised to find out that Bolvar and Saurfang Jr. Further complicating the matter is that the game assumes you have personal knowledge of quests that you could not possibly have completed; several quests and instances refer to events that occurred in Acherus: The Ebon Hold during the Death Knight starting questlines, which is amusing considering that non-Death Knights have no access to those quests, but the game speaks of these events in general terms in the level quests as though you completed those quests and know exactly what these people are talking about.

A particular example, in Wrath of the Lich King there are two 'entry-level' zones in Northrend. After completing all the quests and instances in one or the other you will then be high enough level to take-on the Grizzly Hills zone, and after finishing all quests and instances in Grizzly Hills you will then be high enough level for the Zul'Drak zone. In Grizzly Hills Drakuru enlists your aid in a series of quests before betraying you and revealing himself to be in league with the Lich King all along.

Later in Zul'Drak Drakuru attempts to recruit you as one of his vassals since you made such an excellent stooge , giving you the opportunity for some betrayal payback. However; this plotline goes entirely out the window if one completes all the quests in both entry-zones, thus making them high enough in level to skip Grizzly Hills entirely and go straight to Zul'Drak.

However someone seems to have noticed this since the game has come out. The dialogue from the quests is now different if you complete them in the correct order or the wrong order. Players do this constantly in a minor way in every dungeon. In theory one fights through every enemy guarding the bosses before defeating them.

In actuality players will take every possible opportunity to avoid fighting anyone other than the bosses, and skip even some of them. The Uthgarde Pinnacle dungeon is, well, a pinnacle of this. You can slip past first two groups of guards by hugging the wall. The first boss meets you with a lengthy show of her talking to a giant image of Arthas and ending with her transforming into a Val'kyr. However, the exit out of the room is not locked so you're free to leave her boasting to an empty room.

The second boss is a a sequence of assorted monsters That you have to unfreeze by pressing a switch. Again, nothing stops you from leaving them as is. Third boss is Skadi the Ruthless, who is intended to be fought in a gauntlet fashion, as players fight their way along a corridor while Skadi's drake breathes cold at them, his minions attack you, you collect javelins from them, and finally bring down his drake with the javelins to fight him.

However, players quickly started just rushing through the gauntlet, killing the whole minion horde at once and bring down the drake without any need for dodging drake breath. So that's two bosses skipped, one shortened and only the final boss of the dungeon fought in full.

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Ml betting term It crops up a lot in Skyrim as well: if you like to explore, you may well find the very item someone's asked you to find later when they bring up a quest for them, or you can begin dungeons relevant to the main quest long before you reach that click in the story. You can even beat the World 7 boss, which takes you to the final area, without having collected a single mushroom! This is a possible reference to the serial killer Merle Abrahams and his obsession with the number '8'. These were removed in the enhanced edition. Some may even be intended by the developers. Beat 'em Ups In the final battle of the arcade version of Double DragonWilly sits on top of a wall and sends Mooks after you, only attacking when they're all defeated. Enter one of them and pick up a jetpack and fly up.
Gta san andreas horse betting glitch in the matrix Sid Meier's Pirates! In the first three games, starting and immediately ending combat can move you forwards a few tiles, potentially bypassing tiles that trigger an effect when stepped on. Eventually patched, but Mario Kart 7 had a certain glitch that effectively cut one third of one race track. When the Freelance Astronauts tried it out on the airboat levels, they discovered that it had bizarre and very exploitable effects on the physics. If you win, head back to the save point and log your progress before returning to make more bank. This was almost certainly intentional on the part of the developers, because it takes you to "Electric Sheep Two", while the same location in "Electric Sheep Two" actually takes you to the level "Whatever You Please". Sometimes you just get instakilled by the game to prevent abuse, sometimes you discover a Game-Breaker or a Unintentionally Unwinnable situation: player is advised.


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