Gooral better place cena broken

gooral better place cena broken

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They were now booing that he didn't leave the ring fast enough and was taking up Kevin's time to shine. The fans were now chanting "Get Out! Cena still hadn't move. He was already being humiliated enough but he'll be damned if he'd publicy embarressed by Owens and so he stood there. Owens was smirking at the sight of Cena being put in his place but was getting a little irritated that Cena didn't leave.

Kevin Owens: Hmph. Alright Cena Kevin then quickly kicks Cena in the guy and throws him to the ropes. Throws him in the air and powerbombs straight to the mat. Michael Cole: My God! Pump Up Powerbomb! JBL: With authority!

Byron Saxton: Geez! Cena's head bounced up when he hit the mat! The fans cheered even more when Owens delivered his signature move. But he wasn't done. Quickly he picked up Cena and threw again to the ropes to achieve the move a second time. The fans after cheering once more were now chanting "One More Time! They were craving for Cena's demise. Craving for his blood and pride to be destroyed.

Owens would be the one to deliver them the satisfaction of seeing the end of him here tonight. Owens walks out the ring, checks under it and grabs a table. Seeing the table, the crowd roared even more. As quick as he could, he sets up the table and then just stalked John Cena. John was trying to gain his sight again but was grabbed by Owens who would make him look at him in the eyes. Sending him crashing not only through the table, but through the ring as well. Owens grabs his championship and smiles at the damage he's done with the crowd giving him full praise.

He then stares at the hole and screams. He then grabs the mic. Especially here tonight. I want to take your pride and, if you have any balls left, I want you to retire. Go home to that piece of crap town of yours, and do whatever it is you do and take your plastic bitch you have with you, be a man and "give her" what she wants and have little Super Cena babies.

They Suck. He then leaves without another word and the fans cheering once more. John Cena however lays in the rubble of broken wood and the giant hole left in the ring. Afterwards, the EMT's came and got Cena out of the hole. It took a while due to John being unconcious for a while. John was then out on a stretcher being carried out. While he was being carried out, the crowd were singing a farewell song to Cena.

Putting him even more down. Fans: Na na na na, na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye! They kept repeating it and then added more chants. Fans: Cena Sucks! Cena Sucks! Cena, even though knocked out could still here them. They were happy with what happened to him on this night and the nights before.

Without anyone noticing, Cena sheded a tear with the same expressionless look on his face. As they walked him out to backstage, the first one to come to his side was his girlfriend and current Divas Champion, Nikki Bella. She got into the ambulance along with the crew and drove Cena to the nearest hospital. Nikki saw John at Battleground. She was disgusted by what happened to him but even more disgusted at the fans that were cheering for what Kevin Owens did to him.

Nikki always believed that John gave more to the company than anybody else and had given the fans everything but after all that, he STILL didn't get the credit he deserve for the matches he had and the things he contributed for the WWE. The doctor finally came out. Nikki Bella: How is he? Doctor: Lucky as usual. He's got a few bruises in the brain that should go down in a couple of days, maybe weeks.

Nikki Bella: Thank God. Thank you. Doctor: You can see him now if you wish. Nikki Bella: Thanks. Nikki walks into the room where John is resting. She has a sad look on her face. To see John humbled at the hands of Owens was sickening. John even in a hospital bed still had the blank look on his face. Nikki Bella: John? John can you hear me? John Cena: Why Nikki Bella: Why what, John? John Cena: Twelve years I've wanted this all my life. All I wanted was for the people to have fun whether they liked me or not.

I've been through all kinds of stuff in the WWE and What the hell didi they want from me? Since day one I've always been myself. I never hid anything from anyone beause I've got nothing to hide. I told them everything about my life and Nikki Bella: John John Cena: Twelve damn years Nothing to show for it.

WWE is It hurt Nikki to see John pour out his heart this way. He gave it to the fans but they chewed it and spitted it out. John couldn't stand it. She walks out. John was deep in thought. He was recalling all the memories that everyone has said negative about him in WWE.

CM Punk: I hate this idea Because you're not. Seth Rollins: You fail, John. You fail everyday you get up and exist! Dean Ambrose: John Cena is a failure! That's why we don't like you, John. You're not just a superstar, you're a philosophy. That's what we call the "John Cena Problem. To believe into you, John! Carlito: We're tired of you. We're tired of John Cena hogging the spotlight, we're tired of your hats, your t-shirts, your wrists bands.

Edge: I hate you, Cena. I hate your hat, I hate your t-shirts, I hate your wrists bands, I hate your shoes, I hate your music, I hate the Cenation, I hate everything The Rock: I just don't like you! Daniel Bryan: You are a parody of wrestling!

Kane: Embrace The Hate. Brock Lesnar: He couldn't hold my jockstrap in a million years! Daniel Bryan: You're not a wrestler, and you don't deserve it! Brock Lesnar: He thinks he's at the top! Brock Lesnar: You're not gonna get up, John Cena! I don't feel bad for you. Because for the last twelve years More Fans: Fuck You Cena! Then the masked man bashed the pipe on Sheamus's right knee really hard making the irishmen scream in agony and pain. He bashed it over the knee over and over until he heard a crack and a pop noise.

He shattered Sheamus's knee. Broken and bruised, Sheamus moved rapidly and screamed as if he were being burned alive. The man then leaving his mark, took out spray paint and sprayed it on the wall. He then finally left with Sheamus still screaming. As he left the arena, few superstars, divas and crew walked passed him and were curious on who he was. Then they heard the continued screams of Sheamus and went into the lockeroom and saw him lying on the ground still in pain.

They even saw the red spray painted words that dripped like bood and the words said "My Time Will Come Again. The masked man walked back to his car, got in and shut the door. Deep voiced : Is it done? Deep voiced : Like his career. Deep voiced : Good.

Now, let's see how things pan out the coming night. Deep voiced : Sounds good. After the conversation, the man started the car and drove away. Things were gonna change for the worst. The WWE and "he" had no idea what they've done. I want to bring everybody up to speed gentlemen. Last night at Summerslam, we got word that was officially confirmed that Mr. Money In The Bank, Sheamus, was attacked by an unknown assaliant. Sheamus's right knee was broken that night by an object that was taken by the perp and left the arena.

Word now is that Sheamus will be out for a period of time no less than five to seven months. JBL: Terrible shame for Sheamus. Now he goes from that to being out for a long time. The show though must go on. Byron Saxton: Question is, who was it that attacked Sheamus and why? That starts Triple H: Stephanie and I would like to address the horendus events took place during Summerslam last night. WWE superstar Sheamus was brutally attacked by a mere masked coward, right knee broken.

Unfortunate to say the criminal has yet to be capture and reprehanded. Stephanie: And even more unfortunate, we are sad to also say that Sheamus had no choice, and we had no choice, but to for the first time ever, strip a WWE superstar of its prize.

Sheamus has been stripped of the Money In The Bank briefcase. Triple H: We only wish Sheamus, a speedy recovery and to get well soon. But as usual, the show must go on. Which is why this announcement we have, will have heavy implications for next week's show. Triple H: Good luck to the competitors for next week's match. And thank you all for your attention. Dean Ambrose. If Owens wins, he have more momentum going in to next week's Raw in the Battle Royal for the briefcase.

If Ambrose wins, he gets a victory over the U. Champion with a future title shot for the championship and possibly with even more momentum to win the briefcase next week. The crowd were going nuts for this match. The crowd cheered Ambrose while Owens recieved the same reception with a few people jeering at him. Michael Cole: Dean Ambrose now, delivering strikes left and right to Owens. And now Owens looking to take advantage by throwing strikes of his own.

JBL: These two superstars are desperate and I don't blame them one bit. With next week being for the Money In The Bank briefcase, who the hell wouldn't want that opportunity? Byron Saxton: Next week, Sheamus's loss is the fifteen superstar's gain. To have the chance to cash in the briefcase for a World Championsip match. Kevin Owens headbuts Ambrose hard sending Ambrose to the ropes who bounces back and delivers a clothesline to Owens knocking him down.

The fans go wild and Ambrose sets Owens up for Dirty Deeds but Owens pushes him and delivers a hard crossbody laying Ambrose out and then does a flying body splash. Owens doesn't go for the cover for he wants to finish Ambrose off. He stalks Dean and then throws him to the ropes to deliver his Pump Up Powerbomb but Dean somehow reverses it and delivers a Dirty Deeds from mid-air.

Dean pins Owens. Ambrose wasting no time, picked up Owens and wanting to deliver another Dirty Deeds but Owens pokes his finger in Dean's eye, pushes him to the ropes and delivers the Pump Up Powerbomb slamming Dean's head into the mat. Kevin celebrates in victory, raising his championship in the air for the world to see.

He leaves Dean Ambrose in the ring to head to the lockeroom. Dean Ambrose gets up but slowly. The crowd cheer for Ambrose and Owens giving them another great match for the ages. Dean nods his head to the crowd and thanks them for their support. He smiles and says "Next week, I know what I have to do. Before Michael could say anything else, behind the commentators in the crowd was the same masked man that attacked Sheamus and put him out of action.

The masked man stood there for a while, waiting until Dean sees another masked individual coming from the entrance ramp. The second masked man however looked different, little small and skinny but hard to tell who it is due to this second masked person being covered in black. Ambrose was ready though. Ready to fight off this mysterious person. Michael Cole: Guys, wait! That-that's the masked man that took out Sheamus at Summerslam!

JBL: The intruder is here! And now it looks like, well he wants to take out another superstar! He wants some of the Lunatic Fringe! Byron Saxton: But Ambrose ain't gonna run. The masked man doesn't have the chain or pipe he used on Sheamus last night! However, the first masked man jumped from the crowd behind the commentators, jumping on the announce table and got in the ring without Ambrose knowing. But too late, then the masked men started attacking Ambrose brutally and viciously, punching and stomping on him.

Michael Cole: What the-two-two masked men are now attacking Ambrose! JBL: What in the hell? Byron Saxton: Thought there was only one guy! Michael Cole: Two masked men! We know only one attacked Sheamus but here tonight, there's two! The much bulkier masked man took out the steel pipe he used on Sheamus while the average masked man was still beating Ambrose. Then, it got worse. The masked man with the pipe smashed Ambrose's right knee real hard. And like Sheamus, Ambrose's right knee made a popping sound.

Then the man took the pipe one more time and did it again until Dean's knee cracked. This made Ambrose howl in extreme pain. The crowd booed the hell out of them. The boos were deafening. Dean, screaming may have been in anguish but was also pissed off. Son of a bitch! The two then ran out of the ring into the crowd when they saw security run down the ramp along with doctors.

The, I should say these masked assaliants have took apart another superstar in Dean Ambrose. JBL: That's two superstars in two days, Michael. Who knows what else these two are gonna do? But more importantly, was is their agenda? Byron Saxton: And who knows now if even Ambrose will even make next week? And the show is not even over yet! Deep voiced : No doubt he won't make to next week. Deep voiced : Damn right. Deep voiced : What now then? Deep voiced : Hmm I've been seen, now need to get myself heard.

The much stronger man then takes out what looks to be a contract. Deep voiced : And I can't wait to taste it Deep voiced : Let's get the hell outta here. And with that, they made their exit with the intention of going to Smackdown and deliver a message of power.

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