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Welcome to Chain's documentation! feature of Pay, which utilizes Chain as a high performing native blockchain solution. Best of all, you can use crypto payouts with your existing integration and avoid managing crypto yourself: your platform's funds can remain in fiat and Stripe. Avalanche is the first decentralized smart contracts platform built for the scale of global finance, with near-instant transaction finality. Ethereum developers. OSU MICHIGAN BASKETBALL BETTING LINE

Note The state returned from this function cannot be used to get a reproducible random sequence as from the other rand functions, since reproducibility does not match cryptographically safe. The only supported usage is to generate one distinct random sequence from this start state. In fact since random data is cached some numbers may get reproduced if you try, but this is unpredictable. The result should be statistically completely unpredictable random values, since the scrambling is cryptographically strong and the period is ridiculously long.

But the generated numbers are not to be regarded as cryptographically strong since there is no re-keying schedule. If you need to be able to repeat the sequence use this function. Paying in crypto helps you differentiate your platform, reach more users, and pay out faster than fiat. Access to Crypto payouts is currently limited to beta users.

You can activate it by registering your platform , activating your account , and completing the platform profile. Individual recipients: Recipients paid in crypto must be individuals or sole proprietors. Paying companies and non-profits in crypto is not currently supported. Express account type: To pay an individual in crypto, you need to create an Express account for them and give them access to the Express dashboard. This dashboard is where they can link a crypto wallet and choose their preferred currency.

If you have not yet built an integration, you can choose to pay in crypto via a no-code or programmatic integration. Paying out in crypto with Connect Sellers, freelancers, content creators, and service providers around the world are increasingly looking to be paid directly in crypto. Being paid in crypto helps them access international platforms that otherwise could not support them, or because they regularly use crypto and often convert funds from fiat.

With crypto payouts, you can now support these users without writing a single line of code.

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Beta Learn how to enable crypto payouts on your platform.

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Crypto docs If you don't load any providers at all then the "default" provider will be automatically loaded. This will crypto docs load any available configuration file and will initialise OpenSSL for use. However it is often necessary to save or load keys or their associated parameters to or from some external format such as PEM or DER see openssl-glossary 7. In this case an algorithm implementation is implicitly fetched using default search criteria and an algorithm name that is consistent continue reading the context in which it is being crypto docs. A "context" object is first created. Being paid in crypto helps them access international platforms that otherwise could not support them, or because they regularly use crypto and often convert funds from fiat. OpenSSL uses encoders and decoders to perform this task.
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