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uszczelka turbiny 1 8 tddirectinvestinguk

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The synchronisation accuracy recommended for recorded analogue waveforms should be less than 40 microseconds. An example of the fulfilment of the above requirements may be the modular power quality analyzer shown in Fig.

This device may have one or two synchronously operating PQA modules, each of which is configured for the power quality assessment based on four measurements of voltages and currents in each module. The current inputs are fit for overcurrent measurements. The analyzer is equipped with four fibre optic network links in multimode or single-mode standard that can be used to communicate with other systems.

The test report confirmed the metrological properties compliance with Class A for synchronous measurements in both modules. It is worth noting, that the tests were performed in accordance with the aforementioned draft standards [10 and 11], defining the test methodology for this type of equipment. Territorial system of power quality monitoring and assessment The earlier signalled processes associated with the organisational changes, gradual implementation of Smart Grid technology, and electricity supply marketisation will encourage distribution companies to build large-area PQMS systems intended for the analysis of PQA characteristics in accordance with the latest standards and regulations.

An example of this approach can be the system implemented in a territorial branch of a large power company in southern Poland. Its first stage was launched in November and completed in April with the commissioning of a system consisting of a power quality server PQS and 23 analyzers installed at substations. In the fall of the system was extended by installing more devices.

Completion of the system, eventually including 52 devices, was scheduled for April The map in Fig. The system will measure and assess power quality parameters in 62 bays, because the investor decided to deploy several two-channel devices. The object element of the system, the structure of which shows W. SveME-2 power quality analyzer, with two parallel modules for PQA assessment based on measurements of 4 voltages and 4 currents in each module.

Stationary version for all types of measurement bays Fig. The data will be automatically retrieved after the connection is resumed. They perform all the necessary measurements and aggregate them in accordance with the requirements of standards [3, 4].

Voltage and current waveforms are recorded during voltage and current interruptions, dips and swells Events can also be defined and thereby records can be made at overruns of asymmetry, harmonics content, and frequency variation limits, as well as other disturbances. Over corporate, fibre optic Ethernet links the analyzers transmit real time data to the remote PQS server, which collects and analyses it. If, for example, due to a link break, some data can not be transmitted, it is cached In the adopted solution, the Ethernet transmission introduces no restrictions on the transmitted data range and quantity, as opposed to GPRS transmission employed in exceptional cases.

Each analyzer can also transmit online actual values of the monitored power parameters to the control and supervision centre, in a separate transmission channel and in any communications protocol. PQS server in real-time reads data from remote analyzers and performs appropriate aggregations and calculations. The processing layer produces graphs and reports, remotely accessible in web technologies.

Event reports and Fig. Devices installed in measurement bays communicate with PQS server over corporate Ethernet network. The server provides multiple users with reports, trend graphs, events, and measurements online through web browser mechanism 21 W.

Selected data can also be transmitted to a substation system. They could also supplement transformer monitoring systems in evaluating the impact of harmonics on transformer performance. Development directions 5. Transients recording 5. Data transfer At present the communication protocols and data formats used in PQMS are not standardised. Difficult to predict is the future of the PQDIF format that has been adopted only by some manufacturers.

Perhaps PQA devices will have to transmit data in several formats, depending on their purpose and recipient. It should probably be assumed that in connection with the registration function introduction to PQA analyzers, they will be increasingly used in the same way as the classical disturbance recorders. This implies the requirement of availability of records in Comtrade, which is the standard format in this type of application. Multichannel devices Interesting application qualities can gain multichannel devices, synchronously measuring and assessing power quality in a number of measurement channels.

The already available devices of this type enable, for example, by way of synchronous measurements on both transformer sides, clear identification of the nature and source of a disturbance. This allows, for example, identifying the causes of thyristor inverter failures.

Synchrophasor determination Another important extension of the PQA analyzers functionality would consist in implementation of synchrophasor determination. Values so determined could be sent to separate concentrators that analyse power grid stability. Perhaps also PQS servers could perform this function. Some of the available devices could do it already now. Such an approach is also supported by the fact that the synchophasor determining devices in an area must have synchronised measurements.

This type of synchronisation is also required for power quality assessment, especially after the disturbance recording feature implementation. The synchronisation can be implemented by built-in receivers of GPS signal that can be used to synchronise the devices with an accuracy greater than 1 microsecond.

The required synchronisation level can also be accomplished in PTP network protocol. This requires appropriate network infrastructure with switches, routers, and PTP servers, which may increase costs. Transients in three-phase grid, recorded by SveME analyzers. The excess can be seen of V level, lasting 1. In parts 7—4 thereof section 5. They describe how to share the events related to frequency changes and fast transient type disturbances for currents, current unbalance, fast disturbances, and voltage asymmetry.

These nodes aggregate details of disturbance type, start, magnitude, and duration. Conclusions Over the last decade the development and growing importance not only of individual power quality assessment units, but also entire integrated systems has been noted. Currently, these trends are driven by the increasingly wide implementation of Smart Grid technology.

An accredited laboratory should soon be established in Poland that would test and verify Class A device properties. Such an entity would also perform necessary calibrations of concerned measuring instruments, documented by calibration certificates. An increase is noted in functional requirements for power quality analyzers.

Better and better measurement characteristics are now expected, as well as extensive functionalities associated with multidirectional data transfer and recording features. These devices are supposed to combine the features of a high-end measuring instrument and disturbance recorder.

Further increases in the requirements for PQA analyzers should be expected, including the introduction of several synchronous measurement channels, synchrophasor determination capability, and interoperability with substation automation systems on the basis of the PN-EN standard. Stanescu C. Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 4 May on the detailed conditions of the power system operation. Gil W. IEC E , Communication networks and systems for power utility automation, Part 7—4, Basic communication structure.

Compatible logical node classes and data object classes. In Mikronika since , now as chief designer. Deals with substation automation devices engineering. He has managed the development and implementation of a transformer monitoring system, and more recently the development of power quality assessment devices and systems. A founder of Mikronika , currently vice president for engineering. Sets assumptions for, and supervises, the development and applications of SYNDIS control and supervision system software and hardware.

When referring to the article please refer to the original text. Uwarunkowania prawne 2. Na mapie z rys. Kierunki rozwoju 5. Na rys. Bibliografia 1. Liczniki statyczne energii czynnej klas 0. I E C E , Communication networks and systems for power utility automation, part 7—4, Basic communication structure. Glik, D. Rasolomampionona Keywords fault location, HV line, wavelet transform Abstract The article describes the travelling wave fault location algorithm for high voltage lines based on wavelet transform.

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