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Trading using fundamental analysis Every News event reacts differently on every chart. Therefore there is no universal trading strategy to trading the news. You will need to develop your own per news event, per chart. For the sake of completeness it will be shown to you how to find the key news events worth trading and how to also find the news events that are not worth your time. Step 1: Identify a news event you want to analyze Remember that the news event that are high impact or red have the highest probability of moving the market.

Therefore naturally look at any of these news events to analyze. Ignore the orange and yellow news. Step 2: Analyze the feasibility of the news event This is done by analyzing the difference between the historical actual and historical expected price and looking at a specific currency pair change in pips at the time of the news release. It is worth looking at the pip change 5 minutes after the news.

And 15 minutes after the news, because many a times certain news releases retrace back to their original price often enough in order to establish a pattern. NB: Remember news trading is based on developing and understanding patterns within the market when the news numbers released does not match the numbers expected.

Then benefitting from these patterns. Step 3: Trade the news event Once you have decided that a specific news event is worth trading on a specific currency pair, then it is time to trade that news event. There are 2 methods of trading a news event, namely: Pre-entry; and Post-entry. Pre-entry Pre-entry means that you enter the market before the news events actually happens. Usually 5 or 10 minutes before the actual news event.

PROS: If correct, you could potentially gather maximum profits of a move. CONS: Maximum risk exposure, and potential of sudden loss to your trading capital. Makes this method highly unpopular amongst fundamental traders. The more common way of trading forex fundamentals is: Post Entry Post-Entry Post entry refers to entering the market after the news release.

Once the numbers have been understood. This entry usually occurs within 5 minutes of a news release. PROS Once the economic data is available, you will be able to determine if it is worth entering the trade or not. Most major news events can retrace back to their original positions.

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