Final fantasy 7 chocobo betting guide

final fantasy 7 chocobo betting guide

The cost per ticket depends on the rank you are betting on. The cost per C-rank ticket is gil, B-rank is gil, A-rank is gil, and S-rank is gil. A bet is made by choosing a combination of two numbers. Each number represents a chocobo, and the two numbers that you choose are the two chocobos you believe. To place bets on the races, talk to the receptionist in the center of the room. She will then ask you to choose the class you wish to bet on. Keep in mind that. GARTENBAD BETTINGEN SWITZERLAND

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Final fantasy 7 chocobo betting guide arsenal vs everton betting predictions final fantasy 7 chocobo betting guide


If you're interested, talk to the receptionist behind the Bookmaker's desk. Based solely on the raw attributes of the six competitors, your task will be to surmise which two Chocobos will finish first and second and purchase the corresponding tickets. If you win, you can exchange your ticket for either an item or GP. You won't be able to win any items of note until you can bet on Class A and S races, and you won't be able to do that until you own a Class A or S Chocobo yourself. Unless there's fair dinkum working-class Australian blood coursing through your veins, this probably isn't the best way to go about getting the items available here.

Talk to Ester near the door to the Staff Room and she'll register you. All Chocobos start out at Class C. When you win three races in your class, you'll move up to the next class. With the proper preparation, most regular Chocobos should be capable of achieving Class S. In order to use the facilities of the Chocobo Farm, the player should rent out six stables for sixty thousand gil. There are a number of ways to acquire cash in Final Fantasy VII and selling a lot of unused gear should be enough to cover the stables, but the player can earn over a million gil by mastering an All Materia and selling it, which should cover all future costs.

In order to catch a chocobo, the player will need a Chocobo Lure Materia and greens. Chocobo Lure can be leveled up to increase the chances of meeting a chocobo and the player can benefit from two mastered Materia to increase their chances further. The best greens for capturing a chocobo are Reagen Greens and these can be purchased from the Chocobo Sage near the Icicle Inn. Reagen Greens will keep the chocobo occupied for eight turns.

The player will also need to acquire some nuts in order to breed chocobo. The nuts that the player needs are Carob Nuts and Zeio Nuts. Carob Nuts can be stolen from enemies called Vlakorados, which can be found in the grasslands in the Icicle Area, or by purchasing them from the Wonder Square. Zeio Nuts can be only be won by defeating Goblin enemies. Goblins can only be found on Goblin Island, which is one of the small islands in the northeast corner of the world map.

If the player desires a specific gender of chocobo for breeding, they should save the game before speaking to Choco Billy, as the gender isn't determined until this point. It's possible to keep reloading in order to get the required gender. Breeding A Blue, Green, Black Chocobo The stats of the parent chocobo will drastically increase the player's chances of breeding a chocobo of a different color. The process requires the player to breed black chocobo and in order to do that, the player needs a blue and a green chocobo of the opposite gender.

The greens part is easy, so long as the player has plenty of cash, as the player needs to feed the chocobo Sylkis Greens in order to boost their states. Sylkis Greens can be purchased from the Chocobo Sage. All wild chocobo will start as C-class racers. The player needs to enter the chocobo in races by visiting Ester in the Gold Saucer and entering it. It's advised to boost the chocobo's stats by feeding it five-ten Sylkis Greens before entering the race. The quality of the regular yellow chocobo is also a major factor in breeding.

It's possible to know the quality of the chocobo by the location in which it's found and the enemies that surround it. The only quality types that the player needs to concern themselves with are Good, Great, and Wonderful. Good chocobos can be found by the tracks near the Gold Saucer and it will be surrounded by two enemies called Spencers, which look like floating fish.

Wonderful chocobos can be found by the tracks near the Icicle Inn and it will be accompanied by either one or two enemies called Jumping, which looks like a rabbit wielding a carrot like a blade.

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FFVII - How To Win Chocobo Races/Chocobo Racing Guide

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