Sinopec-china petroleum investing businessweek gary

sinopec-china petroleum investing businessweek gary

Critics say Chinese companies enjoy the trading privileges of a market economy -- including access to US stock exchanges -- while receiving. Refining Process and Investment Options for Sulfur Control. China Refinery Capacity and Capacity Aggregation. and transparent corporations before individual and institutional investors alike. How do CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC compare to other oil companies, both. BLAINE BETTINGER BLOG

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Sinopec-china petroleum investing businessweek gary monoprix cannes place gambetta


Reuters reported that Sinopec Group had suspended talks for a major petrochemical investment and a gas marketing venture in Russia, heeding a government call for caution as sanctions mount over the invasion of Ukraine. Sinopec recorded its biggest profit in a decade in on the back of recovering energy demand and oil price increases in the post-COVID era, with net earnings reaching It plans to produce Beijing seeks to ensure energy safety in the country amid intensifying geopolitical risks.

It wants to keep annual crude oil output at million tonnes and crank up natural gas production to more than billion cubic metres bcm by from bcm in Compared with traditional maritime fuel oil, LSFO reduces the sulphur content from 3. All Sinopec subsidiaries have applied and been granted the necessary emission permits before the required deadline, and managed the concentration and total amount their atmosphere pollutants emissions in strict accordance with the permits.

Implemented integrated management of energy conservation and environmental protection, reducing atmosphere pollutants emissions by optimising energy structure, using clean fuels and raw auxiliary materials and adopting clean production technologies and advanced treatment technologies. Installed online environmental monitoring device in accordance with government requirements to ensure real-time monitoring of atmosphere pollutants emissions, strengthened the operation management and maintenance of online monitoring device to ensure reliable results.

Established early warning and alarm mechanisms, and made timely adjustment to the operation of production equipment and management of environmental protection device to ensure compliance with emission standards. Initiated emergency plans under severely polluted weather conditions, and made timely adjustment to production equipment and environmental protection device to ensure compliance.

Adhering to the principle of "reduce, resource and harmless" for solid waste disposal, the Company actively promoted the concept of circular economy, and vigorously promoted the comprehensive utilisation of solid waste. All solid waste of the Company were properly utilised or harmlessly disposed of. Usually at a service station, a small amount of volatile organic compounds VOCs escapes during the unloading process and the refuelling process.

From to date, the Company has completed the fuel vapour recovery upgrades of nearly oil depots and more than 28, service stations. VOCs emissions were effectively controlled due to the sealed unloading and storage processes of fuel products. Amount of non-hazardous solid waste thousand tons Amount of hazardous waste thousand tons. VOCs treatment project for the Baling Petrochemical's newly built cyclohexanone plant. Formulated the Work Plan for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution; organised subsidiaries to carry out environmental protection inspection and appraisal on solid waste pollution prevention and control facilities, as well as special actions for ensuring the proper disposal of construction waste and domestic waste, making sure all production and operations were in compliance with laws and regulations related to solid waste.

Optimised the whole-process environmental supervision system of solid waste, including generation, collection, storage, transfer, transportation, utilisation and disposal. The Company and its subsidiaries carried out campaign to categorise solid waste and implement categorised management, and to develop hazardous waste list, and use the list to ensure categorised collection and storage of hazardous waste depending on their categories.

Continued to promote the reduction of solid waste and implement green procurement and green packaging mechanisms to effectively reduce the amount of solid waste generated and increase the comprehensive utilisation of solid waste. Solid waste generated in the production and operation processes of the Company are managed in four categories in accordance with of relevant laws and regulations: hazardous waste, non-hazardous industrial waste, construction waste, and domestic waste.

The Company attaches great importance to water resources management. Used alternatives to fresh water, optimised water use structure to reduce fresh water use; A number of subsidiaries started using municipal reclaimed water or treated mine water to replace fresh water to reduce fresh water consumption.

Carried out water balance testing and regularly examined water supply pipelines to eliminate leakage; upgraded pipelines of age or with severe leaking to realise water saving potential and reduce water loss due to leakage. Optimised the operation of the water circulation system, using reclaimed water and reused water as replenishment water to reduce the use of fresh water; built condensate recovery systems to increase the reused rate of condensate.

The Company strengthened the prevention and control of water pollution risks, and conducted comprehensive inspection of its discharge of water pollutants in accordance with the requirements of the national pollution prevention and control campaign as well as relevant standards. Cooperated with research institutions, overcame technical bottleneck and developed a high-concentration salt water desalination treatment system and solution to improve sewage reuse rate. Required all subsidiaries to apply for the necessary discharge permits before the required deadline, and control the total amount of water pollutants discharged in accordance with the requirements of the permit.

Installed online environmental monitoring device in accordance with government regulations to ensure real-time monitoring of waste water discharge; optimised the operation management and maintenance of online monitoring device to ensure reliable results. Established early warning and alarm mechanisms, and made timely adjustment to the operation of production equipment and management of environmental protection device to ensure compliance with discharge standards. To promote the sustainable use of land resources, Sinopec subsidiaries formulated detailed land management measures, and conducted swift reclamation and soil restoration after land use strictly in accordance with relevant state regulations.

Implemented retiring and reclamation of idle land from industrial uses. Idle land with no safety and environmental risk was arranged to be retired in accordance with their category. Land located near farmland and eligible for reclamation was returned to the local government after reclamation.

The Company has established a sound ecological protection and restoration supervision mechanism. In , there was no major harmful incident to biodiversity occurred concerning Sinopec Corp. Biodiversity assessment was required before entering any new production area to fully investigates the regional ecological environment.

Regular inspections were carried out to identify potential risks related to the ecological red line and mitigate or eliminate the impact. In , there were 31 ecological monitoring points deployed, and 4, sets of monitoring data were collected at these monitoring points. Sinopec Production [] No.

Independently developed the Sinopec Underground Double-layer Oil Tank technology to solve the corrosion and leakage problems of traditional single-layer oil storage tanks when buried underground; Implemented anti-seepage upgrades in nearly 30, service stations to continuously improve soil and groundwater pollution prevention and control capabilities and prevent fuel tank leakage from the source. We used manual excavation operation in woodland area to reduce the impact of mechanical operations on farmland, vegetation and woodland.

The Company strictly abides by the safety red line in workplace. Key indicators were monitored and analysed to ensure the effective operation of the system regularly. All subsidiaries actively carried out internal audits of the system, and the results were incorporated into their safety performance appraisal to ensure the implementation of safety responsibilities.

Organisation leads, and all employees participate; manage and control risks, and strength the fundamentals. Each level was required to produce a risk list of their own. The Company revised emergency plans for a number of safety risks such as leakage of sulphur-containing natural gas pipelines and frequent occurrence of geological disasters , and released the updated version, Emergency Plan for Production Safety Accidents Edition.

An emergency command platform has been established to effectively improve emergency response capabilities. The Company also carried out emergency drills and conducted assessment afterwards to make the emergency drills more targeted and more effective, so as to further enhance its emergency response capabilities. Released the Safety Management Handbook Integrated security into the safety management system, forming the Sinopec HSSE health, safety, security and environment management system.

Revised relevant management policies regarding safety responsibility, safety behaviour, safety training, risk management and hazards control, operations, and occupational health, etc. Formulated and started implementing the HSSE system implementation measures. Safety management personnel screening for hazards at the Shunbei 5 site. Regarding the safety management regarding contractors, the Company mainly focused on requiring contractors to improve safety skills, enhance safety awareness, and strengthen subcontracting management, so as to encourage contractors to improve safety management and prevent safety accidents.

The Company has formulated the safety management system for hazardous chemicals transportation carriers, required carriers to implement HSSE management, and carried out on-site inspections and carrier inspection to urge carriers to improve safety management. Moreover, the Company continued to study the supply model of hazardous chemicals and worked with carriers and partners to ensure the logistics safety across the whole process. In , the Company enhanced the HSSE management and eligibility management of logistics service providers, encouraging them to develop a sound management system covering quality, safety and environmental protection requirements.

The Company also explored the development and application of information system for hazardous chemicals transportation safety management, and implemented other measures such as emergency watch and monitoring and early warning. In , the Company had no reported accident involving the transportation of hazardous chemicals. Carried out awareness raising campaigns regarding new regulations and standards, researched and formulated the safety management system for the transportation of hazardous chemicals, and strengthened the safety supervision of key control points, such as consignment, transportation, loading and unloading.

Conducted inspections of tankers on the road by dedicated personnel with GPS positioning system to ensure the safety of the transportation process. Organised road transportation emergency response trainings for hazardous chemical carriers, including onsite training on leakage sealing, cargo transferring and hoisting under simulated accident scenarios.

Convened meetings of logistics service providers to specify safety responsibility and brief on typical accidents as cautionary safety education. Required "dedicated tanker vehicles for diesel and gasoline respectively" during transportation, strictly implemented safety management measures for tankers, such as the requirement for tanker lead seals and the ID requirement for tanker drivers. Safety personnel inspecting a tanker vehicle to for leakage hazards of at Feixi Oil Depot.

Customized side-loading container truck ensures reliable transportation of lithium battery separator materials. The Company strengthened the security management of critical information infrastructure and regularly examined its Internet applications to protect the security of its information infrastructure and data. The Company formulated and implemented the Sinopec Overseas Security Management Measures, and regularly optimised its security management and pandemic prevention and control systems focusing on risk assessment and control, risk prevention and protection, emergency response and rescue, and inspection and supervision.

The Company strengthened its medical support and emergency response capabilities, and implemented professional management of pandemic prevention and control and safety emergency response operations overseas. In , the Company focused on pandemic prevention and control and achieved remarkable results, maintaining its overseas security record of "zero death" for 13 consecutive years.

Set up the Sinopec Security Response Centre SSRC to dynamically monitor the Company's network to look for security loopholes, conduct real-time analysis of network attacks, and promptly handle the threats from abnormal network behaviours.

Formulate regulations on the prevention and management of natural disasters, developed relevant emergency plans, and conducted screening of geological disaster hazards. Released two issues of Overseas Security Risk Assessment Report and organised subsidiaries to participate in online overseas security risk assessment.

Conducted 48 training sessions on overseas safety and security precautions in China, covering 1, employees. To better protect the safety of employees of our overseas operations, the Company established the Overseas Pandemic Prevention and Control Steering Group, formulated policies such as the Guidelines on the Prevention and Control of Covid Pandemic for Overseas Organisations and Projects, and the Sinopec's Emergency Plan for Overseas Covid Incidents, purchased and prepared emergency supplies such as pandemic prevention materials, medical supplies and daily supplies, and hired medical experts to provide remote diagnosis and medical consultation.

The Company is committed to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and providing employees with sound workplace health management, complete training and career development mechanisms, and considerate employee caring measures. By providing employees with enabling platforms, opportunities and care, we strive to grow together with our employees to create a better future.

We strictly abide by China's Regulation on Prohibiting the Use of Child Labour and relevant laws and regulations in overseas markets where we operate to prohibit the use of child labour. We respect the employees' right of personal freedom and the right to take leave, and prohibit the use of forced labour. We respect the rights and interests of female employees and ethnic minority employees, and strictly prohibit any form of discrimination, such as due to gender, ethnicity, religion and nationality.

Meanwhile, we abide by the requirements of laws and regulations such as the Labour Law of China and the relevant regulations in where we operate, fully protect employee rights, strictly ensure occupational health and safety, optimise employee career development mechanisms, and comprehensively manage the occupational, physical and mental health of employees, striving to grow together with our employees. It also strictly implements the policies regarding female employees' pregnancy and maternity leaves, nursing breaks, and regular physical examinations.

The Company actively encourage female employees to participate in the management of the enterprise and advance to management positions. As of the end of , the Company had a total of , employees, among which All employees were registered as members of the Labour Union. In , the Company had no incident of child labour and forced labour. Regarding recruitment and hiring, the Company signs written labour contracts with employees, which stipulates the conditions, remuneration, working hours, vacation and other rights.

The Company has formulated labour contract management policies to regulate the signing, execution, change, cancelation and termination of labour contracts with employees in accordance with the law, to protect the labour contracts and employees' rights and interests. The Company continuously attaches importance to improving working environment, and prohibits any form of compulsory labour, such as by taking workers' ID or money as security, or putting workers under surveillance and threats.

The Company has optimised the remuneration system following a dual incentive system of both salary and non-salary incentives, and established a multi-dimensional motivated system based on position, capability and performance, which consists of basic salary, performance bonus, and mid- and long-term incentives. The Company provides employees with proper social insurance with a multi-pillar and multi-layer insurance and support system including both social security insurance and corporate pensions.

The Company ensures the employees' right to maintain regular working hours and take proper leaves and vacations, and provides employees with regular physical examinations, paid vacations and rehabilitation to help employees maintain work-life balance.

To ensure full compliance and transparency, the Company has also established a transparent information disclosure mechanism regarding issues that the employees were concerned about, such as performance and promotion appraisals, disclosing information and gathering employee feedbacks. The Company advocated for the comprehensive management of employee health, and actively promoted the integrated management of occupational health, physical health, and mental health of employees based on the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases.

The Company focuses on the control of occupational disease hazards and systematically assesses the relevant health risks to identify workplace and personnel at higher risks, then adopts targeted control measures accordingly to protect employee health. The Company provided health education and training for all employees to raise their awareness of occupational disease prevention, workplace safety protection, healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, and mental health, and encouraged them to better manage thier health.

In , the Company organised a series of. The Company strengthened the management and control of occupational harmful factors and formulated a list of hazardous factors for inspection and monitoring at workplace, including poisonous matters, 20 types of dust, noise, and radiation, etc. More than 3, technical management personnel at all levels participated in a total of eight of such training sessions.

Studied noise control and the management of noise risks, and organised the research work on relevant prevention and control guidelines. Aiming at "cultivating a talent team that supports the new industrial structure", the Company has deepened the reform of its talent development system and mechanism, focused on improving employee capabilities, and optimised the career path designs for employees to grow together with our employees. The Company carried out a variety of training activities for different employees which supplied a central platform to help employees improve professional skills.

Vigorously carried out trainings for management staff at all levels, and developed an 8-level training programme covering new recruits, young leadership pilot programme candidates, young and middle-aged management staff, establishing a progressive training system from new recruits to management positions.

Focused on the development of a skilled talent team with knowledge, skills and innovation capabilities following the strategy of "encouraging regular skilled talent to grow, enabling advanced skilled talent to expand their skill set, and promoting top skilled talent to become masters". The Company also took advantage of its online training capabilities and developed a variety of quality online training resources for employees through online learning, on-the-job training, community learning and other methods.

In , the total participation of employee training of the Company reached 1,, person-times, totalling 27,, hours. Organised customised trainings for "leadership, professional, and reserve" international talent, and made efforts to develop a multi-level and multi-discipline training matrix for international talent, including capacity enhancement training for overseas project managers and training for international business professionals.

In , the Company organised three EAP trainings for safety management and overseas personnel to enhance the management of safety and overseas operations. We also carried out a group-wide survey on our internal employee aid programme.

The survey shows that we have provided aid to , employees, totalling RMB million including in-kind donations. The Company advocates the concept of "working happily and living healthily" and regularly organises a rich variety of cultural and sports activities to promote the physical and mental health of employees. Employee volunteers visited the parents of a colleague that could not return home for Chinese New Year celebration.

RMB million of employee support fund. Adhering to the concept of "paying back to the local communities and contributing to local economy", the Company actively promotes localised and market-oriented operations, strives to create job opportunities, promote local economic development, and contribute to poverty alleviation and public welfare undertakings, aiming at growing together with communities to achieve coordinated economic, environmental, and social development.

During the material procurement process, we give priorities to raw materials, products and services that are conducive to resource conservation and have the least impact on the environment by taking full consideration of related factors, including environmental protection, resource conservation, safety and health, circular and low-carbon, and recycle and reuse.

Health, safety and environmental management factors have been given greater weight in on-site inspection criteria. The Company attaches great importance to supplier compliance management and requires all suppliers to sign a Business Integrity Commitment document. Violator of the commitment will be disciplined by cancellation of the transaction involved and a three-year suspension of its supplier eligibility. Suppliers with suspicious bidding behaviours such as bid rigging and collusion will be given a risk warning, as well as suppliers of major engineering projects with quality or on-time delivery risks.

In , the Company issued "Reminder Letter" to suppliers and applied disciplinary actions to 41 suppliers that had breached the contract. All eligible bidders must have the necessary occupational health and safety, environmental and quality management systems to meet the criteria. Adhering to the concept of "serving communities and contributing to the prosperity of local economy" where it operates, Sinopec Corp.

When conducting business overseas, we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, respect and protect human rights, adhere to safe and compliant operations, support localised hiring and procurement, and actively manage the environmental impact of our operations. We help ensure energy supply, protect the environment, and support public welfare undertakings, establish good neighbourly relationship with both local governments and communities, and work together with them to form a partnership for promoting the comprehensive development of the local communities.

We actively promoted the "Cultural Integration Programme", respecting local customs and cultural heritage, and we organised a variety of communication, cultural, sports and other team building activities to promote cross-cultural integration among employees. Employee volunteers of the UDM project in Russia visiting a local orphanage. The Company regards product quality as its "lifeline" and strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations, including the Product Quality Law of China, the Measurement Law of China and the Standardisation Law of China.

The Company established the Sinopec Corp. Customer Service Hotline , 0 to provide hour coordinated handling of customer service of all business units. In , we innovatively launched the "one-touch refuelling service", which allows service station customers to have "contactless" refuelling service without leaving their vehicles by using mobile App. The mobile App also offers other functions to drivers such as recharging, purchasing, online invoicing, and navigation. Scored 4. The Company continuously improved its customer service by listening to feedback and suggestions from customers and consumers, conducting customer satisfaction surveys and analysing customer complaints.

To do so, the Company standardised its management process of customer complaints, including the principles, procedures, and precautions regarding the handling of customer complaints. The Company adhered to the principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, and necessity to protect customer information. It required full disclosure of the purpose and method for the collection and use of customers' personal information, and ensures that they are accessed only when necessary.

In , there was no incident of major breach of customer privacy in the Company. The Company also commissioned a third-party to carry out a special customer satisfaction survey for homopolypropylene and polyester products.

Survey results indicated that the two products of the Company outperformed industry peers in overall customer satisfaction, product quality, and product technical services. Scored 88 out of , with no year-one-year change. The Sinopec Lifeline Express hereinafter referred to as "Lifeline Express" is a mobile ophthalmic railway hospital specialised in charitable medical services. The Lifeline Express is equipped with modern ophthalmic medical equipment and has four carriages, including a generator car, a camping car, an operation car, and a ward car.

By providing free surgery to low-income cataract patients, the programme has brought hope to more than 46, patients and their families from 39 regions of 18 provinces and municipalities. We fully leveraged our network advantages to actively promote the programme. Sinopec volunteers spent their holidays to help local medical workers to conduct household screening in local communities.

A total of 1, cataract patients were cured through the Lifeline Express during the year. In , Sinopec offered help with its extensive coverage of service stations by building resting centres, i. Truck drivers could receive core services, such as secured parking space, self-serviced water supply, eating, showering and laundry services, and areas for resting, at these Drivers' Homes. Some of them also offered additional services, including vehicle maintenance, road rescue, fuel theft insurance, tips and education, access to information services, vehicle registration services, legal aid, and mobile phone charging, etc.

In Guangdong Province alone, we have built 99 Drivers'. We plan to build another 3, Drivers' Homes in the next two years. Since , we have been launching the Warm Station, Going Home with Love programme at our service stations to help home bound migrant workers before the Chinese New Year for eight consecutive years.

In January , we worked together with 30 partner organisations in Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan and Jiangxi to offer free refuelling service, short-term accident insurance protection and other travel supplies to homebound migrant workers at our service stations. During the Chinese New Year holidays, we had served over 40 million migrant workers cumulatively. By , the Sanitation Workers' Station Programme reached a coverage of 1, gas stations and service stations nationwide.

GHGs emission million tonnes CO 2 - equivalent. Consumption of comprehensive energy per RMB10, of production value tonne of standard coal. Employees below 30 years of age Employees between 31 and 50 years of age. Employees over 51 years of age Employees newly hired during reporting period. Number of suppliers qualified by the environmental management system ISO Number of suppliers qualified by the occupational health and safety management system ISO The selected key data in the Company's Sustainability Report that is covered by this report is as follows:.

Our assurance was with respect to the year ended 31 December information only and we have not performed any procedures with respect to earlier periods or any other elements included in the Sustainability Report. The criteria used by the Company to prepare the selected key data in the Sustainability Report is set out in the basis of reporting of the key data the "basis of reporting" after this assurance report. The Board of Directors of the Company is responsible for the preparation of the selected key data in the Sustainability Report in accordance with the basis of reporting.

This responsibility includes designing, implementing and maintaining internal control relevant to the preparation of the selected key data in the Sustainability Report that is free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. It is our responsibility to express a conclusion on the selected key data in the Sustainability Report based on our work. This standard requires that we plan and perform our work to form the conclusion.

The procedures performed in a limited assurance engagement vary in nature and timing from, and are less in extent than for a reasonable assurance engagement. Consequently the level of assurance in a limited assurance engagement is substantially lower than the assurance that would have been obtained had a reasonable assurance engagement been performed.

Accordingly, we do not express a reasonable assurance opinion about whether the Company's selected key data in the Sustainability Report has been prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with the basis of reporting. Our work involves assessing the risks of material misstatement of the selected key data in the Sustainability Report whether due to fraud or error, and responding to the assessed risks. The extent of procedures selected depends on our judgment and assessment of the engagement risk.

We have not conducted work in other subsidiaries. Based on the procedures performed and evidence obtained, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the selected key data in the Sustainability Report is not prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with the basis of reporting. Our report has been prepared for and only for the board of directors of the Company and for no other purpose. We do not assume responsibility towards or accept liability to any other person for the content of this report.

GHGs emission million tonnes of CO 2 -equivalent :. A General Grade A accident means an accident in which some person died. Direct Scope 1 and energy indirect Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions in tonnes and, where appropriate, intensity e. Total hazardous waste produced in tonnes and, where appropriate, intensity e.

Total non-hazardous waste produced in tonnes and, where appropriate, intensity e. Description of how hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are handled, and a description of reduction target s set and steps taken to achieve them. Water consumption in total and intensity e.

General Disclosure: Policies on improving employees' knowledge and skills for discharging duties at work. Description of training activities. Total workforce by gender, employment type for example, full- or part- time , age group and geographical region. Number and rate of work-related fatalities occurred in each of the past three years including the reporting year.

Description of occupational health and safety measures adopted, and how they are implemented and monitored. The percentage of employees trained by gender and employee category e. The average training hours completed per employee by gender and employee category. General Disclosure: Policies on managing environmental and social risks of the supply chain.

Description of practices relating to engaging suppliers, number of suppliers where the practices are being implemented, and how they are implemented and monitored. Description of practices used to identify environmental and social risks along the supply chain, and how they are implemented and monitored.

Description of practices used to promote environmentally preferable products and services when selecting suppliers, and how they are implemented and monitored. Percentage of total products sold or shipped subject to recalls for safety and health reasons. Number of products and service related complaints received and how they are dealt with.

Description of practices relating to observing and protecting intellectual property rights. Description of consumer data protection and privacy policies, and how they are implemented and monitored. Number of concluded legal cases regarding corrupt practices brought against the issuer or its employees during the reporting period and the outcomes of the cases. Description of preventive measures and whistle-blowing procedures, and how they are implemented and monitored.

General Disclosure: Policies on community engagement to understand the needs of the communities where the issuer operates and to ensure its activities take into consideration the communities' interests. Focus areas of contribution e. Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and. Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;. Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.

Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery. Governance : Disclose the organisation's governance around climate-related issues and opportunities. Metrics and Targets : Disclose the metrics and targets used to assess and manage relevant climate-related risks and opportunities where such information is material.

Criterion 1: Key aspects of the Company's advanced level sustainability strategy in line with Global Compact principles. Criterion 2: Effective decision-making processes and systems of governance for corporate sustainability. Criterion 4: Actions taken in support of broader UN goals and issue Criterion 5: Robust commitments, strategies or policies in the area of human rights.

Criterion 6: Effective management systems to integrate the human rights principle. Criterion 7: Effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms of human rights integration Criterion 8: Key outcomes of the human rights integration Criterion 9: Robust commitments, strategies or policies in the area of Labour Criterion Effective management systems to integrate the Labour principle.

Criterion Effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms of the labour principle integration. Criterion Robust commitments, strategies or policies in the area of environmental stewardship. Criterion Effective management systems to integrate the environmental principle. Criterion Effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for environmental stewardship.

Criterion Robust commitments, strategies or policies in the area of anti-corruption. Criterion Effective management systems to integrate the anti-corruption principle. Criterion Effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for the integration of anti-corruption. Criterion The COP incorporates high standards of transparency and disclosure.

Thank you for reading this report. Your opinions and suggestions are important to us and can help us improve the preparation of future reports. Please help us by completing the following Feedback Form and sending it to the following address:.

This report responds to and discloses information about the concerns of stakeholders. The information, indicators and data disclosed in this report are clear, accurate and complete. This report is easy to read, i. What other information do you think that should be included in this report? What are your suggestions that how we can better prepare our sustainable development progress report in the future? Show password.

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