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state cinema hobart session times forex

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It's simple, useful and professional. I can't say enough about how remarkable this master course truly is. Without these wonderful instructional DVD's we never would have been able to finish our first productions, Highway Hunters, highwayhunters. Thanks Hollywood Camera Work!

I truly learned a lot from the free info you provided. And, in using these techniques, I've shot some pretty amazing video on a simple hand-held camcorder. Now, after purchasing and watching the entire DVD collection, viewing movies and teaching film studies has become a whole new experience for myself and my students.

Per, you really did your homework. Every shot imaginable is on those DVDs, and they're well worth the price. Of course, I made the mistake of letting my daughter watch them, and now SHE "owns" them. She is studying to be a film director at Arizona State University, and these DVDs have catapulted her years ahead of her peers. I'll never see those DVDs again Again, thank you for producing such a high-quality product and let me know when your next installment hits the market. You've made me a customer for life.

If anyone would like to email me about recommending The Master Course, you have my permission to include my email address. I've only been through the first disc and it has endless amounts of information to study, just the FIRST disc! I was amazed at how camera movements and placement of the camera can create emotion! I was in awe through the whole thing! Every sentence is filled with experience and so much knowledge.

I feel I have learnt a new way to analyze movies to. Even though I knew it before it becomes even clearer new; everything is planned in a movie. A slight camera move is there to express something specific. I have reviewed the entire series no less than three times since.

The lessons were logical and well taught with VERY practical examples. No fluff. I would recommend this to any director, writer, or producer. We just started our production company last year and I can say that, with the density and clarity of the information presented in the DVD set, HCW was our most important reference.

Furthermore, everyone in production, not just directors, should watch the entire set. Leaqo, Creative Director, Praxi, Inc. Furthermore, if you let it seep into your faculties, it can help you to devise and organize shot selection and meditate on the edited product even before you shoot.

One can never be certain of what these things are. For the most part the majority of "how-to" references rarely do little more than re-cycle what is already out there. However, like the classic "Grammar of the Film Language," this master course is simply outstanding. It communicates in the very medium for which it is intended. If the goal is to transfer knowledge, there is no question it succeeds.

The only issue is that you have to curb your excitement and walk instead of run through it. As far as value, it is certainly worth every penny I paid. It is and will continue to be a valuable reference. And that is something I cannot say about most of the "stuff" I've purchased in this subject area. It's definitely worth the money and I highly recommend it. I'm sure everyone will find this excellent training tool to be useful to them.

I've shot video for years, yet the way you present the material makes it come alive and make sense. It is the kind of course I know I will return to. You are making a great difference in how visual stories will be told. Knowing the tools and how they affect our perception are crucial to telling an effective visual story. And, of course, the corollary is that something similar should be done for sound design and scoring.

Once again, thank you, and keep up the great work. And I've never heard anyone mention that cropping below the knees makes it look like the character is standing in something before but it's so right! Will avoid in future. Can't wait to watch the rest! Thanks again! You can check out our work at www. Your Hollywood Camera work is a really great piece and our animation guys studied it a lot. Thank you for your hard work to create such a useful learning material! It was more than helpful, simply solved all of my blocking problems, and gave me more confidence.

The course is full of secrets that no one can find or know except after many years of experience. Thank you for your great effort. Whenever I start it, I learn something or get a great idea. It's massive, yet structured and clear. And simply inspiring. I like how utilized the 3D "actors" so that they were there to support the concepts of the material, not an animation project in their own right.

I like the small touches of how some of them would be "grayed out" when they played a smaller supporting role in the scene. I found the disks I've watched so far to be clear, concise and informative. The DVD's don't contain a lot of extraneous fluff. So I found myself engaged and learning. I did learn things that I could only imagine to learn.

It is so well represented in 3D, so clear to understand every scene, shot, angle, etc. I wish for you in the future to do a Hollywood Camera Work "Lighting" course. Lighting in all kind of situations, indoor, outdoor, day, night, bouncing, different appertures, the correct film for this type of set light, etc.

I can imaging this represented so well in 3D like the one you did. It's truly amazing. For example, the chapter on different focal length lens helped me understand, although I knew about focal lengths in photography since my dad was a pro and taught me a lot of that kind of stuff, how differently a scene can come across based on the impact you're trying to create. Finally I realize how little I know about this whole area and how much more I need to know.

I feel like the DVDs give me an insight into film making that I could only get at the side of a real Hollywood Cinematographer or Director. Thanks for all the work you put into them and good luck in the future!!! Just one section from one DVD is abundant with info. The use of 3D actors is a creative way of teaching.

The user really gets an unbiased feel for each shot because of the lifeless 3D actors. I would highly recommend this DVD set to anyone from amateur to professional. I love it, and it has taught me so much regarding the degrees rule, and also staging techniques. Once again thank you very very much. It adds another dimension to your directing skills. No one ever taught me about blocking and staging this well.

Thank you for the great course! A powerful tool. The child found a piece of white chalk and used it on a street, to show the thoughts to everyone else. One day, there were was a stranger looking down at the drawings on the streets and he said, "Why don't you use coloured chalk?

The child answered "I don't have any". Everybody who drove by since then, was embarrassed that the drawings on the street where so good. The child found a "treasure", how to make colour to the picture. I've been studying your dvds and i am learning a great deal. I come from directing in the theatre where we must learn to evoke dynamics and focus by virtue of composition, architecture, levels, stage props, lighting, traffic patterns, actor placement, etc. What I'm learning from your course is that the camera is actually a silent actor that can elicit emotional dynamic by virtue of placement and movement.

You've provided me with all the tools to effectively use this silent actor. Now, it's a matter of me learning to use it judiciously! One slight complaint: I think your narrator, although well-spoken, speaks a little too fast. There is such a wealth of information couched in each sentence, I could have used a lslower delivery. It would be good to have the text to complement the dvds.

Kudos on a wonderful project! I have spent thousands of dollars on books, courses, and training DVDs on all aspects film making, but blocking and staging was something that there is very little real information on. I have taken courses at a prestigious film school on the east coast and was going to take another DP class with a noted filmmaker. When I saw the sample lessons on line, my jaw dropped as I knew this was what I had been looking for.

I didn't take the DP class because of your lessons. In all honesty, I know I couldn't have learned near as much in the DP class. This is an accumulated lifetime of knowledge of an extremely talented individual condensed into a few plastic disks.

How much is that worth? Unlike a class, its all there for you to study over and over, and you will need too. This is as concise as you can condense knowledge without losing anything. You should know it will take alot of time to digest all of these lessons, this isn't something you casually watch and absorb. Without exaggerating, when I first watched these lessons, I had moment after moment of film satori. I knew this was it, the holy grail I had been looking for.

Now it is up to me to really learn it. I know you will never find anything like this in any film school, it's just too huge a body of knowledge to pass on in any half dozen classes. I thank you, because of you and these courses, I know that anyone who is willing to study can bring their game up to a level they never could have achieved without a lifetime of hard won personal experience working fulltime in the film industry.

I didn't know there was so much to know! I can't find another course this complete and a bang for your bucks! Courses with a live trainer can never go into this much detail, and they usually cost 5 times more! I also love the fact that I can rewind, revisit, fastforward, skip things at my will and pace, any time that I'm ready! The instructions and explanations are the epitome of clarity, straightforwardness, easy to understand yet deep and insightful!

The 3d animations only add to this. No fancy unnecessary distracting graphics, bells and whistles. No BS! Big thanks to the hollywoodcameraworks team for putting this together, it has added a lot of value to my films! I saw the samples he had on his website and I ordered the DVDs.

I was very pleased with what I saw! Every DVD have 3D examples and explains very well each camera movement also has short 3D films as examples. Now I understand much better how camera should work in certain situations. I would recommend Hollywood Camera Work suite to anyone who is new in filmmaking and I guess it is useful for who has already some experience too.

Thank you Per for your hard work in putting all these together! The workshop teached me to do my work much better and took me on a new level of acting. If you're looking for a true learning experience with camera techniques, then buying the DVD's is well worth the money. Thanks Per for creating such a great tool, I look forward to any new products you create. A perfect compendium of tried and true techniques.

Truly a must have for any director who wants to know more about getting good coverage. It is all too often a subject overlooked by 3D artists who are too overly obsessed with creating eye candy, that they neglect the strategic importance of thoroughly planned camera work. After watching through all the "Hollywood Camera Work" instructional DVD's a couple of times , I now know I will not succumb to this pitfall, as my scenes now ebb and flow with the continuity that you'd expect from the big boys Kudos to Per!

I have a whole library of all the books and workshops, etc. I am an amateur film enthusiast who has always been interested in trying to make a movie. However, I was becoming more and more frustrated after reading all the books and being overwhelmed in trying to visualize what it all meant with the diagrams and pictures.

Now actually being able to see how all the shots and set ups look in 3D is tremendous. I congratulate you on this and am thankful for the knowledge. It's a great pool of knowledge for filmmakers of any kind. The complex material is explained in a practical and catchy way. Extremely recommendable. It also highlights and resolves issues that may arise in production. Great product, value far exceeds price paid. If you're only going to buy one work on the subject, make it this one. From the first disc on you will find practical instruction that is a mile a minute.

There was so much information that I found myself pausing it often just to let my mind catch up. Highly recommended! What surprised me about the course is that it is as much about editing as it is for shooting, so that you always get the maximum amount of coverage for post. This is the technique course I should have had in school. The course is well structured, thorough, practical and greatly instructive. The voice is clear and to the point and matches perfectly with the 3D examples, which are extremely illustrative.

I recommend this course to all wannabe filmmakers who cannot afford to spend their time and money in a live course. Once you have watched though the 6 DVDs of the Master Course, the experience of watching a feature film will never be the same. Per Holmes has provided an extremely valuable learning resource that will remain the cornerstone for film staging and blocking technique for years to come.

Thank you very much! I have been producing videos for several years now and was ready to take our work to the next level. This course was exactly what I needed. It developed my awareness of many issues to a much higher level. Our production values have increased dramatically and several compliments have come in regarding the overall "flow and feel" of our work.

I have to thank your course for that. So far I am as impressed with this course as I was with the original. Thank you again for taking the time to develop such an incredible and in-depth course. Whether in pre-production or "on set", using the palette of information contained in this series has allowed me to make better "on-the-fly" decisions. Hollywood Camera Work has reduced my need to experiment and when it comes to the subject matter, these DVDs get straight-to-the-point.

The Master Course In High-End Blocking And Staging contains so much "how-to" information you'll want a personal copy as a reference for your own library. Whether you've attended the most expensive film schools in the world, worked in the film, video, 3D animation or gaming industry for years, you will still find this series extremely valuable as part of your toolset.

There is so much detail in this series it's likely you will never be able to use all the potential blocking scenarios provided in this program. It's simply the best instructional DVD series I have seen on the subject. For my company it's become required viewing for anyone involved in the pre-production process of our films. Everyone who is serious about learning to direct, or to direct photography needs to own this series and have watched it several times. The videos are well laid out and each segment is narrated in such simple and clear terms that you will grasp so much information the first time you watch.

I have yet to watch them a second time, and I'm sure I will learn more but the fact you can retain so much information the first time watching is a welcome value. Its hard to attribute any direct credits because after you absorb the information you just seem to be able to apply it and also see the techniques in use, whether you are watching a movie or a commercial.

I wish more video training was done as clearly, with as much competence and cadence that these videos had. Now I'm here in my the Philippines doing my first full length movie. I would recommend your program to anyone who would like to become a filmmaker, director, producer cinematographer. I found your program to be very easy to understand and be very effective teaching tool. I would recommend this program to be used in all film schools. With this course you get hands on actors to work with and an explanation of their relationships to scene blocking, camera movement and production setups This course should be mandatory for anyone attending film school or a college communication program.

The hollywood camera course is not for the twenty four hour wanna be. It's for those who seriously want to bring their talents to screen and master the technique of visual setup. The course bears repeated viewing because once you've got the hang of the basics, there's an awful lot of depth to keep coming back to. It is the best DVD training course I've ever used. Not big Hollywood productions but just anything, and whenever I could. Eventually felt that I had a good sense of where the camera should be but never felt totally comfortable in that area even with years of practice.

Camera work suddenly made much more sense in my head. The rest of the DVD set just kept giving me more and more valuable information. Thanks for making such a great teaching tool. Really is multiple life-times of knowledge in a few DVD's - great stuff. I just handed my breakdown to my DP and Producer; who had never seen one so clean and precise! I'm now treated like a pro - now I have to prove it!

It's full of insight and is well structured. A great resource for working directors and cinematographers. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy viewing your courses. I have been in the business for twenty years and I have learned more about shot composition in a couple of hours of watching "Camera Work" than I have in all those twenty years of being on set.

So much of what I do every day in getting a shot is based on coverage that is based partly on time and budget restraints, location considerations and on what is considered the "safe" or "staple" shots. I have really learned to look at other ways to convey the information of a scene differently since watching "Camera Moves". After viewing the entire Disk Set a couple of times, I've added a ton of new tricks and techniques to my arsenal that I didn't even know were possible.

It's The Real-Deal-Holyfield!!! I highly recommend. But WOW - I was blown away by the power of camera technique demonstrated from these tutorials. And mind you, although these scenes are in three-dimensional space, they contain NO dialogue, NO music, NO real actors - just 3D models.

But even under this most intentionally neutral environment - by watching the edits cut from one well planned camera to another well planned camera - I found myself literally drawn into scenes only by the shear power of camera technique and it's subsequent edit. It was unbelievable! Well worth the investment! It has given me an in-depth understanding of visual language, staging and blocking.

The course has truly empowered me and have allowed me to tap into techniques that are helping me to become a much better filmmaker. In my opinion Per holmes is a genius. The training is excellent and very detailed. If you are looking to learn everything about camera and blocking, this is the resource to have. It's a valuable resource for anyone who wants to truly master camera work or be a DP. Essential for anyone who wants to direct fiction!

I just wanted to say what a revelation this series is. As a student and lover of films I have to say without a doubt that the master course in high end blocking and staging has raised my knowledge and ability to a much higher level. As I progress further through the series I can literally see my skill sets advance on every shoot, and I know I am progressing toward true mastery.

Martinez "University in a box set. I love it because I've been an editor for more than a decade so I love it Practical and inspiring, every film maker should have this. Either way, you're good! I have been in film school for couple years but have never encountered such direct and comprehensive camera work study that breaks down all the camera angles and gives you a bird's eye view of the entire filmmaking operation.

It ties together many crucial elements for the Director and the Dp. Most importantly a rare found jewel to keep for reference and education that will never grow old. I recommend it to all serious filmmakers. This is years' worth of learning in a box for the cost of a weekend seminar.

And what's amazing is how you can tie nearly every shot back to a lesson in the course. It has it all. Armed with this knowledge, your shoots will go more quickly and the results will be far superior to what might have been 'figured out' while on set without it. It still comes down to the artists involved, but this course helps you remove much of the camera positioning and blocking from the endless list of 'what ifs' that go on.

Thanks for the great course, looking forward to the next one. As a multimedia-designer, I don't have access to a set, a half-dozen cameras, a dozen actors and spare days to learn, but I do need to know this stuff to brief my suppliers and budget the shoot, whether it's real or CGI.

With these DVDs I can 'direct' from the comfort of my armchair, plot the camera angles, judge the effects of different lenses, block the scene and watch the 'actors' move, and see the final effect on screen just as I could by actually looking through an eyepiece and exposing film. You learn so much, and at your own pace!

They did a review of the DVDs and I knew right away that I was looking for just this type of instruction. I look for training that gets me right to the point and shows me how to get things done. I don't have a lot of time to spend on my video projects for work, so when I can pull up a topic from your training and see how to set up and shoot a scene, I am glad I spent the time and money to purchase your work.

They help me take my projects and add a touch of professionalism that I was lacking before studying your DVDs. Thanks a million! He has created a high voltage, radically unique Master Course without equal. It is stunningly insightful, imaginative and powerful. If you are seeking camera work wizardry, then watch this unparalleled creation, learn its lessons and enthrall your audience.

Now I realize how important the position and movments of the camera are. This set is more than worth the price. These DVDs explain systematically every possible aspect of this complex topic in a way I have never seen it before.

Things get automatically structured in your thoughts and while watching the DVDs you will think of new ways how to shoot your next production. It is a really great learning resource which inspired my work a lot. It appears that very little is left out of the discussion.

The pace is rapid, but with a DVD you can review the material at your own pace. The unique idea of using simplified 3D models staged in a basic background makes the training accessible, easy to understand, and retain. You can see clearly how certain shots will give emotional effects despite the complete lack of acting on the part of the 3D figures.

I have gained a tremendous knowledge of cinema techniques just in the first volume alone, and there are five more beyond that! Now, when I'm viewing movies, I am seeing exactly why a shot is made a certain way, and I am able to transfer these ideas to my own work. I really feel like I know what I'm doing now. Several hours of classes to hear and watch. The content is so comprehensive that it has become my reference course. For all directors wishing to improve their direction in a creative way: Master Course in High-End Blocking and Staging.

Thank you for this wonderful treasure. I've just bought the DVD course. I'm a university student at Middlesex University in the UK and I had to argue myself into justifying the expenditure. It was worth every penny I spent. They are mindblowing.

I DP for Bollywood films where a language barrier can be an expensive time-consuming factor on set. Communication is bridged using the easy to learn shorthand system for blocking scenes, which is now a permanent constant in my shot planning. It naturally allows for the consolidation of shots giving sequences an organic flow with increased visual interest and life. Additionally, I can train a crew much faster with this intuitive visual system. A tremendous tool for Pro and Novice alike. Great idea generator as well.

I read most of the standard books on the subject that were recommended, which helped for some areas. Ultimately, however, a book is a static medium, and cinematography is the study of moving pictures. This proved frustrating as I always felt like there was some significant link missing between the standard list of shot types and the sweeping feel of high end motion pictures. The Master Course DVD set is exactly what I was trying to find -- it is the most directed learning in the subject that I have experienced.

I lost count of the number of times that I had a moment of sudden clarity while watching the segments. Instructional videos rarely make full use of their medium, but this set is an exception. If you already understand the usual shot types that are repeated in every beginner course, and want to learn to think in the interlocking patterns of high end cinematography, then these truly are the DVDs that you are looking for.

Can't wait for the 'Visual Effects for Directors' set. After buying anything and everything on the subject I watched the samples on-line and finally took the plunge and purchased The Master Class course. Ten minutes in I had to change my storyboards and came up with bigger and better scenes as the course showed many new methods I had not even thought about.

Impressed with the responses to emails, impressed with the customer service and totally impressed with the product. Watching this set before you put pen to paper or even attempt to storyboard is highly recommended and opens up a whole new world. Anyone who wants to hear me sing its praises more than I have is welcome to ask Hollywood Camera Work for my email address.

I am just looking forward to the release of Visual Effects for Directors that's even if I don't really need it. They changed my performance from an amateur to a professional. Whenever someone appreciates my work I thank each and everyone who contributed their time, effort and energy in developing these DVDs. Basics to advanced topics are clearly explained and easy to understand through use of animated previsualization style examples.

I have been doing camerawork and cinematography for over fifteen years and have never come across any resource like this. Your course is focused, direct, and extremely applicable in almost any type of production. The information and skills taught are the perfect balance of theory and practice.

I teach it to both my film and animation students and it is relevant to both disciplines. A vital tool for first time filmmakers and an excellent addition for directors looking to develop advanced blocking and staging techniques. The amount of work that went into developing this DVD set is a gift to the student of filmmaking and a necessary tool for all filmmakers. I recently directed Behind Enemy Lines 2, and I would fall asleep at night watching your videos so that I would dream about the techniques!

Great stuff!! Nothing I've seen even comes close to the amount of information you get on blocking and camera work, all presented in an easy to follow format, which gives you a great sense for how to manage a set in order to achieve the best results. I know I will keep referencing what I've learned from it when fleshing out scenes for my work.

I wish they had been this thorough in film school. I am calling my old directing and cinematography instructors and telling them they need to check it out! I can't wait for the visual effects course to be released. I found their innovative approach both refreshing and unique. I definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in film. It has thought me exactly what I needed to know when it comes to Blocking and Staging in film productions.

I don't know how else I would have found out about these Hollywood tricks and have the know how. The level to which the techniques learned in the Master Course has streamlined all of my shoots is short of a miracle, allowing me to add more complicated shots, giving my editors more choices in the final cut.

Hollywood Camera Work taught me more about blocking, framing and camera movement in a few hours than NYU taught me in three years. I'm grateful to Per and his team for caring so much about the art and craft of filmmaking that they've built this meticulous and monumental tool for learning and are sharing it with the world.

The information included is priceless for anyone looking to hone their skills in directing the camera and blocking. It's one of those rare products that are so valuable and so modestly priced, that even after purchasing it you don't feel like a consumer- you feel like you've received a gift. In every chapter I learn techniques that I automatically visualize where I would apply it in scenes that I will one day shoot in my films.

It helps to have your own scripts as a reference point when you have your own material you plan on making into a film one day and these courses give me all the confidence that I will know the purpose behind every creative decision I make. These courses show exactly why every aspect of film-making and storytelling is the most fascinating craft to learn.

It has given me a deeper understanding of camera language and of how to best serve the visual narrative. It not only demonstrates how to technically set up shots, but also why they have the effect they do. I have never seen a video series that explains the language of the image and transition in such a comprehensive way. Worth every penny! It should be accessible everywhere in apps etc I will certainly use some of the learnings on set, as it changed the way I approached coverage. For the screenwriter, the Master Course can only improve his craft.

With the demonstration with bird's-eye-view floor plan and 3D animations of shots, the on-screen effects of different blockings and the corresponding cam works are shown instantly and thus very easy to understand. Much better than 2D graphic demonstration on books or other course materials. I plan to expand our use of HCW. It will become the required "text" and the book will be available in the library for reference only. I guarantee our students will appreciate that. What a tremendous asset you've created for the ever-growing visual effects community.

This is one area of computer animation I'm passionate about and it's great to see professional training in this area. Keep up the great work! Dan Ablan is the creator of the de-facto Lightwave training. As an aspiring director, the class gives me a super solid blueprint that cuts out all the guesswork when it comes to staging and blocking, especially for those more complicated scenes!

This is information that has to be 'seen'. Worth the investment. His "Visual Effects For Directors" seven-disc series is an outstanding resource for learning to employ high-end effects such as motion capture, virtual sets, compositing and camera tracking. It is like having a team of seasoned industry pros on hand to walk you through each lesson.

We were equally impressed with his "Master Course In High-End Blocking And Staging," which is so thorough and advanced that even experienced directors find its many lessons new and sophisticated techniques that enrich their cinematic language and give them greater expressive power. These are extremely valuable resources for anyone who is serious about learning to work at a high level in cinema or television. In the most compact and precise fashion it covers literally the entire craft of the film-medium from A to Z.

For a beginner, it's the ultimate crash-course, and for professionals, it's an inspiring reminder of all the many possibilities we have to fill every second of our films with precise moods and emotions. Any serious filmmaker should own it. It's film school in a box. One of my favorite things about the dvd set is that it shows you the shots as they are edited together, what works and what doesn't. Each disc is just loaded with information.

For those preparing to embark on their next project, I urge you to view the DVDs together with your production team. This series feels like you get to sit down with a true professional and get the inside scoop. I did a series of commercials with Vilmos Zigmond , and he spoke in much the same manner. It is excellent! Go buy a camera, write your script and watch Hollywood Camera Work! Then go make your film! Informative, cohesive, extremely educational. I highly recommend it.

The series of DVD's allows film students to study the rationale behind camera movement and affords the student to examine basic concepts and ideas with regard to directing. Well done, and keep up the good work. And I am saying this from the bottom of my heart. Mr Holmes' teaching skills are supernatural. As a director, I personally improved my ability in dealing with Directors of photography. The pattern of all the conceivable camera movements have become crystal clear in my mind.

When you finish this course you kind of graduate again. They are extremely useful in teaching these concepts and the set in the library are always being checked out by the students who usually watch them at least times. The clarity and comprehensiveness of the set is without equal and I recommend the set to any film instructor.

They are the best of their kind. I have to create content fast and on a budget. My background is in "run and gun" videography. Before watching Hollywood Camera Work I really struggled to direct staged programming. The pace of the course was perfect. If I had asked someone to develop a course tailor-made for me, they couldn't have done any better.

Anyone who wishes they had gone to film school, or needs a good no-nonsense refresher course, should purchase this product. In fact I'll make a slogan for Hollywood Camera Work that sums up my experience. Purchase with confidence, and begin filming with confidence.

Best of luck to you guys. You are one of the few that really "gets it" in the training industry. What the DVD said was just covering the basics, is info that took me 5 years to completely understand and instinctively apply; starting with the School of Visual Arts in NYC, to fanatically scouring every book and video series sold, to putting it into practice as a full time pro advertising photographer.

And this rave is from the guy everyone, in every class, would come to when they needed clarification on what the teacher just said. Its laid out simply, visually, and completely. There is nothing like it anywhere. The course is an absolute must. I do believe this is an essential tool nowadays, more important than a powerful renderfarm. For someone who wants to get into camera work, you created the masterpiece tutorial!

Congratulations, even if I am used to most of the things you talk about -- this is a new Bible for saving time and space in camera blocking, and hopefully at some point all I get to see on theses dvd's will feel natural way of working thanks to you. Thank you for your great work.

They have! Already my camera work within Maya has made a big difference in the look of my animations. And I think my composition skills in general are stronger, even in 2D layouts in After Effects and Photoshop. Overall, I'm very pleased with this DVD set. I've scoured the earth to find books and instructional videos to help me make the transition.

Immensely informative. Very to-the-point. Exactly the kind of course needed by anyone getting ready to direct. Well worth the price. To do so we try to add new equipment as often as we can and we also try to improve our knowledge in order to provide a better service. I'm always searching for any sort of film workshops online.

While much of what I've found on the web ended up being a total deception, Hollywood Camera Work made it up for all of those deceits. Clear examples, a LOT of useful information about interesting and real film situations. This is a great course and no matter what your level is, you'll end up learning something useful. Now that I've watched it for the second time, I wish there was another course for sale!

Perhaps some camera and lens continuity lesson in the future? Best regards and congratulations on your fine work. It's worth every dollar! My DP and I sit and just watch it over and over and then have creative mind explosions and brainstorming events that last for hours.

As a Puppet Filmmaker, staging puppetry is an art in itself and seeing an extremely clear and precise understanding of staging actors is invaluable in being able to compare with fabricated creatures that hang from strings or come up on rods where a puppeteer needs to be masked or hidden, either by the frame or by matting out.

Speaking of masking or hiding puppeteers, Visual Effects For Directors is equally outstanding, if not better, and delivers the same "knowledge per second" as my DP says as Blocking and Staging. Our next picture involves massive compositing efforts and this is setting the stage nicely to walk on set feeling more competent, capable, and confident than ever.

Much thanks to Per Holmes for this work. Bravo Per. This course offers a good lesson about story telling as well as technical instructions which can save you hours of research and a few bucks as well. You won't have to invent the wheel each time you go out for a shoot, just watch the related chapter and you should be ready to roll. Especially since I am very limited on time. The videos get right into the meat of the subject and is very easy to understand because of the technology and graphics that are used.

The videos go over a wide range of shots one could capture to add value to his or her production. Thank you! Highly recommended, this is an essential purchase to anyone who is aspiring to work behind the camera. HCW nails blocking and staging square on the head. As a director and editor my skills have been exponentially elevated. Thanks Per for these incredible tools. With the 3D Visualization you can get a better mind of what a good DoP can influence in storytelling and therefore what solutions are a minimum for the editor to make a scene hit its goal of interest.

I recommend to watch these DVDs to those with average experience, and those who want to optimize their work in directing, camera or editing. I am not aware of any other DVD course like this, and it was definitely worth the investment. I called with questions, and one of your employees was so kind and knowledgeable, I never forgot it. They are extremely clear and concise and even though they go into high end work, the terminology is still comprehensible to a beginner.

I will definitely use it Hollywood Camera Work as a guide down the dark corridors of film making. I've found myself with a storyboard for a complex scene, that simply couldn't be translated into editable shots. Sometimes it boggles my mind just keeping track of lines I shouldn't cross. The Master Course has empowered me with knowing ahead of time where all the lines are and how many cameras I need.

I select blocking that precisely matches the emotional impact of the scene. This has been an incredible experience. My knowledge has increased ten fold as these DVD's are jam packed with quality training. There's more information on these disks than i even knew existed about camera work. Without this set who knows how long i would have stumbled along doing the same things over and over.

I now have the knowledge to tackle almost any project and when it comes to dealing with cameras, for every conceivable shot, i feel like i have a multitide of options which gives me a lot of artistic licence and also gives me tremendous confidence. With a little more experience i'm sure i'll have the skillset to create work on par with the pro's.

I cannot praise this training set enough. There's nothing around that compares. While books can put up a million pictures of different shot sizes, camera angles, etc. Furthermore, it is impossible with books to show the effects of moving shots. Beyond that, it also makes sense how each type of shot can go together with another shot, and how all those shots can work together in a scene through proper blocking.

The only better method for learning directing would be to get a camera, cast, and crew together and shoot an actual movie! For me personally, watching the DVDs changed the way I approach directing. In fact, I have to admit that I learned more from it about directing than from my years at college earning a degree in film.

One thing that I find common in a lot of aspiring directors is that they including myself make the mistake of approaching directing from an EDITOR'S point of view - only seeing the individual shots as they work from cut to cut, like on a storyboard or a comic book. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Per's method enlightened me on how thorough blocking and planned camera setups for each key shot is the way to go.

By doing that, all of your shots will automatically fall into place and cut perfectly. We shoot in 24p and I feel that The Master Course is truly all I'll ever need next to just plain shooting and experimentation to get the best results out of our productions. The course's attention to detail is what gives me confidence that I am being taught the proper techniques of the professionals.

With time and practice, and with this course at my disposal, I know I can handle the challenges of bringing our visions to fruition. This course is a permanent and invaluable part of Lighted Path Films Productions' training materials. Thanks for creating it and making it available at an affordable cost. It will help you put real production value on the screen. The course teaches me how to express my artistic view of how an event is interpreted. The ideas in this course allows me to expand my abilities as a videographer and allows me to be more creative than ever before.

Also, as my production values increase by using this course so do me fees I charge for my projects. This product is a blessing! Thanks, Pers for creating such a great product!! You'll never find something like that in a book.

Easy, practical and full of informations. I recommend it to pros and beginners. Nine hours of fun. Per Holmes is to be given credit for an inimitable achievement : his course equips the viewer with techniques to not only shoot cost-conscious without relinquishing artistry but tutors artistic mastery. After getting the Hollywood Camera Work set I'm approaching my shots in a whole new way. I can easily recognize and apply techniques used in productions, plan out complex sequences that would have made my head explode, and give more meaning and purpose to my camera positions and movement.

With such a dense collection of cinematic techniques, this set is great as a reference and learning aid. I never had a single regret in purchasing it. I don't think I've ever learned so much, even with over a decade of experience in the field shooting and editing video. One word: wow. Now, five weeks after its arrival on my doorstep, I've graduated six times and feel fully capable of tackling any project confidently with outstanding results. This summer I start production on one of my shorts, and then next year--a feature.

All thanks to you, Per Holmes. This "film school in a box" has made my dream a reality. Contains so much valuable information that you will want to hold onto these for review many times over. Very powerful and highly recommended! Unlike popularist texts on the subjects such as New Riders digital 'Cinematography and Directing' by Dan Ablan, the Visual experience of the Hollywood Camera Work Course re-inforces the practical aplication of the skill of planning cammera positions prior to shoot and general set awareness.

I cannot praise the presentation of so much practical information enough. I heard about Hollywood Cameraworks from a friend and I couldn't believe the quality of the material. The course builds upon previous lessons and are indexed for easy quick reference. As a student with precious time and resources, Per Holmes' DVD set has been a fantastic and worthy investment I used many the camera moves that I learned from your course in a piece I did as a part of a 72 hour film festival.

I hope you enjoy the course as much as I did. Going from still photography into videography, I had no idea how complex the thought process is, in putting compelling moving images on screen to tell stories. This is not a subject that can be adequately covered in a book and there is too much to possibly remember from a seminar. You've provided an outstanding resource! Driediger, President, Parmesan Pictures "I am very please with the master course, and of course, I did take 1 year film school in Vancouver BC, Canada, but compared to your master course, don't make me laugh!

I learned more than I did in school. Thank you, I am watching those DVDs every single night. Thank you very much for the concentrated and vast information on this 6 DVDs! As a film and television graduate student focusing on directing, I have found the Master Course in High End Blocking and Staging developed by Hollywood Camera Work to be extremely helpful in explaining the full range of options available when shooting different scenes from which the most appropriate choices can be made.

It provides a comprehensive in-depth examination of the many camera positions and moves potentially available to a director or cinematographer. The DVD set made available by Hollywood Camera Work, with its three dimensional representations of these many options, is remarkably easy to view and study. I am very pleased to recommend the course to others. The course is easy-to-follow and thorough and my confidence in terms of blocking has increased tenfold!

Thousands of dollars worth of gear is no use without the ability to get the camera angles, framing and shots that communicates your story and makes a movie interesting to the viewer. This is where the brilliance of your DVDs comes in. I have learned a hell of a lot from these DVDs.

They are helping me attain a rich vocabulary for blocking, framing and angles. Your work has likely even surpassed the great books on the subject: The 5 Cs of Cinematography and Shot by Shot, which is more than a little impressive. Not only is the blocking logically ordered but you get to see everything in motion from a bird's eye view as well as views of how the shots appear onscreen.

I am now finding the set to be a great reference 'book' that I can come back to for ideas and problem solving. Thank you Mr. Holmes for creating something new that isn't just hype and for putting out something that is worth far more than its cover price.

I learned a lot from it, and I know it will be useful for my future and upcoming projects. These are fast and easy lessons that I can watch again and again. Per's highly structured course gave me solid basis to read great films deeply, and shoot my movie very elegantly and efficiently. After watching this DVD, I don't want to shoot any scene without dolly and crane.

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