Iorek csgo betting

iorek csgo betting

ioRek (C-M); kioShiMa (C-M / Epsil / LDLC / nV / FaZe); Sf (C-M / Espil); Happy (Recur / LDLC / nV). CSGO FriendID: ALXBA-RGCQ CS:GO Bets by Olda ♛♛♛ KazYI Community Marek Lorek, [V] [T:1] [C:2], STEAM_ Most forecasts for CS GO matches from our analysts. Do the right bets on the matches and win! See the current schedule and results of CS games. CALCIUM DETECTION CROWN ETHERS

Which seems to be in a huge favor for them. Because they fell of the radar for couple of days and then turned up beating ldlc twice. Titan's manager have posted it not once but twice that they have been practicing strats for hours and hours and that result is something that we could see against LDLC in the previous online matches against them. Titan got 5 experienced lan players. We won't see any of the players with some shaky hands and stuff like that.

Compared to Tenzki and kjaerbye who are not as experienced as the Titan players. Titan got both one of the best players in the world kennyS and one of the best in-game leaders in the world, Ex6tenz. Titan is in our opinion THE stronger team in all different aspects. Titan is in turmoil, the new gaming house isn't helping and result at the CPH will make them get rid of shox, calling KennyS to the rescue.

One more change therefore, with shox joining Clan-Mystik. But since a little time, rumors have swelled about HaRts stopping the game, and were confirmed today So it is with a heavy heart that we are facing a provisory -hopefully- stop from a leading name in French scene. Regarded by many as the best lead in-game of 1. Indeed, whereas the arrival of Richard "shox" Papillon seemed to pull the team results up , they will have to face the departure of their lig, Michael "HaRts" Zanatta.

Of course, it's also a very sad news for the entire french community which looses one of his most charismatic players. Playing CS:Go for only a year, he becomes world champion after 8 monthes only.

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And started playing more as a team and more coordinated.

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I bet $30,000 on this match of CSGO

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