Bernard marantelli betting websites

bernard marantelli betting websites

Colossus Bets is undergoing some restructuring, AGBrief reported with the sports jackpots and Colossus founder Bernard Marantelli. But the lawsuit states the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a patent to Colossus Bets founder Bernard Marantelli back in Tournament, Racing & Sports Betting Online. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MUNSTER AND CONNAUGHT PLACE

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The system may monitor progress of the wagering event. The progress of the wagering event may include at least a current status. The system may determine that the wager is active and that the wagering event is in progress. The system may determine an amount of a cash out offer and that the player accepts the cash out offer at the determined amount.

The system may transmit, over the communications interface, the amount of the cash out offer to the first input device. Marantelli Wagering apparatus, methods and systems Patent number: Abstract: A system, method, and non-transitory computer medium for processing a payment for a wager in connection with a wagering event. Bernard Marantelli, a professional gambler, and mathematician decided to carry on the experiment with the full intention of winning the lottery. We guess that he calculated the statistical odds, and he decided that a local lottery would be much easier to beat than a larger national game like Mega Millions or Powerball, for example.

Just consider the following fact — Connecticut Lotto has winning odds of one in 7,, In comparison, the odds of winning Mega Millions are one in ,, Can you spot the difference? So, Bernard Marantelli and his associates started purchasing numerous lottery tickets from small local outlets in anticipation of the November 1 drawing. Media, however, did talk to retail lottery agencies in Stamford following the popularized Marantelli strategy.

The chances are that some of the interest resulted from the anticipated massive prize. We Have a Winner! On November 1, Connecticut Lotto winning numbers were announced — 1, 9, 10, 15, 41 and Everybody was curious to find out whether Bernard Marantelli had managed to defeat the lottery and its odds. What became known immediately was the fact that the winning lottery ticket was acquired at a supermarket in Danbury. Marantelli and his associates had gone on a lottery ticket shopping spree in Stamford.

Several media sent emails to the Bernard Marantelli Colossus Bet account, but their letters remained unanswered. On November 12, , the Hartford Courant announced that a grandfather from Danbury was the lucky Connecticut Lotto winner. William McLaughlin, a local retiree, chose the lump sum payment and went home with McLaughlin became the first person to win the Connecticut Lotto since the jackpot fell for the last time back in January We have, however, spoken several times about lottery strategies and whether this work.

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