Points rebounds assists bet

points rebounds assists bet

For a triple-double, a player needs to register double digits in all three categories (points + rebounds + assists). For someone like Rudy Gobert, you can. You can select from the most popular markets and calculate the odds as each selection is added. For example, you can choose Point Spread, Money Line and Game. Points + Rebounds+ Assists Prop Bets. This is also known as a combination prop. Instead of having to hit the over or under in one specific stat, these props. FOREX FOMC STATEMENT TIME

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Points rebounds assists bet enforex marbella aleman points rebounds assists bet

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What is the greatest triple-double in NBA history? There have been a ton of triple-doubles in NBA history and a lot of them have seen some major points being scored. However, there is only one game in NBA history and that record belongs to Wilt Chamberlain who did it in when he had a 22 points, 25 rebounds, and 21 assists performance. A true achievement from one of the most impressive stat guys in NBA history. If the game has this bet available, it will be listed within. A good thing to look at is the match-up.

Is this likely to be a blowout? How many times over the years has Stephen Curry sat out the fourth quarter because the game was already over? The downside is that these props are significantly higher than the individual scoring, assist, and rebound props. A player needs to score at least 10 points and record at least 10 rebounds or assists for a double-double, and they need to hit double-digits in all three categories for a triple-double. You can also theoretically replace rebounds or assists with blocks or steals, but reaching 10 in either of those statistical categories is an extremely difficult feat.

Hassan Whiteside is the only player to record at least 10 blocks or steals in a game this season, and he only managed to score 8 points in that contest. Double-doubles are another category that favors big men. We have already established that rebounds happen nearly twice as often as assists, so it makes sense that it would be easier to hit double-digits in that category.

There have been double-doubles with points and assists this season compared to 1, with points and rebounds. Triple-doubles are tougher to rack up, and the usual suspects account for the majority of them. You might be able to find some additional player prop bets in other categories — 3-pointers, steals, blocks, free throws, etc — but none of these are super prevalent in the industry at the moment. If a slow-paced team is playing in a pace-up spot, you probably want to give those players a slight bump compared to their usual projections.

The opposite is true when looking at a fast team in a pace-down matchup. Ultimately, possessions are king in prop betting. The more possessions, the more opportunities to rack up points, rebounds, and assists. Prop betting strategies The number one mistake that many prop bettors make is playing too many overs. In general, you want to be wagering on unders unless you have a good reason not to.

There are a few key reasons for this. First and foremost, betting on overs is simply more fun than betting on unders. No one wants to watch a basketball game and root for missed shots. For that reason, most lines are inflated towards the over, which creates value with the under.

In case you need a brief refresher in your elementary math, mean refers to the average scoring, while median refers to the most likely middling outcome. LeBron has averaged But means can be deceiving. Covering by one point is the same as covering by This is where the median expectation comes into play.

Even though LeBron has averaged Most players are going to fit this model. Very rarely will they have games where they score well below their season average — particularly the all-stars — but they will have games where they crush. This means most players will have a lower median scoring expectation than mean. Thinking in this manner can give you a leg up on other sports bettors.

Recency bias occurs because people typically place way too much stock in recent outcomes and ignore the longer track record. If a player has averaged Is his scoring streak due to an unusual volume of shooting opportunities — possibly due to an injury — or is he simply riding a few hot shooting performances?

How else can I utilize the prop market? The prop market provides an insight into how bookmakers are expecting each player to perform each evening, and that knowledge can be valuable in NBA DFS.

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