Turkon america lines betting

turkon america lines betting

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The moment I met Uncle Yusuf, my star shone in the U. When Anda obtained the right to live and work in the U. He was introduced to the gold business through the brother of the owner of the bookstore, who was a goldsmith.

On the weekends, he started working as an assistant in a jewelry store in Woodbridge. Then he opened up his own store with a capital of 7, dollars. Anda, the owner of the smallest shop in the mall, applied for the store with a friend called Italian Ernie.

They both gave 25, dollars. Anda borrowed his share of the 25, from Yusuf Demircioglu, who helped him every time he was hard up for money. With the arrival of Maurice Payami, who had decided to sell his store and move Los Angeles, to New Jersey, they became three partners.

In the same year, Anda, Ernie, and Maurice bought another shop in the mall for 40, dollars. The three partners bought 5 stores within the next three years. From to the partners lived quite wealthily. When Anda found out that his countryman Dursun Kocak, who gave him access to unlimited credit in their trade, had closed his business, he looked for a new partnership.

The adventure of Unique Settings of New York, which was on the verge of closing down, began in Ekmel Anda grasped the opportunity to address a very wide circle with 4 partners. Driving from the airport, the silhouette of the city emerges. The Bell South Building which became very famous with the movie Batman is one of the buildings that are often pointed out to tourists. Well, our main subject is not country music or the ethnic structure of Nashville of course.

Our main goal is to meet with the heirs of the C. International which has been using the city as their headquarters since Even though the exterior gives you the feeling that this is a big storage facility, there is a different world inside. The building has been designed according to the Feng Shui philosophy. There are paintings of the lands in Nicaragua on which the tobacco grows that is used in C. O cigars on the right side of the hallway in the entrance. On the left side, old Eskisehir meerschaums, pipe boxes, the first C.

The pipe which ranks as the most expensive meerschaum ever made and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records still belongs to Cano Ozgener. Cano A. Or how many cigar boxes can he have? Note: C. International Inc. Issue: 22, September ! Sara Bengur was one of four children of an economist father who worked for the IMF. He came to the U. She went to school at Robert College. Belkiz, a therapist who uses yoga in her practice, Osman, a politician, and Resai, a doctor at Rainbow Babies in Cleveland, Ohio, are the pride of their parents from Samsun.

Her brother Osman Oz Bengur has devo- ted his years to politics in the halls of Washington. In fact, Oz is the first Turkish candidate to run for the U. Sara returned to the U. Although she started her career as a financer, she soon decided to utilize her knowledge of business and creative instinct as an Interior Designer. In her formative years she worked for the wellknown New York design firm Stephen Sills. This creative training helped her to develop a keen knowledge of the business and of her own aesthetic.

Bengur, who started her own company 14 years ago, became famous by giving her office her name: Sara Bengur Interiors, Inc. A young decorator who still has a very highclass clientele, Bengur emphasizes that the cost of the decor depends on the material she uses and the size of the area. She rarely uses new furniture when designing and prefers to mix antiques with interesting contemporary pieces. One of her goals is to create her own line of products.

Following this agreement, thousands of Turkish workers arrived in Germany, starting the Turkish immigration to Europe. When, after an oil crisis and economic recession, Germany stopped the recruitment in November , after 12 years, the number of Turkish immigrants had reached thousand. Immigration, meant to be halted after this date, continued through family unification.

This permanency in Europe represented structural changes in the lifestyles of immigrants. The first workers arriving in were mostly men. As the years followed each other the men did not go back, but instead brought their families over. According to the study, the number of Turkish immigrants who have obtained German citizenship, either by birth or by naturalization, is about , As of , also taking into account the 1.

Issue: 20, April ! But as a New Yorker, who understood what had happened, he agreed to the cut like all the others. Today, he is research and development manager and one of the partners of the company. While companies owned by brothers sometimes have difficulties in management, the parent compa- ny of Rapid Conn, the Connect County Group, is managed like a family company among its American, Singaporean and Turkish owners.

Hidirlar states that the secret behind the harmony can be found in the year-old Chinese philosophy of business. He attributes the harmony to the partnership structure in which the partners never lie or cheat each other and always in trust each other and work with honesty.

A plane hits the first tower of the World Trade Center at km per hour. His words are the same. Nobody hears from Zuhtu Ibis after that phone call! But his wife Leyla Uyar also waits hopefully. She waited for years; what is five months compared to that? When Zuhtu Ibis came to the U. Zuhtu would return to Yellow Leaf and marry Leyla after graduating from college and starting to work as a programmer at one of the big companies in the World Trade Center.

Zuhtu was 25 years old and he had kept all his promises so far! He also said he would come home on September Five years later, the Turkish people living in and around New York, in response to the unfair treatment against the Muslims and the change of attitude against the immigrants by the U. Considering the mutual relations with the USA starting from the period of the Ottoman Empire, it is difficult to observe any remarkable development.

What are the reasons for this? The US market is a speciali- zed market which requires long term policies in marketing and has tough competition conditions. Moreover, for a long time only textile and ready-made clothing industries saw the US market as a target; only recently have industries like ceramics, iron and steel, or jewelry been approaching the US market. Our aim is to increase the number of such examples, put the US among our target markets, and open the way for our companies.

We believe this approach will bring important openings to our exporters in the US market. Issue: 23, January ! Zweig, who looks at such figures as Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Handel, Dostoyevski, Tolstoy, and Lenin, examines the moments which were decisive in making these names great. Zweig asserts that one such moment for Sultan Mehmet II, who conquered Istanbul, was when the Kerkaporta gates were left open by mistake, allowing the Ottoman soldiers to climb the ramparts into the city.

Everyone has a moment in their life when their star must shine. So, Blackstone packed up, sold her things, and even bought a plane ticket. But on the day her plane was meant to take off, she received a call from the Leslie Fey company, where she had earlier sent her resume. Note: May , Luca Orlandi, the founder and designer of Luca Luca, sold the business to a boutique investment firm, the Equitium Group.

Issue: 24, March ! These new lands, which measured thousand square miles, gained even more in importance when, in , gold was discovered in the West. A whole new set of difficulties were presented to the federal government, in terms of new research groups to head out to the West, tranportation problems, and matters of land protection.

Also, it was now necessary to be able to reach California from Texas. An idea on how to reach the West which had never occured to anyone before came to the mind of Defense Secretary Jefferson Davis: Camels. Davis managed to convince the US Congress to approve a 30 thousand dollar budget for the purchase of camels. But there were no camels at that time in the US.

How would these desert animals be procured then? Joining him was military Major Henry Wayne, who was to head up the brigade that would be formed with the camels to be purchased. Wayne and Parker examined the camels that had been used by the Ottomand in the Crimean War. They asked the Ottoman Sultan at the time, Abdulmecid II, to give them permission to buy the camels, and to donate them two camels as a gift.

Sultan Abdulmecid II did in fact give Wayne and Parker two camels as a gift, arranging for the Ottoman side to pay for the two animals. Issue 24 — March ! ISSUE 25 In the s Cincinnati emerged as the soap-making capital of the US, primarily because the city was the center of the market of animal products, which were then key ingredients in the manufacturing of soap. By the year there were 17 companies, including Procter and Gamble, active in the city as soap producers.

After a four-year period of such management, 67 per cent of the firm was initially sold in to the American company Colgate-Palmolive, followed later by the total sale of the company. In Colgate attained a capacity of different kinds of soap. In Colgate combined with Palmolive to become Colgate-Palmolive. Still the biggest independent soap maker in the world, Evyap is a giant of Turkish business, with percent of domestic capital and ranking as a serious competitor on both domestic and international markets.

Evyap moved his production to Istanbul in Issue: 25, June ! The restaurant still maintains a spot in the top five best restaurants of Bonn. When Bonn was the capital, Opera was the center of the political, artistic, and high-society scenes. Ueminent Balaban currently operates a beer garden in Leverkusen, the bar in the opera house of Bonn, the canteen in that building, and a square-meter relaxation center in the same city.

He employs nearly 50 people in these endeavors. The street gained its modern-day status in the s and the square-meter location of Cafe Spitz has served well for 19 years as one of the important places to meet and be seen. Born in , Balaban is an entrepreneur who has closely researched the practices of restaurants from around the world. Having witnessed the use of an open kitchen in New York, he implemented the same thing in his restaurant.

He bought the furniture for the restaurant from famous French and Italian designers. Askew Industrial Corporation US company is a company that designs and implements inventory management systems and point-of-use supply solutions for original equipment manufacturers OEMs. Askew helps its customers reduce their total cost of ownership while improving their manufacturing efficiencies and increasing their profitability.

In Turan Kahraman took over the management of Askew Industrial. He spent much of his early career as a consultant for a large international corporation as well as many middle market companies. When did you come to the U. In , I graduated from Galatasaray Lisesi one of the most renowned and influential high schools of modern Turkey. At that time I was very much interested in studying abroad and furthering my athletic career as I had just broken the Turkish National Record for Discus the prior year.

In the s many world-class discus throwers were Americans. Through the assistance of American teachers from Robert College which is the most selective independent private high school in Turkey , I was able to contact American universities and ultimately receive an athletic scholarship from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Issue: 27, December ! When I announced that I intended to travel solo in Turkey in , however, I was bombarded with warnings from concerned friends about the danger inherent in my plan.

Opulent Ottoman palaces and mosques commanded the view, a sea of diverse faces bustled in colorful open air markets, and the ethereal call to prayer floated overhead while the beat of traffic pulsated on the streets. Visiting ancient landmarks, wandering narrow streets of the historic Sultanahmet neighborhood still nestled within crumbling Byzantine walls, I glimpsed the multitude of civilizations, the richness of cultures and the variety of people that had occupied this land bridging Europe and Asia.

He entertained other options in retail and the restaurant business only to come back to what he knew - the high tech industry. He founded Felicis Ventures, an angel investment firm in Issue: 29, May ! The San Francisco Transportation Agency owns 40 parking lots and 24, meters, which bring in a combined 30 million dollars a year. There are also privatelyowned parking lots.

These publicly- and privatelyowned lots struggle to meet the parking needs of the city. Parking, Inc. He was engaged to her for ten years, after which he married her in Within time, the car capacity parking lot he bought in became too small for his needs. He increased the capacity to cars. After 15 years and bid upon bid, he now owns more than thirty lots in the San Francisco Bay Area. The following are all parking lots operated by U. The adventure, which started by selling the meat of 30 lambs per week, has now turned into a company with a revenue of 90 million Euro.

He started the halal meat business in Austria in , first by buying around live lambs per week from Czechoslovakia and Poland to sell only in his own markets. When demand increased, he began importing lambs per week from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Rumania, Bulgria, England and Ireland for halal slaughtering by his own butchers In , after getting authorization for halal slaughtering, he initiated it for livestock in the Vienna Municipality Slaughterhouse.

He began to produce halal meat products in The Macro Group buys livestock, slaughters and sells to wholesale markets and also produces Etsan salami, frankfurters and sucuk spicy sausages. Presently, the Group has 13 supermarkets in Vienna, varying between square meters in size, as well as three furniture stores.

Issue: 30, September ! HSBC was the first bank to announce such a high loss. Subprime mortgage credits triggered the global crisis. Following this, New Century Financial, which was one of the biggest lenders of subprime mortgages in the USA, declared bankruptcy. As the crisis that had begun in February began to grow with a snow ball effect, financial institutions like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual Bank, and Wachovia were wiped off the board.

How has this crisis that has enveloped the world affected the businessmen living in the USA and in Europe? Issue: 31, January ! They become worried when their compatriots are worried, they become sad when they are sad. They help without any expectations in return. They are concerned about helping their people, not their own benefit, despite the capitalist system. They could adapt to the cycle and make millions to have a comfortable and trouble-free way of life, just like many of their co-workers.

Instead they choose to conquer the hearts of their people. They are not in the media aimlessly. They do not have their pictures published in magazines. One of these people is Zeki Uygur, whose name is mentioned with respect and gratitude by many Turks in New York.

We had been planning to tell his life story after the interview we would have with him. Melda Akansel, who helped a lot with this edition, arranged an appointment and saw Zeki Uygur in his office. He had thought she was one of the Turks in need of help. As we felt it was a binding duty to tell about the national treasure of the Turks in the U. Zeki Uygur. As they told us about him, we enjoyed the opportunity to get to know this great treasure of Turks in New York.

Issue: 32, March ! Another trade delegation will be visiting Long Island next fall. Due to the business and educational potential of Turkey, the relation between Turkey and New York States keep growing warmer. Last January, Governor Paterson sent his senior advisor for international commerce, Sam Natapoff, to Adana, Turkey to explore its business potential. To make New York more open to foreign-based companies, Governor Paterson desires to bring more international companies to New York State and he wants to welcome more Turkish companies to New York State as well.

June ! He asked him to come to the U. Akbulak, a Turkish born businessman, left Turkey when he was 17 to attend a college in Germany, become a CPA, then started to work for KMPG, a global network of professional services firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. He moved to the U. While he was building his career, he felt something was missing. When he moved to Germany, his brother Erdogan was 12 years old and they were not able to spend time together as he wished.

Hakki Akbulak found out that his brother Erdogan had a malignant tumor. They decided to work together, but what could they do as a business? The Akbulak brothers researched what products they could import from Turkey to the United States. The vast majority live in Istanbul, with a community of about in Izmir and other smaller groups located in Adana, Ankara, Antakya, Bursa, Canakkale, Kirklareli etc.

In the faraway Ottoman Empire, one ruler extended an immediate welcome to the persecuted Jews of Spain, the Sephardim. He was the Sultan Bayazid II. In , the Discovery Year for all those connected to the American continents - North, Central and South world Jewry was concerned with commemorating not only the expulsion, but also seven centuries of the Jewish life in Spain, flourishing under Muslim rule, and the th anniversary of the official welcome ex- tended by the Ottoman Empire in This humanitarianism demonstrated at that time was consistent with the beneficence and good will traditionally displayed by the Turkish government and people towards those of different creeds, cultures and backgrounds.

Indeed, Turkey could serve as a model to be emulated by any nation which finds refugees from any of the four corners of the world standing at its doors. In , Turkish Jewry celebrated not only the anniversary of this gracious welcome, but also the remarkable spirit of tolerance and acceptance which has characterized the whole Jewish experience in Turkey.

The events that were planned - symposiums, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, films and books, restoration of ancient synagogues, etc - commemorated the longevity and prosperity of the Jewish community. As a whole, the celebration aimed to demonstrate the richness and security of life Jews have found in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic over seven centuries, and showed that indeed it is not impossible for people of different creeds to live together peacefully under one flag.

Issue: 34, October ! Melih Abdulhayoglu, the owner of Comodo. The company he started in in a small office in England is now listed right after Verisign as the second biggest digital SSL certificate provider. Unlike most players in the antivirus products market like Norton, Panda, McAfee, TrendMicro or Kaspersky, he offers Internet users a free anti-virus product, Comodo, arguing that you cannnot set up a successful business enterprise without establishing Internet security.

The company name was inspired by the komodo dragon, a reptile that attacks its preys through strategic thinking. Having an idealistic approach to Internet security, he offers free anti-virus programs and reaches one million new users each month. Comodo does not have an office in Turkey but operates in Romania, which has one of the most rapidly-expanding Central European economies. He loves football and supports Arsenal in England and Besiktafl in Turkey.

His advice to young people who would like to start their own online business is to be insistent on their objectives and never give up. However we produce our own technology. Second, New York is the center of the world right now. So we ended up in New Jersey. Corner of Clifton Ave. Once it is launched, the project will offer employment opportunities for people. According to the project manager, Mehmet Bilici, the shopping mall, which is named Turkish Mall, is , square feet in size and will be opened soon.

It is planned to be located in an area that is highly populated by Turks as well as various European ethnic groups. He said it would be convenient for customers to find all the Turkish stores they needed in one place. He said currently Istikbal products were sold at almost one thousand sales points in the United States.

Can you give us a brief history of Istikbal in the US? We first introduced Istikbal products to American consumers in through a partly retail network. In , Sunset company and Istikbal brand came together for a serious, professional and modern distribution network in the US.

Istikbal first presented its living room arrangements and couches to American consumers. Are you distributing your products throu ugh your own store or using other distribution channels? Therefore we rely on them for distribution.

Additionally, in Clifton, New Jersey where there is a big Turkish community, we have a 35, sq. Finally, everyone in the US can use our website, www. In Paterson, New Jersey we have another company called Sunset International that manages the wholesale operations in a 20, square meter warehouse and office building.

From this point, we distribute to seven states, mainly New York and New Jersey, through our transportation facilities. Can you talk more about your target group and their consumption patte erns? This is the most important issue we are dealing with right now. The United States is a huge country and densely populated.

Additionally, the consumption behavior of Americans is completely different than that of Europeans and Turks. Unlike Turkish taste, Americans prefer bigger, more comfortable, softer and more highly designed products. Therefore it is critical to analyze the market and define the right needs of the consumers.

In a market with various preferences on the consumer side, it is important to offer different colors and designs customized to different habits to stay competitive. Can you tell us more about your new investment in Clifton? In this shopping mall, located in the busiest street of Clifton and Paterson, where Main Avenue and Number 46 highway intersect, we offer consumers every Istikbal product that can be found in Turkey.

The shopping mall can include almost ten stores in its , square foot space. To learn more about the shopping mall project, please call or or email info mainplaza Since mid, we have seen the most severe economic crisis of the last 30 years. Although its visible impact was in the real estate and finance sectors, the furniture sector was affected as well. Therefore, consumers started spending more carefully.

Instead of luxury products, there is an emerging tendency to prefer functional products that can be bought on sale. What is your future objective in the US market? Despite the economic crisis, the US is the biggest exporter in the world. In fifteen years, the population is estimated to be four hundred million and there is an established consumption culture.

Therefore it is an important market for us. Now that we are more familiar with that market, we plan to produce the right products to meet consumer needs, thereby increasing our market share. What is your advice for survival in a highly compettitive market? Therefore the market is very competitive because it is very easy to see cheap copies of your products on the market.

However, the quality cannot be copied, and we constantly renovate our products, so we managed to survive in the market. Additionally, the key to success and healthy growth is to have a good, professional and qualified group of people who are keen on teamwork. Moreover, it is critical to adapt to changing conditions in the market following the crisis.

To increase efficiency and to minimize cost are key elements in survival. The Marmara Manhattan, which had initially been opened in as a condo and been providing extended stay services since , is on the 64th place of these hotels. October 27th, Even if this ranking were to change, The Marmara always maintains it place within the first seventy. The one room units are square feet, two rooms units are square feet, and the three rooms units are square feet large; the average size of the hotel rooms in New York ranges between square feet and square feet.

Although the Marmara Manhattan have opened its doors to short term stayers recently, eighty percent of its customers are long-timers. Among them, some are traveling for work or visiting the city while others stay here due to other reasons such as renovating their house; having a flood or fire in their house in New York; staying away from home during a divorce phase; coming to New York for receiving health care or for giving birth.

T The TripAdvisor. Some of the special promotions that the Hotel provided have been covered in the media many times and also been broadcasted national television channels such as ABC. Two of such special promotions were designed for those who were to stay in the hotel due to a divorce or to give birth in the city.

Magden had started his career 18 years ago a representative at the Marmara Hotel in Taksim, Istanbul and her position then was a temporary position for three weeks. She was transferred to Kiska in order to develop new projects in the Southeastern provinces of Turkey under the framework of the Southeastern Anatolian Project and she opened the first ancient hotel of Urfa, Edassa, as the General Director.

She was then assigned to open the Marmara Bodrum. Megden came to the US in the year of and for some time she did research to see possible job opportunities. In the year she took the responsibility of marketing and sales of Marmara Manhattan in North and South America. And in she began her position as the general director. Concentrating more on online marketing of the hotel, Magden says they will continue to grow in New York.

The Kiska Group is planning to build a second hotel in the place of the seven building on Lexington Avenue, which were bought prior to being demolished. It also has a large living room with a TV and a large bathroom.

You can have all of these for a very reasonable price in New York. With our two young kids, we stayed in a large room of the Marmara. The service was very friendly and geniune. I come to New York often to visit. The Marmara is a real home for me since I am away from my house. I can not stay in another city in New York.

Halac Iron Works, Inc. He was a very talented and hard working man who looked for a bright future for himself. After working eight years in various Turkish restaurants as a head cook, he changed his career from the culinary arts to the sea. Being a sailor was joyful job as a young man and he worked 10 years from port to port in different countries. He traveled to over 40 countries, even though he did not like any of them, and experienced diverse cultures, but he was still seeking a challenge.

Operating out of a square foot facility, Kismet Limousine serves the corporate market in the New York metropolitan area. Most mothers want their children to keep close to them but his case was different. After 8 months, his second visit to Philadelphia he decided to move to New York with his friends.

Wan Hai, which owned and chartered vessels of Sept. But the carrier plans to make a bigger splash in the market with the delivery of 13 super post-Panamax ships between and Some of the capacity will soon be deployed along the East Coast. The extra loaders, which could potentially turn into another service, will initially call Charleston and New York, Chen said, as Savannah, too, remains congested.

Closed areas are the overflow yards for terminals, with little to no sorting of boxes. The shipper said they also booked a container with Wan Hai on the Hope Island, which Marine Exchange lists as having been at anchor since Nov. After asking whether that expected discharge date was correct, the shipper said they were told by Wan Hai that the vessel would not unload until the end of December due to port congestion.

Contact Michael Angell at michael. Contact Bill Mongelluzzo at bill.

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Track container number in an instant without spending hours. How to track a container vessel? State of the art technology has made it incredibly easy to track the movement of your goods that are onboard a cargo vessel. To locate your cargo on a specific vessel, you can use real-time tracking tools such as GoTrack by GoComet. Designed to give automated updates straight to your inbox, these tools will allow you to gain real-time visibility across your international shipments via container no.

How to track shipping container? Once you key in the information, our tool will give you live and automated updates every time your shipment achieves a journey milestone. What is a Master Bill of lading number? A Master Bill of Lading number is a unique number generated by the shipping line and is used for sea freight container tracking.

How to Track Sea Shipment? Can I get automated notifications on the movement of my shipment? Yes, you can get automated notifications by allowing the system to drop you an email or notify you on WhatsApp every time your shipment achieves an important milestone, such as when the shipment leaves the port of loading, reaches the transhipment port, gets delayed, etc. Do I need to key in the tracking number every time I have to track my shipment?

No, to ensure ease of functionality, the system maintains a record of the shipments you add and continues to track them automatically. You need to add the tracking number only once, and your recent searches will appear below the search boxes. Is this Container Tracking tool free for all users? Yes, our container tracking tool is entirely free for all the users who wish to track up to 6 containerised shipments in a month. Which features are included in the free plan?

Why should I be a registered user for this free tool? Turkon Line, which was established to transport containers to USA, has a very important place in world maritime trade and has become the first Turkish company to provide direct service to USA by providing the shortest transit time in its sector. In addition, it continues its activities in various parts of the world by serving 38 ports in 4 continents with 19 agency, 37 agency offices in 23 countries.

Turkon Line, which actively provides container transportation services in the American, European, Mediterranean and Black Sea markets, is one of the leading brands in its sector. Georgia, Morocco, Portugal, Italy and France are among the countries it serves. While mostly chemicals, white goods, electronic goods, tobacco, paper, textile and carpet sectors are involved in export shipments, sectors such as automotive, cotton, paper and chemicals are involved in import shipments.

Turkon Line vessels, with their direct and Line is among the market leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean, the East Coast of America and Turkey which are the markets it focuses on. Turkon Line, which focuses on the "Tailor-Made Solutions" service approach, increases the quality of service it provides day by day with its own offices and experienced team.

In the developing and rapidly growing maritime transport sector, it also offers technological options to its customers who demand "digital" service with the "Tailor-Made Solutions" service approach that it has been successfully implementing. Turkon Line provides integrated transportation services to its customers in every region of Turkey with the support of Turkon Holding's road and rail transportation companies.

In addition, the ships belonging to the Turkon Line fleet are produced in Sedef Shipyard, which is one of the largest private shipyards and group companies in Turkey in terms of capacity. Giving priority to sustainable development in order to preserve the ecological balance of the seas, Turkon Line carries out all its voyages with its environmental awareness and sense of responsibility towards nature. Acting with the environmental policies it has adopted since its establishment, with the aim of efficient use of natural resources and prevention of pollution, Turkon Line is also aware of its important role in the fight against climate crisis.

Within the framework of compliance with the IMO Regulation, Turkon Line has had Scrubber system installed on all its vessels, breaking new ground in its sector in Turkey. While carrying out its innovation activities with environmental awareness, it also shapes the corporate culture with this understanding.

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