Hottest 100 voting betting online

hottest 100 voting betting online

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Hottest 100 voting betting online sure betting calculator round robin


Listeners were asked to pick a maximum of twenty tracks out of the tens of thousands of songs that might appeal to their demographic as a whole. They were not given the opportunity to rank those songs - each track listed in each ballot would put a single vote next to that song. A total is calculated, and the winners announced.

Tweep NatalieGaronzi made this point somewhat more pithily. There are a few Hottest number ones that I perhaps cynically presume had been given votes for novelty reasons, despite their voters not necessarily considering the song the top track for the year.

The flat voting system means that if enough people do this, the song can win. Like the Condorcet voting method, it will favour candidates generally acceptable to the majority over candidates passionately supported by a minority.

Condorcet, however, at least allows the voters to rank their choices. The problem with the number of tracks available I like Radiohead, they have a mountain of quality songs, and I love a few of them equally. So, I guess I could vote for all of them.

So, I decided to choose between them. Out of this lot my favourite is probably How To Disappear Completely, and I voted for it knowing it was unlikely to feature in the final count, so should I have voted for Paranoid Android or Karma Police to boost their votes? Picking on Oasis again - they had the one song feature, and it topped the count. Radiohead had two songs Paranoid and Karma feature at 13 and Numerous other bands had two or three songs appear.

Mac Miller , who died in September , was also posthumously voted into the countdown, appearing at numbers 23 and 24 with " Good News " and " Blue World ", respectively. Miller was also the first deceased artist to feature on the countdown since Ou Est Le Swimming Pool , having previously been voted in at number 60 in the countdown with "Ladders".

Tash Sultana , who identifies as non-binary [7] and uses the pronoun they , [8] is the only artist who identifies as neither male nor female to feature. They came in at number 46 with " Pretty Lady ". Sultana has previously featured in the countdown, with " Jungle " appearing at number 3 in the countdown.

Sultana is the most successful gender-diverse artist in the history of the Hottest G Flip , who appeared in the , and countdowns, came out as non-binary in Top 10 Albums of [ edit ] The annual Triple J album poll was held across November and December and was announced on 13 December

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triple j hottest 100 sportsbet

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