Reddit mma betting odds

reddit mma betting odds

i'm definitely way more profitable live betting compared to pre fight betting. Fanduel has good odds. MMABet ; 3d. UFC Oliveira vs. Makhachev (Discussion Thread) · 4 ; 2d. Makhachev vs. Volkanovski (Betting Odds) · 6 ; 5d. Oliveira vs. Volkanovski (Betting Odds). Unibet: Esparza + Zhang These odds are a lot closer than I expected. I better get off my ass and place a bet. Is anyone familiar with Unibet? WE LOVE BETTING TWITTERPATED

One fighter may have lost to a past opponent that their current foe has defeated. These can sideline a fighter for a few weeks, months, or even years. Bettors will want to look into how these injuries impact a fighter upon their return to the ring, getting as much information and UFC news from training camp reports and the media.

Some questions to pose when working this actionable information into your bets include: Does something like a knee injury impact their quickness in the ring? How dependent is that fighter on that injured area? Will their upcoming opponent look to exploit that injured area? Injuries, as well as contract negotiations and fight cancelations, can put extended time between bouts for some athletes. Are they in shape? Does age play into this break? How has a fighter responded to extended time between bouts in the past?

Knockout losses can also have a similar effect on fighters. While they may not have suffered a sustained physical injury due to a devastating KO defeat, they can become damaged mentally. Fighters coming off a knockout loss can become extra cautious and lose their edge inside the octagon, drastically changing their approach and style.

MMA bettors should also beware of these situations when capping a fighter coming off a bad KO. Some fighters are able to cut and maintain weight better than some, while others — especially those moving down in class — have a harder time making it under the limit. Bettors should be mindful of fighters that struggle to make weight and their progress leading up to a fight.

Late weight cuts can leave those fighters drained before the bell even rings. Some fighters walk around much heavier than their designated weight class and can quickly bulk back up after a weigh-in, giving them an advantage against possibly smaller foes. A fighter with a longer reach can connect on more strikes without putting themselves too close to an opponent. What are the best UFC betting sites?

UFC betting popularity has soared in recent years and sportsbooks have been quick to increase their offerings. At this point, you are not committed to making a deposit to the sportsbook as you are building your profile, which will allow you to look at the different options before putting money in an account and placing a bet. Online betting sites offer a variety of conventional payment options like credit cards , bank transfers or checks while also now offering online currency deposits like Bitcoin.

Some sites may vary in how long it will take before funds are received or verified so keep that in mind if the event you plan to wager on is the same day. No one starts betting on UFC to lose money but the reality is that you have to accept this could be the outcome and the money you plan to deposit should not impact your day-to-day income. Step 4: Placing Your Bets The hard part is over. You have registered your information and deposited money with your sportsbook and now you can start placing UFC bets.

Look through the sportsbook for the market you would like to have action on with the corresponding odds, enter the amount of money you wish to wager and voila, you have made a sports bet. Tip 2 — Fighters Evolve Like any combatants, UFC fighters are always improving their skills and evolving with the times.

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