Best cryptocurrency trading podcast

best cryptocurrency trading podcast

7 Best Podcasts All Cryptocurrency Traders Should Listen · 1. Anna Rose – Zero Knowledge · 2. Stephan Livera – Stephan Livera's Podcast · 3. Laura. Podcast 3: Unconfirmed. As the crypto space has matured, podcasts covering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have proliferated. Here are some of our favorites. · The Bitcoin. FOREX LIVE TRADING ROOM UK MAP

She also has a thorough understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency business. All you have to do now is keep an eye out for new ones. Carter Thomas — Coin Mastery Do you want to stay up to speed on the newest digital currency news, updates, and trends? He is a marketer as well as a professional investor.

Carter Thomas examines all of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world in order to share his knowledge and experience with prospective investors. If you start listening to his episodes on a regular basis, you might become addicted.

You will also learn about useful strategies and tricks for starting to earn. When Anthony Pompliano speaks about crypto, you can trust him. You can focus on how the material affects your investment plan instead of worrying about it. Even if crypto is only one of your many interests, you should listen to this episode. This is where Bitcoin Audible enters the picture.

Guy Swann, the host, conveys even the most complex facts in the most straightforward manner possible. While the episodes are a little long, spanning from 30 to 60 minutes, they are well worth the time given the quality and simplicity of access provided by the presenter. The hosts of this show are Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. Each scene focuses on a single topic that is solely linked to cryptocurrency. Week after week, it airs, with each episode lasting a varied amount of time.

In this case, you must be prepared to devote at least 25 minutes to almost one hour to it. You can join it using your email address to receive more information or tips about cryptocurrency. Whatever the case may be, we cannot disregard the need to stay current with current trends. The Pomp Podcast This podcast is lauded on multiple platforms and is well received by business people as well as investors. The to minute-long podcast focuses primarily on Bitcoin, with scattered attention on other blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Some of the featured guests include billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, and renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, among other crypto veterans. Unchained Host Laura Shin dabbles in various arenas throughout her podcast in an hour-long coverage.

She invites industry thought leaders to discuss the impact of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on our lives. The conversations range from transforming how we interact with money to the NFT bubble. The discussions have gone as far as crypto payments becoming alternatives to PayPal and Western Union in war-torn Afghanistan because girls started learning how to code.

Moreover, Shin herself is a crypto enthusiast and has the credentials to back her up, thus making her a reliable source of information. Tales from the Crypt The name of this podcast originates from a late eighties show on HBO, which has been wittily repurposed to suit the discussions on cryptocurrencies.

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