Puretick forex peace

puretick forex peace

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This is a multi-million dollar operation. They can afford to have 50 losing accounts and only use the 1 account with the winning track record. Pretty clever. And it makes sense. I want to also include the disclaimer that the ex-employee could be disgruntled, and all of this could be a massive lie. In order to convince TradingSchools. Org to write a negative review. However, I found the narrative to be credible. What about the Money Back Guarantee? Market Traders Institute offers a money back guarantee.

I brought this up with the ex-employee. He next explained that triggering that money back guarantee was nearly impossible. They would offer discounts, private mentoring sessions, partial discounts, shame, guilt…whatever it took to keep the client alive for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, the client is pooped out of the rear of the company. Ignored and forgotten. The salesman also described the problems that the company had with swarms of online complaints that were filed at the Forex Peace Army.

If you follow the link below, you will notice a clear pattern of one or two online complaints, that are followed by five or six positive reviews. The online complaints were devastating to read. MTI is an utter scam, ruthless and thin skinned. Stay far away. They charge expensive with poor quality.

Hard to get a refund. They sell hyped up hope of getting rich and fulfilling dreams… no more, no less. Stay away from these bottom feeders. The sales department called me day and night, pestering me months on end to buy more trading indicators until I ran out of money and then they stopped calling. I lost my life savings. Please stay far away. They are selling a fake dream. Its a gimmick. As you can read, these are pretty nasty quotes. And there are many, many more. Notice how striking the feedback on both sides of the review ledger.

The most damning evidence Probably the most damning piece of evidence are not the allegations of using multiple account statements. By far, the most damning piece of evidence is an article published by Bloomberg. Link below. Before you dive into the article, make sure you have a bit of time to read. It is quite a long read. Whom eventually received a year prison sentence for fraud. The brokerage turned out to be a complete and total fraud. A Ponzi scheme, money laundering operation from day number one.

And all of the accounts that administered funds for the Ponzi scheme were controlled by Jared Martinez and his two sons. The scheme was pretty simple. Jared Martinez would fly to Jamaica and present to potential investors an amazing investment opportunity. Jared Martinez was quite the salesman. And then, in an epiphany, Rayner discovered the amazing world of Forex trading. According to Rayner. And now, he wants to teach you all of his secret methods and techniques so that you can also become a full-time Forex and Futures trader.

Apparently, Rayner Teo knows the secrets to anything and everything related to trading. All of these secrets are revealed as he hand selects a chart and overlays an indicator which magically fits the chart like a thong fits a bikini model. If only it were that easy He then opines on how these seemingly useless indicators reveal the magical key to unlock limitless amounts of wealth, prosperity, and unlimited shrimp cocktail. Amidst this nearly endless stream of indicator ridiculousness is the deafening quiet of when these worthless indicators make the wrong prediction.

Apparently, this is not that important. Of course, there are some folks that use these sorts of magical techniques to profit. This is undeniable. And if Rayner Teo can actually verify trading success with actual account statements, then I would be the first to give him a 5-star review. With this in mind, TradingSchools. We went back an forth, around and around, up and down with Rayner.

We simply wanted to know whether he had undeniable proof, that we could verify, that shows an actual track record. Unfortunately, it appears that Rayner Teo does not even have a trading account. Instead, the best he could proffer was a series of videos made in hindsight where he analyses different markets.

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