Forex 80 20 rule

forex 80 20 rule

– 80% of transactions should be simple and easy, only 20% should be more complicated. · – 80% of the profit comes from 20% of the opened orders. 80% of trading success is psychology and money management, 20% is strategy The 80 - 20 rule was not devised for Forex trading - however if you apply it. One method for using the rule in portfolio construction is to place 80% of the portfolio assets in a less volatile investment, such as Treasury bonds or. HOW TO CREATE ETHEREUM WALLET API

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I mean technically trading is a very simple thing, if not complicated. Is it difficult to find the trends according to Dow's theory? Find the right patterns on the chart according to Steve Nisson or price action methods? To delve into Elliot waves or swings to apply them in practice? All these things may scare only a beginner trader. But this article is not for beginners, it is for people who have some experience in trading.

The obstacle to successful trading is the trader We all can agree that the main obstacle to successful trading is the trader himself. You can distinguish an implication in favor of algorithmic trading, and a bold disadvantage in the manual trading. I would not say so, for the simple reason that it is easier for a trader to adjust to the current market situation and the process that is not included in the logic of the algorithm.

But for this it must be developed a sixth sense: intuition, NOT your technical skills. By intuition and a sixth sense I mean, of course, only experience and knowledge, embedded at a subconscious level, rather than trading at random. And what are non-technical skills? It is clear that these are such basics as risk and money management, because this is the root cause of all troubles and misfortunes for a trader if he doesn't follow them.

Often, during active trading, most traders have words like discipline, willpower in their minds and of course excitement, greed and pursuit of money. These are the exceptional, aggressive emotions that lead to the draining. I can't teach you how to deal with it, everyone's character is different, but you need to break down these emotions.

It's impossible to make a million in a month, six or a year out of a thousand. It is also not difficult to find opportunities to enter a trade. Only people complicate these things. I pursue the trading method following trend, level and signal TLS strategy because it is simple and also effective. You do not need to know about complicated indicators.

For example, sitting and counting how many Elliott waves are there or trying to explain a variety of technical information, etc. Traders are often stuck in such complicated stuff. They quickly get tired, depressed, and give up. Do not trade too much. Never risk too much on every order. Do not lose control of emotions and rush into the market after a big winning or losing order. Along with balance management, they are considered to be the most difficult parts of trading. I think that is also one of the most important reasons why they lose money.

It means waiting patiently for a reasonable chance to pull the trigger. Focus on quality trading rather than quantity trading. The fact is clear that the money I make comes from a very modest percentage of orders. My winning order usually earns me 2 to 3 times money than the money lost from a losing order.

This way, even if the number of losing orders exceeds that of the winning orders, I still earn a decent amount of money at the end of the year. It is understandable because I am very careful when choosing to open an order. I think you should do it too. Most traders prefer the style of trading a lot and continuously. This makes them think that they will make money both more and faster. They lose money because they trade too much.

They do not have enough patience and discipline to wait for a truly clear opportunity. If you have also been trading stock for years, sit back and watch over the years. How many profitable opportunities does the market give us a year?

Or how many waves does a year have? The answer is a few times only. The market mainly fluctuates in a given narrow band.

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Best Forex Trading Tips - the 80 - 20 Rule Trading Tip for Bigger Currency Trading Profits

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