Mlp newbie dash

mlp newbie dash

Episode review: S6E "Newbie Dash" Rainbow Dash has finally made it into the Wonderbolts as a full member of the squad. Honestly, In my opinion, MLP just seemed to have lost it after season 5. All of Rainbow Dash's character development is gone and the wonderbolts. MLP S6E7: "Newbie Dash". Macintosh & Maud: A My Little Pony Podcast. Download. Rainbow Dash lives her dream and gives us the feels! HOW TO PLACE BETS ON BOXING

That night, as Rainbow cleans up the show grounds by herself, the Mane Six and CMC come over to try and console her, only to find that she's in a good mood. After all, Dash says, now she's a Wonderbolt. Tropes: Actually Pretty Funny : In Dash's flashback to flight school, even the teacher can't resist a chuckle at the name "Rainbow Crash".

Adults Are Useless : Rainbow Dash's flight school teacher not only allowed the other foals to bully her — she actually laughed along. An Aesop : Achieving your dreams will never be exactly as you envisioned it. It won't be perfect, but focus on the positive and be thankful for what you have achieved. If you make a mistake and others make fun, just learn from your mistake and move on.

Don't let the incident personally affect you so that you try to compensate, or you'll just make things worse. Being a part of a team means doing your job, not standing out. Rainbow Dash whimpers as she's being berated by Spitfire after her first crash. After her "Dynamic Dash" impersonation she pants like a dog, complete with her tongue lolling out of her mouth.

Spitfire gives a distinctly canine-esque growl when Dash is doing her "Care-Mare" impersonation. All There in the Script : The Wonderbolt with the white coat and yellow mane is named "Wonderbolt 1" in the credits, though she had previously been given the name "Surprise" in the merchandise. The Wonderbolt with the fan nickname "High Winds" is still unnamed and credited as "Wonderbolt 2".

Art Evolution : Fleetfoot had Twilight's eye design in her first few appearances; starting this episode, she has Rainbow's. Appropriated Appellation : Invoked within the Wonderbolts, who all wear the embarrassing nicknames they earned as newbies on their flight jackets with pride. Break the Haughty : Rainbow Dash thinks impressing the Wonderbolt squadron will be easy. After making bad impression after bad impression, she realizes how wrong she was.

Broken Aesop : The Aesops of not let embarrassing moments effect you and not put standing out ahead of the team. Rainbow Dash's Embarrassing Nickname was hurting her and in turn her teammates before she tried to stand out, and it's her attempts to stand out that result in her resolving the issue by talking it out with her team when they confront her on it. This argues the opposite Aesop that things would have been better for everyone if she acted on her embarrassment and stood out by explaining her issues sooner.

Brief Accent Imitation : Aside from their mannerisms, Rainbow Dash also imitates her friends' vocal characteristics in front of the Wonderbolts. Bonus points when she imitates Applejack's Texan drawl as both ponies are voiced by Ashleigh Ball. Call-Back : A younger Fluttershy was present when Dash was first called Rainbow Crash by bullies at flight camp, and is likewise the one to bring up flight camp in the present day.

Captain Crash : Rainbow gets the "crash" title by jumping out of the way of some other fliers into a trash can, and her apprehension about her nickname causes her to lose focus and crash in a routine. Fleetfoot and Soarin's nicknames of "Flatfoot" and "Clipper" were earned from similar incidents on their first days as Wonderbolts. Captain Obvious : Rainbow Dash's brief imitations of Applejack and Twilight Sparkle are met with this kind of response.

Spitfire: [yelling through a bullhorn at "Reading Rainboom"] We all know how wings work, newbie! Chilly Reception : Rainbow Dash eventually learns that the harsh treatment and Embarrassing Nickname she receives from the Wonderbolts are something all the others have gone through and gotten used to. She just needs to do the same now. Comically Missing the Point : Rainbow's friends tell her to think of the Wonderbolts like the rest of them, the six of them are all a team but stand out in their own unique way.

Rainbow takes this as standing out from the others by acting like her friends. Continuity Nod : Rainbow still remembers all the Wonderbolt history she had to study up on for her Reserves exam. Spitfire reminds Rainbow Dash that she has drummed flyers out of the Wonderbolts for less trouble than Rainbow caused. For the third time , Rainbow is called "Rainbow Crash". Contrived Coincidence : Rainbow ends up in a trash can on her first day as a Wonderbolt, with a flashback showing that she ended up in the exact same position during her first day in flight school.

Cool Shades : Discussed by Rainbow Dash, who ponders whether she would stand out more by wearing sunglasses or not. Cringe Comedy : Rainbow Dash doing impressions of her friends to try to get a new nickname can be either hilarious or just embarrassing. Seeing as the Wonderbolts react poorly to it, they may agree with the latter. Disaster Dominoes : In an effort to clear herself of the nickname, Dash tries to move a rain cloud float into the Wonderbolts' path so she can save them.

It backfires and she winds up breaking formation and crashing into a number of objects, including said rain cloud, before finally landing in giant cotton candy and carving a trench in the ground when she crashes, earning an angry reaction from Spitfire for her rule-breaking and hot-dogging.

Dude, Where's My Respect? The many times Rainbow Dash has helped save Equestria is cited as a reason why the Wonderbolts bumped her up to the top of the reserve list. Embarrassing Nickname : The main conflict of the episode is Rainbow Dash getting one of these on her first day as Wonderbolt and being unable to shake it off — "Rainbow Crash", which was also her nickname in flight school, and brings back some painful memories.

She finally gets over it when several of the the other Wonderbolts admit they have their own, such as "Clipper" Soarin, who clipped his wing on his first day , "Flatfoot" Fleetfoot, who accidentally landed on Spitfire's hoof , "Daisy" Misty Fly , "Slowpoke" Surprise , and "Hoof-in-Mouth" High Winds.

Even Spitfire has one, but it's so terrible that only Rainbow Dash gets to hear it. Epic Fail : Not only does Rainbow Crash fail to impress anypony with her storm cloud stunt, she also puts other ponies in danger and gives Spitfire an opportunity to "tease [her] for years about this catastrophe". Expressive Hair : When Rainbow imitates her friends, her front mane takes the shape of the style they each have. All except Twilight, that is even though Dash already imitated Twilight's mane before.

Eye Cam : Soarin waking up to see Rainbow Dash in Pinkie Pie mode is seen from his viewpoint, with eyelid opening and momentarily blurry vision. Failed a Spot Check : What starts all the trouble. Rainbow is so excited to be walking around in a Wonderbolts uniform that she forgets the very first rule of the place, to always check that no-one is using the runway before you cross. Fangirl : Scootaloo, as usual.

Rainbow saying that she only really expected to be doing crowd control or something does little to deter her enthusiasm. Feather Fingers : Pegasi use the feathers of their wings to hold things quite often in this episode. The X-Ray Sparks scene actually shows they do have bones in them, in the form of four finger-like structures stretching from the shoulder all the way to the wingtips.

Flanderization : Soarin's backstory is a retroactive example. His first major appearance after "The Best Night Ever" had him clipping his wing in "Rainbow Falls"; the incident that earned him his nickname makes this an establishing character trait. Flashback : After the Wonderbolts start calling her "Rainbow Crash", Dash flashes back to her flight camp days and how she gained that nickname, in a similar incident where she crashed in a trash can.

Foreshadowing : On Rainbow Dash's first day as a Wonderbolt, Spitfire tells her "We're all expecting you to make quite an impression"; turns out first impressions are how all Wonderbolts earn their noms de guerre. Applajack opines "So you started off on the wrong hoof. I bet every new Wonderbolt has a tough first day. Idiosyncratic Wipes : During the Wonderbolts' training montage, their raincloud-and-bolt logo is used to wipe the screen for transitions.

I Meant to Do That : Rainbow Dash tries to pretend she was just testing the other Wonderbolts by not looking left and right before crossing the runway. None of them are fooled. Pinkie's comments about Rainbow Dash's "Crash" nickname don't help the situation. Pinkie Pie: Well look on the bright side, at least they didn't call you "Rainbow Trash"! The "Crash" nickname, which the Wonderbolts don't see as a big deal having their own embarrassing nicknames themselves , is very hurtful for Rainbow, as it was used as an insult from the bullies in Flight Camp.

Jerkass Has a Point : Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts were assholes for laughing at Rainbow Dash when she fell in the trash can, but they were right that Rainbow Dash should have looked left and right before crossing the road. The Knights Who Say "Squee! I have finally finished this newest Pony Creator pic in time before I could go to work!

XP Anyway, it is no secret that I despise the MLP episode: Newbie Dash where Rainbow Dash was finally accepted into the Wonderbolts but after she got herself into a careless stunt to impress everyone, she was disciplined by Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts for her carelessness. That scene really made my blood boil with rage and decided that I should make my own alternate take of that scene. As you can see, my OC: Guardian Soul has had enough of the Wonderbolts ridiculing her and calling her a name which he finds offensive to his marefriend and strode up towards Spitfire and scolded her and the other Wonderbolts for being a horrible team to her.

While most of the Wonderbolts are stunned and shocked by Guardian's angry words, Rainbow looked on and felt surprised, but happy that Guardian stood up for her.

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