Apitrade crypto bot

apitrade crypto bot

In this article, we will show you how to use the API and run bots to trade on the Firi crypto exchange. ApiTrade is a browser-based terminal for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. ApiTrade, ApiTrade bot, ApiTrade platform, ApiTrade features, ApiTrade. Their robot (bot) runs on a server and uses the API of the Cryptocurrency exchange to make trades on your behalf and display your balances, etc. The way the API. TOUR DE FRANCE SPORTS BETTING ONLINE

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The broker, at your request, can send API requests to withdraw your funds from Binance, so choosing a broker should be a responsible decision. Can an attacker hack the broker website and withdraw all funds of the broker's users? First, all funds are stored in Binance wallets, not on our servers. Hacking our servers does not make sense due to the fact that they do not have funds, and is extremely unlikely, because the security of our infrastructure is monitored around the clock by highly qualified admins, which is why in the 4 years of the service's operation we have never had such cases although there have been many attempts.

The server from which withdrawal requests are sent via the Binance API is in an isolated environment, inaccessible to external connections from the Internet. On the withdrawal server, before sending a withdrawal request to Binance via the API, all incoming requests from users are checked against a variety of parameters, including requiring confirmation by users' E-mail which should not have been changed , requiring the input of a pin code that is encrypted and which is known only by the user it is sent once to the user's e-mail and stored in encrypted form.

Thus, all the huge effort in trying to hack the broker's servers will be wasted. What will happen to the funds on my account if the broker website closes for some reason and there is no way to press the withdrawal button? You can withdraw them through Binance support, KYC will help with this, the data for which is stored by Binance. However, we have not developed our platform for 4 years and sought to conclude a brokerage agreement with Binance in order to close.

This is not economically feasible. I have some problem with my brokerage account, who should I contact? If you use a brokerage account created in the Apitrade service and you have some problem, then you need to contact the Apitrade service support via service tickets. For an urgent problem, write to telegram support. You can also consult in the telegram chat service. Working with ApiTrade How do I get started?

To get started you need: 1 Register in our service official service domains: apitrade. Trading in broker accounts, as well as in your own Binance accounts registered without a reflink after January , does not require a monthly fee. Start trading in the terminal or launch bots in the "Bots" tab. Suitable for beginners, because do not require setting up and selecting coins.

The main difference between grid bots and DCA bots is that grid bots continue to trade and earn on volatility even if the current price has become worse than the average entry price. DCA bots in this case are just waiting for the price to improve, being in a drawdown. When is it worth changing risks in Waves algo?

After turning on the "Waves" algorithm, you can change the risks by turning on the manual "caution" mode from high caution and low profitability to high riskiness and high profitability. We strongly discourage beginners from doing this. Let the system work with default settings, watch the system work in different situations. When you fully understand how the system works, you can try to enable manual settings if necessary, for example, increase the risks if it seems to you that there are too few trades.

It is worth setting such settings only when the market is growing and there is a large deposit available for averaging. Financial questions Is it necessary to replenish Apitrade internal usd balance to pay the fees? Funding your Apitrade account internal usd balance is not required if you use a Binance broker account created by the Apitrade service, but it will allow you to save on the exchange commission.

The subscription fee is introduced in order to motivate users to switch to free service through the Binance brokerage program. Replenishment of the Apitrade internal usd balance is possible only via cryptocurrencies. When transferring funds from the exchange to the Apitrade internal usd balance, please note that you need to select the coin network that is indicated on the replenishment page.

Why do you share this profit generating service with others? We use ApiTrade ourselves to conduct trading and generate profits, but the market volume, the number of exchanges, volatility and the frequency of favorable conditions for trading are such that by providing this service to thousands of users, we will eventually earn more. We make money from every profitable transaction of yours.

Over time, the efficiency of current algorithms will decrease, but new ones will be implemented. We expect that feedback from our user base will help us make the service more efficient. When is the subscription fee charged and how much is it? We offer two options for free with no subscription fee use of the service creating a broker account through Apitrade or connecting your own Binance account registered not through a referral link and after January and one paid option: connecting via API your own Binance account registered through a referral link or after January Apitokens can be obtained free of charge the conditions are specified on the page for replenishing the internal balance of the service.

In order to stop charging the subscription fee, you need to delete the API keys on the exchange. The subscription fee is charged for an Apitrade account and includes an unlimited number of bots up to 3 connected exchange accounts. How to find out if a subscription fee for a connected exchange account will be charged If you have connected your own Binance exchange account using API keys, then in the "Accounts" section opposite the account name you can see the status "free" or "paid".

In the second case, a subscription fee will be charged. If you have not connected your own account yet, then you can check before connecting whether the subscription fee will be charged: to do this, create API keys, add them to the form for adding API keys to a new account, and click the "Check" button, an automatic request will be sent to Binance to check the date of registration and the fact of registration by reflink. Accounts registered without a reflink after January will not be charged a monthly fee.

How can I earn by referring new users? Important: it is forbidden to register independently under your own referral link to receive a discount for the services of the service. You can spend the accrued funds on the services of the service. If you want to order a withdrawal of funds, you can do this through the support service, the withdrawal is possible provided that you have continued to actively attract users who have added exchanges to the service and replenished the account in the service over the past 6 months.

You can also transfer funds to any other client for example, to your referral without commission. Super partners who can attract a large number of users on a daily basis can count on special conditions contact the system administration via a ticket.

About exchanges About connecting other exchanges besides Binance We previously had many different exchanges connected, including Huobi, Okex, Kucoin, Bittrex, Kraken, etc. In addition, we have joined the Binance brokerage program, and now you can create brokerage accounts with one click and trade in them, using all the functionality of the service and Binance liquidity for free.

Even if you have some difficulties with KYC on Binance directly, it is worth trying to pass the simplified KYC with us and trade on Binance using a brokerage program. For users who for some reason cannot trade on Binance, work is currently underway to connect the Bybit brokerage program also free for users. How to create an API key on the Binance exchange? Creating an API key is only required if you decide to use your own account on the Binance exchange.

If you create a brokerage account in the service, then everything happens automatically, you do not need to create an API key manually. Enter any name in the provided field and hit the "Create New Key" button. Withdrawals should not be enabled for the API-key. It is impossible to predict the exact cost of the commission, as it depends on the volatility of the market.

It is enough to monitor the availability of BNB once a day. If you use the "Waves" algorithm, then you can blacklist BNB so that transactions with this coin are not made, but this is not necessary. Currently, a large number of different DCA bot constructors have appeared, which are sold or rented for a monthly fee. The algorithms of their work are rather primitive.

In most cases, there are no trading algorithms at all, and the service offers the user to come up with an algorithm on their own. Bot creators are not interested in increasing your profits, because they receive money for the purchase of a bot or a subscription fee regardless of your result.

Grid trading built into the Binance exchange is free, but there are a lot of restrictions: for example, the number of bots is no more than 10, the choice of coins is very small, the number of orders is limited to only 45 on spot.

Apitrade's grid bots are also completely free thanks to the Binance brokerage program , but without the same restrictions as on Binance, and much more functionality and lower risks. GRID bots: In Apitrade, improved compared to the grid bots built into the exchange, bots are called "Hurricane" and have many algorithms and ready-made strategies and dozens of unique features, more about which you can read here. In the built-in bots of Binance, it is necessary to select a range in advance from which the price will inevitably go out and it is impossible to change it in the bot.

The built-in grid bot from Binance is very limited in functionality: when the bot is launched, it automatically buys a large share of the maximum position regardless of the price which is very risky, especially considering that the bot does not know how to choose the optimal entry point , while the Apitrade grid bot has flexible adjustment of the size of the first order and various algorithms for choosing the optimal entry point see below.

Also, grid bots from Binance have a big drawback: it is impossible to manually add or average a position, or reset some contracts to reduce risks - the bot will immediately turn off and it will be impossible to start it again.

Entry algorithms: Built-in grid bots from Binance cannot start under certain conditions and start trading immediately after the user launches or when the price specified by the user is reached. The ability to determine the best entry point is one of the most important options for successful trading, however, Binance believes that the user should do this on their own every time.

For example, if the bot trades while pumping coins to long, then it will incur very large losses. Exit algorithms: Closing a position and stopping trading by the bot in time is no less important than opening it. Grid bots from Binance can only stop at a stop loss in the form of a certain price.

Apitrade grid bots can close positions by a grid of limit take profit orders when the position is completely closed , by a stop loss both upper and lower , set at a certain price, or as a percentage of the average entry or opening price of a position, by stop loss next to extremums maximum and minimum price for a certain period , by maximum profit or loss of a position.

In addition, the Apitrade grid bot can automatically set stop loss to breakeven and stop loss to the liquidation price, as well as close a position during a pump, close a position partially using the "auto reset" function. Certain "Hurricane" algorithms are able to stop the bot under certain conditions, for example, the "Star" algorithm - when the coin loses strength compared to BTC and ETH and at the same time the current price is above the position opening price and PNL is positive.

Apitrade bots both DCA and grid bots are able to average with squeezes, according to indicators when the price of the coin resumes growth. Futures liquidation protection: Binance's built-in bots do not have any futures deposit liquidation protection. Their telegram channel has over 30, users and they have a Discord account. Around 11k followers follow Apitrade on Facebook , where they only have a couple of posts, most of them are written in Russian.

Services on Apitrade. There is no need to set up any parameters and you also do not need to control constantly what is going on on the account. If you want you can switch off some algorithms, as well as add certain coins to a blacklist. The trading robot performs thousands of unique operation in the background for each user to execute trades automatically on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The platform automatically identifies differences between the exchanges and execute the trades on your behalf. According to the promises, ApiTrade makes on average 0. If compounded together this can result into a significant amount of passive revenue in the long run. In order to sign up at Apitrade, you need to provide a user name, email, and password. If you want you can also provide a telegram name which will ease your communication with the platform in the future if needed.

Although on the site you read, that there are 25 crypto exchanges who provide crypto prices via API interface in real time, for auto-trading and arbitrage modes, you can only use the following crypto four exchanges: Binance , Huobi , Kucoin , Okex. Hopefully, more exchanges will be added soon, although in the FAQ they say they are more than happy to add more exchanges by request, but most of them are not good enough to handle serious clientele — according to them.

This is a fairly low amount of exchanges to trade with, compared to other trading bots. Apitrade does not store any of your funds. There is no minimum deposit apart from what an exchange might require, but they suggest to have at least 0.

As for maximum deposits, Apitrade is limited to trade with 5 BTC. This is to ensure that the trading robot does not create unnecessary volatility on the market. Pricing of Apritrade. You can see the exchange prices in one single window and execute a trade on one of the exchange you want with one click — this is the manual trading option. The platform makes money from autotrading and arbitration services. User experience on Apritrade.

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