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Bitcoin Merch® - 7-Port Powered USB Hub ONLY , UPGRADED 65W, FOR Newpac, Twopac, Moonlander US Plug - USB Miners NOT INCLUDED! Sale price$ Solo Bitcoin Miners Are Striking Crypto Gold With Tiny USB-Based Rigs Most ordinary people haven't been able to mine Bitcoin at a profit for. What is a USB Bitcoin miner? It is a tiny device you can plug. BETTING NEWS RSS FEEDS

While most Bitcoin mining is done using expensive hardware, you can now get your foot in the door using nothing more than a USB stick. So, what is a USB Bitcoin miner, and how does it work? A USB Bitcoin miner is essentially a tiny mining rig that allows you to mine Bitcoin on a small scale.

These come in the form of USB sticks and are therefore much smaller than standard Bitcoin mining hardware. USB miners also are not always connected to a typical laptop or PC. Instead, one can connect to something like a Raspberry Pi computer to reduce energy consumption and lower your bills.

But what's the point of using such a small device to mine? Is USB crypto mining even profitable? Mining hardware can be expensive enough to buy as it is, but miners must also deal with consistently high electricity bills throughout the mining venture.

The types of USB miners used are available from retailers like Amazon opens in new tab and Bitcoin Merch when you can find them in stock. There are a lot more miners now on the solo pool and if enough people are mining solo, someone will eventually be the lucky one as here. That's more than twice what this setup offers. Image credit: Amazon The difference is even starker when you consider that Bitmain targets miners willing to buy multiple rigs at once.

Most people can't really compete with the scale of those operations. However, some miners can still get lucky as the one who solved this block did. Solo miners seem to be enjoying some good luck: Bitcoin. And here are some images of his mini-farm that solved the block, and his cgminer running showing his best share of Probably not.

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