Esport betting bitcoin calculator

esport betting bitcoin calculator

Odds Shark's sports betting odds calculator is a great tool for your handicapping arsenal. Find out what you'd win based on the odds & amount wagered. Even those new to gambling with crypto can consult our bitcoin betting guide to get things started. Intermediate esports bettors and experts can use this. We cover 43 eSports ✚ 20 different eSports betting sites. Accepts Bitcoin! a betting site charges or offers, please use our odds calculators. HOW TO MAKE MONEY BY INVESTING IT

This piece is part of CoinDesk's Sports Week. I'm old enough to remember when my cousin got an Atari with blocky little sprites bouncing back and forth on the screen. The only tournaments were my cousin and me throwing down on Tennis , which usually ended with me in a headlock whether I won or lost.

Fast forward to college and the biggest tournaments were me and my roommates getting stoned and going to the local Kwik-E Mart to fight it out in notorious quarter-guzzlers like Street Fighter II or X-Men Children of the Atom. In the early s, Street Fighter II heralded the humble beginning of esports tournaments.

The s was the golden age of arcades but by they were already in decline after home consoles invaded the scene. Who wanted to pay a quarter per game when you could buy a console and play all night after your parents went to bed? But Street Fighter II recharged the industry, driving kids back to the arcade to see who reigned supreme in the area.

Those college and high school battles blossomed into something much bigger as the fighting game swiftly created a thriving competitive scene, with local contests. Towns across America and Japan knew their top players by heart. A console perfect port to Super-NES only energized the competition because now you could practice at home for free and then race to the arcade to earn eternal gladiatorial glory as you battered virtual foes to a chorus of cheering kids.

But back in the s the biggest tournaments boasted a top prize of only a few hundred bucks. Fast forward to today and you've got consoles selling s of millions of units, mega-tournaments filling stadiums and professional gamers with adoring groupies making millions of dollars.

As a futurist I've spotted some big trends coming long before they ever happened, but I totally missed esports going mainstream. It was hard to imagine, back when the only prize was your friend buying drinks that night because you beat his punk ass with a perfectly timed upper cut. As a kid buying comics with my allowance I just couldn't imagine any adult ever green-lighting those superhuman stories for the silver screen.

I forgot that kids grow up and become the very adults who hold the purse strings. They end up making all the stuff they loved as kids into something bigger. That's the key to evolution of technologies and a window into how they might evolve in the future: Kids grow up. Naturally they turn to the ideas that seemed crazy or even dangerous to the people who came before them.

It's already happening. Bitcoin advantages range from speedy transactions to incredible bonus offers. Why Bet with Bitcoin? The advantages of using Bitcoin to bet on sports are numerous. Unlike fiat currencies — those are government-issued currencies, not money created by an Italian car manufacturer — Bitcoin is basically anonymous. You are given a private key when you purchase a Bitcoin wallet and it is yours and only yours.

Besides anonymity, there are other advantages of Bitcoin: Ride the Lightning: Faster Deposits and Withdrawals When betting with Bitcoin, speed is a factor. Moreover, withdrawals are quicker too. Instead of waiting days or even weeks for your money to arrive, Bitcoin transaction speed is lightning-fast. This can vary depending on the load number of transactions on the Bitcoin network and from operator to operator, but BTC is almost always much faster than traditional payment methods.

They can make betting more fun and stretch your deposit further.

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And a great esports betting site will not only cover all of the biggest tournaments in-depth, but also give you betting opportunities on smaller tournaments and e-leagues around the world. In terms of viewership, the League of Legends World Championship is huge, with over 3,, viewers watching a huge ,, hours of competitive action and gameplay.

Similarly, the likes of the Fortnite World Cup and Intel Extreme Masters Katowice all have viewing figures in the many millions of hours. Some betting sites focus on the biggest competitions for CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL, whereas some dedicated betting esports sites will have a constant range of pre-match and esports live betting odds for more niche games.

So be sure to do some research into the site to make sure that they adequately cover your favourite game. Find out which are the best esports betting sites for you in our dedicated section, based on your country and local gambling authority.

Various different types of esports betting have developed over the years, covering all aspects of the esports industry from competitive tournaments to Twitch streaming and even Skin gambling and trading. Real Money Betting Real money betting is the simplest form of betting on esports and is exactly like traditional sports betting. All you have to do then is wait for the results! Fantasy Betting Just as there are fantasy sports bets for many traditional sports, there are fantasy esports bets for your favourite esports.

In the world of fantasy betting, one of the originals and still one of the best is DraftKings. Betting on Streamers Betting on streamers at esports specialist sites such as Unikrn means laying down bets on particular elements of an esports players gameplay as they are streaming on Twitch or other streaming platforms.

Betting on yourself This is exactly what it sounds like — you can bet on yourself playing video games , allowing you to win real cash by achieving specified accomplishments within esports games. This virtual currency comes usually as certain in-game items or graphic downloads for the game or characters.

Esports Pool Betting With a site like Puntt, pool betting involves all bets on a particular market pooled together and the total minus any fee divided up amongst the winners. Challenge betting is similar, being between just two people, effectively one challenging the other. Then you have to decide how much you are willing to stake on your esports bet. Most betting slips will automatically calculate your potential winnings for you.

You will have to register a new account with the gambling site that can usually be done in just a couple of minutes by filling in a few personal details. You should be able to toggle between decimal and fractional odds so as to see how much your bet could return to you. Esports betting market What kinds of esports betting markets are there? Just as there are many different kinds of esports to bet on, there are also many different ways to take bets.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with taking a simple match-winner bet, it can be much more exciting to mix up your betting strategies every now and then. Here are some of the main types of esports bets to try in conjunction with some decent betting tips. If this sounds too simple, then you can try some handicap betting which can be used to put a clear favourite at a disadvantage in order to take advantage of the better odds for a bigger profit. Outright esports bets Outright bets allow you to make a wager on which team or player will win a particular esports tournament.

Most decent betting sites allow you to do this well in advance of the esports competition. So if you have a good feeling about who will win a tournament like the DreamHack Masters, be sure to get your bets in early.

System esports bets System bets require you to make more than one esports bet. Whilst it can take some luck to win this kind of bet, the payouts that you could get from online betting sites should make it all worthwhile. Esports-specific bets There are plenty of great bets that are specific to individual esports. So if you were betting on League of Legends, then you might get the opportunity of making a bet on which team would win the first map, and if you were wagering on CSGO, then you could try and predict which team would be the first to get ten kills.

Many betting sites also allow you to make unusual bets like which team will destroy the first tower, dragon, inhibitor and so on. And with the option of taking bets on the correct score and even the time taken to complete a round, it shows that there are plenty of ways to make an esports bet. You should expect a good and trustworthy bookmaker to verify your age, identity, location, and payment methods after you open your account.

We will have all heard stories about gambling sites that operate without being licensed and regulated. This is illegal and it gives you no protection. So always check to make sure that your chosen betting site is licensed and regulated before deciding where to bet on esports. Never trust any site without a license, such as some of the skin betting sites, because a good licensing and regulatory authority ensures fairness in any bet on esport. These are far more difficult to acquire and will hold bookmakers for your esports betting to higher account than the way easier to get hold of licenses from the Curacao Gaming Control or Antigua and Barbuda Gaming Division.

Plus if you try betting on esports at GG. And rather than getting involved in the dangers associated with skin gambling, be sure to check that the betting site only takes real money deposits from reputable credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. But the real innovation of the esports betting sites is in embracing the world of cryptocurrency far quicker than traditional sports and casino sites.

Usability Gamblers do not need to download anything into their computers or mobile devices in order to place a bet on their favorite sport. Talking about mobile devices, Pinnacle. Bonuses Weirdly enough, the website does not offer any bonus of any kind! How weird is that? There are only a handful of websites today that do not offer any bonuses, especially the ones you get when you create an account.

This must be the secret to their longevity? However, they do have an affiliate program which is quite great if you have a bunch of friends looking for a solid website to bet and have fun with. Payment Options This is why Pinnacle. But if you want to use your account like deposit funds, withdraw, and of course, place bets then you do need to provide all the needed documents to prove that you are who you say you are.

This can be reviewed through their privacy-policy by clicking on this link. This also means that anonymous betting cannot be done since this would only get you as far as creating an account but not actually placing a bet. We hope that they add more in the future to support the demand in eSport betting.

Conclusion The website does not compete with the other ones that are mentioned earlier because they simply do not have that much to offer when it comes to eSports. They do have a couple of games but not enough for a person wanting a website that has more than just a couple. They also do not accept many crypto payment methods but they do have a lot of options when it comes to Fiat deposits. Though the website does not provide support to people from the United States, people from the rest of the world will be able to enjoy the services they provide.

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