Konstantin kondakov forex charts

konstantin kondakov forex charts

This book gives readers an opportunity to look at the structure of the global financial system through the eyes of Konstantin Kondakov, a professional. Moscow University, Konstantin Pavlovich Semenov, who lived next door to. Kondakov, and with whom Kondakov became particularly close as he finished. Armenian boxer Davit Graph (Vahagn Sahakyan) who is resident of Germany guest in of Sweden to Armenia Konstantin Obolensky at the RA Ombudsman's office. ENIGMA WALLET CRYPTO

The PR campaign achieved perfection. Interestingly, being neither a major bank, nor a successful finance company, MMCIS allocated a generous budget for its PR campaign equal to large banks. The broker could afford such expenses as its operation rested on the principle of attracting clients at any cost until the Ponzi scheme brings money to its founders. They just agreed to be filmed for a good award but were unaware that they were helping fraudsters win favor with Russian clients. The company claimed it would raffle off generous prizes — a few posh cars.

Another example of the peculiar marketing is the promo campaign with the title: Have tattoo of MMCIS and receive prize money! The promo was launched in May Most of this money was spent on advertisement which used to be installed everywhere as the company spared no expense.

How did they trick? In fact, the money was not used for trading on successful accounts. Like in all Ponzi schemes, the affiliate program was assigned the key part. Clients invested in 20 the most successful traders at the same time who displayed exceptional trading skills on Forex. Kondakov was also introduced as an efficient trader. In , the company encountered the first trouble. The media reported on swindlers from Melitopol.

So the image of a prosperous financial company was obviously spoilt. No doubt it was a lie to calm down potential clients. Eventually, the fraud collapsed in autumn In August — September , the media reported on numerous cases of delayed repayments to credulous investors by MMCIS, the successful financial company.

The most successful trader drained his account in a public move and announced he would quit the company. Everything was planned in advance. Roman Komysa was claimed to be responsible for such developments. Interestingly, the investigation in Ukraine was surprisingly suspended and Konstantin Kondakov won all trials on his illegal financial activities in Ukraine.

Interestingly, the lawsuit against MMCIS has not been launched yet in Russia, though the losses incurred by the scam amount to several million dollars. MillTrade The MillTrade broker emerged in the financial market in and rapidly gained popularity. No wonder both Ponzi schemes were founded by the same people. Clients received emails from MillTrade on behalf of Kondakov. The company put a stress on a simplified market entry compared to traditional investing in PAMM accounts.

In practice, there were neither PAMM accounts nor managing traders. Investors just injected their money into MillTrade and believed that they were investing in the top seven traders. Photo: Golden seven were promoted on the MillTrade website.

So clients were called on to invest their money. The most information in the internet can be found about Erick Nyman compared to the rest of the traders. He has written a lot of Forex-related articles for the Forbes. Arif, continuing to trade, faced a trend change, however, inspired by the former success, could not or did not want to react to the situation and lost the entire million. Biggest forex traders John Arnold: a man who has achieved everything by himself. John Arnold is an atypical millionaire trader.

It is noteworthy that Arnold made his fortune without any help from relatives, trading in the energy market. At first, Arnold made successful forecasts at Enron, then at Centaurus. Adam Guren: a hour traider. This is one of the few traders who managed to turn the crisis in their favor. His chips are the ability to turn off emotions and a thorough analysis of the news that concerns any assets of his portfolio, which is very important for one of the most successful forex traders.

Best forex traders to follow Konstantin Kondakov and his trading multi accounts. The most successful forex trader from Ukraine — Konstantin Kondakov impresses his colleagues with his luck, which he owes entirely to his knowledge and hard work. Today he is not only one of the best forex traders to follow , but also a successful businessman, financial analyst, and author of several books and theories about live Forex charts.

Best forex traders The young millionaire trader has been showing promise since childhood. After graduating from school with a gold medal and entering the Faculty of Administrative Management, Kondakov did not ignore the financial market either.

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Being a public persona, this extremely successful Ukrainian trader has become for many people the embodiment of achievements on Forex. However, it is not just about publicity. For a long time Kondakov is not inferior to positions in the top ranks of the company's ratings, showing consistently high results. It is difficult to say what exactly the secret of Kondakov's win-win trader in MMSIS: perhaps it's all about his unprecedented theory, professional flair or years of experience of victories.

Such statistics can be considered as proof that it is quite realistic to achieve a lot in the Forex market, if only there was a will to win. The company with which they work makes a considerable contribution to the professional records of traders. By guaranteeing comfortable trading conditions, quality DCs relieve their customers of a lot of small worries, allowing them to focus on making a profit.

Constantine has repeatedly emphasized the human and civilized approach of this dealing center to work with traders and investors. As with any natural analyst, it is not only the general quality characteristics that matter to Kondakov, but also the details. Today Konstantin Kondakov is one of the brightest and most prominent figures in the financial field of the post-Soviet space.

He is considered to be one of the best traders who has developed and successfully implemented his own strategy of stock trading. His views on trading, Forex market, fundamental analysis and more, he outlined in his books, which brought him popularity not only among novice traders, but also among professionals. Back in school, he began to show his abilities in mathematics and technical subjects. So, already at the age of 15, he thoroughly studied the computer, and then, this knowledge translates into practical course — begins to build computers from components, earning his first money.

In , Konstantin Kondakov entered the Institute of Public Municipal Administration, where he received a master's degree in Administrative Management. During his studies, the international economy falls into the field of his interests, and soon the Forex currency market. In , Konstantin made his first Forex trades. From the very first days of work he managed to earn a good profit, and assessing the future prospects of the foreign exchange market, he seriously decides to become a successful trader on the stock exchange.

Thanks to his dedication and hard work, his income on the stock exchange is growing, but most importantly, in such a short period of time he develops his own trading strategy, which is based on the intersection of fundamental and technical analysis.

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