Nyu cryptocurrency

nyu cryptocurrency

NYU Stern's Professor David Yermack joins Carnegie Council Senior Fellows Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin to discuss how an experimental. Here's an interesting one. Two professors from New York University (specifically from the NYU Law School and Stern School of Business) are looking to. ECONSHU at New York University (NYU) in New York, New York. In this course, we will learn all about Blockchain and money. (1) We will first investigate. HITBTC DEPOSIT FEES ETH

Play Now! Our proposal is for a combined offering of the Law School and the Stern School and would be open to registration for both law and business students. The class would be a 2-credit class for law student and a 1.

To adjust for the difference in credit, there would be four extra law classes for law students, not required for business school students, taught at the beginning of the semester. Guest speakers from the Bitcoin community or from government will be invited to participate in two or three class sessions. Laura Deryng, Class of FinTech gave me a deep understanding of this industry from both financial and technological perspective.

I started the journey with the most important financial tools, methods of valuations, basics of decision making theory or fundraising strategies. Then, the class moved towards unpacking what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies actually are. I learned about the cryptographic methods behind Bitcoin as well as the way Bitcoin transactions work. The FinTech class enabled me to see both the benefits and dangers of cryptocurrencies.

I also had many opportunities to apply the concepts spoken about in class into the reality. For example, I had a chance to design my own startup, which was a very unique and insightful experience. A Typical Day in This Class We always start with the introduction of a new topic and presentation of the agenda for the class.

Later, the professor would give us a lecture about the topic and end by opening the floor for the discussion about what we had just learned. I appreciate how vivid and full of personal stories or anecdotes our lectures were.

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