Using a supercomputer to mine bitcoins online

using a supercomputer to mine bitcoins online

Furthermore, consider using offline storing methods such as paper wallets or You no longer need to invest in your own supercomputer and join a mining. Using a Supercomputer to mine for bitcoin is both appalling and shocking to common sense. That said, we are uncertain of the exact metrics. Several scientists of the main Russian nuclear center have been arrested under suspicion of using a supercomputer to mine cryptocurrencies. MEDIA MOBILE PER FOREXWORLD

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Using a supercomputer to mine bitcoins online forex dealer salary in india


A smidgen beyond the remit of acceptable behavior. In most instances this is limited to perhaps having an extra 10 minutes for your lunch. Maybe sneaking a cigarette break. One thing I doubt you do engage in, however, if using your works computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Nuclear Scientists have, however, pushed it a little too far by using a state-owned super-computer to mine Bitcoins.

A productive work day The Nuclear engineers were found to be using a super-computer based at the Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics in Sarov to mine the coins. Incidentally, purely for themselves, not the state. Just in case if you were wondering if this was their actual job. Any further details? Alas no. Other than the confirmation that a supercomputer was used to undertaking the mining, very little else is known.

Very likely because the Russian government wants it to stay that way. Particularly when considering last years boom in the currency. It is, however, a little disconcerting to hear that nuclear scientists were using supercomputers for this instead of something a little more productive.

Reports from Russia said that a criminal case has been launched against these employees. The facility's press release said that the efforts to mine bitcoin were "unsanctioned" as employees are not allowed to use computer facilities for private purposes "including so-called mining.

The most powerful supercomputer in Russia wasn't supposed to be online but bitcoin happened It appears the supercomputer wasn't even supposed to be connected to the internet to thwart any chances of cyberattacks or intrusion. Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region where this facility is located is highly guarded and wasn't even marked on maps for decades.

The restricted area was used by the country to produce its first nuclear bomb during Stalin's rule.

Using a supercomputer to mine bitcoins online strategii forex rub

How to Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer

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